10 Ways Your Life Will Change When You Switch to E-Cigs

E-cigarettes are amazing. When users switch, the amount of beneficial occurrences that happen always astonish and delight them. We’ve heard so many positive stories, and have seen it first hand how e-cigs are seriously changing people’s lives. Here are 10 of the most common positive side effects of switching to vapor, in case you are wondering what you can expect if you take the plunge and try them out! All you have to lose is the smoke!

1. You’ll feel cleaner. In fact, everything will be cleaner because you will never have to deal with cigarette ash or cigarette smoke getting on everything, stinking it all up. You won’t smell like smoke, and you won’t have to be conscious of it.

2. You’ll look better. Seriously, though! Cigarettes wreak havoc on the appearance, dulling the skin and hair, staining teeth unattractively, and darkening the lips and gums. Tobacco stains big time, and your body will totally appreciate its absence!

3. You’ll save much more time. Who doesn’t need more time in the day? Cigarette breaks are much easier with vapor, plus you don’t have to smoke whole cigarettes anymore. Vape, inhale, exhale, put it away.

4. Your life will be more convenient, in so many ways! You can smoke practically anywhere now, with no mess to clean up after, and no smoke to limit your smoking location.

5. You’ll enjoy how much easier they are to smoke. Charging and changing out your e-cigarette cartridges is way easier and simpler than dealing with lighters and burning material!

6. You’ll be doing a little more for the planet by being greener. No pollution, no chemicals, and they’re reusable.

7. You’ll make those around you happy by not smoking. Family members, friends, neighbors; anyone in your daily life who is not a smoker will be very happy to not smell your smoke! Plus, those who love you will be thrilled you aren’t smoking any longer!

8. Traveling as an e-smoker will be way more enjoyable. Traveling when you’re a smoker can really be annoying, and sometimes make you an unwelcome tourist!

9. Running our of cigarettes at the least opportune time will be a thing of the past. The Cartridge Replenishment Program takes care of all that, making life even more convenient by keeping you stocked up properly.

10. Most importantly, you’ll be doing something amazingly positive for your health, and you’ll feel it! Many people, after switching to electronic cigarettes report feeling better overall, with more energy and better breathing after a while.

Looking to Be a Little Greener? Choose E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes are the smarter choice when smoking, and they are the greener choice. Everyone is getting a little more conscious of their impact on the environment these days, and even when choosing your cigarettes the choice comes in to play. Why are e-cigs the healthier choice? Well, here is a list of reasons they are better on the environment than going for their tobacco counterparts!

-They are reusable. Cigarettes get used and tossed, used and tossed, used and tossed. It’s an endless cycle, and it is not good for the earth.

_E-cigs produce minimal waste, and they have a much longer life than cigarettes. For instance, a single e-cig cartridge goes for about the length of 2 packs of cigarettes.

-They do not encourage littering. Are you aware of just how much pollution cigarettes cause? They are one of the planet’s leading littler problems!

-They do not pollute the air. This means you aren’t adding to the smog, and you are not polluting the air for the people around you. Smoke is not good for the body, and tobacco smoke is especially awful to breath in. Tar is sticky, and it sticks around for a long, long time. It’s also carcinogenic, and full of toxins that will rest in your body, in your lungs, wherever it can settle.

-They are made of healthier, more natural ingredients. Better for your body, and better for the planet.

-Cigarette butts are not just a pollution problem in cities and the natural environment, they are a major threat to native animals, birds, and fish especially.

-Electronic cigarettes are much more sustainable, and they have no involvement in the mess that is tobacco farming.

E-Cig Cartridges VS Cigarettes

Electric cigarette cartridges come out on top every time, and in every way you can compare them to tobacco cigarettes. Why pay more for something that doesn’t last nearly as long, costs much more, and can potentially leave you with a chronic disease, lead to a fatal one, and shorten your lifespan? It’s amazing what a little cartridge can do!

1 e-cigarette cartridge comes out to 30 cigarettes, with average use. For some customers, that number can be more or less depending on their particular style of vaping. But either way, cartridges go much farther, reducing the carbon footprint, saving time, and saving you money.

Options: you have way more with Optima Cigs than possible with tobacco. You get to choose your flavor and nicotine strength, which is not the way cigarettes are sold. The majority of brands offer very limited choices when it comes to flavors and nicotine strengths, and even still, you are not getting pure nicotine. The tobacco in cigarettes obviously contains nicotine, but it also comes with thousands of other unwanted, unnecessary chemicals. Formaldehyde, arsenic, and cyanide a just a few of the common toxins found in cigarettes, among many others!

The savings are enormously evident, and worthy of even further discussion! Each cartridge individually comes out to less than a pack of cigarettes, and purchasing in bulk drops the prices even further. Sign up for the Cartridge Replenishment Program and your savings can include an additional 20%. For example, a 10-pack of cartridges costs $39.99, and is equal to 15 packs of cigarettes, and that comes out to spending $2.66 per pack. Far cheaper than you will spend for cigarettes anywhere!

So as you can see, e-cigs are the sensible choice in this competition! Traditional cigarettes can’t hang at all, and cartridges win in every category. More flavors, more options, more savings, and more convenience!

Super Bowl Sunday is Always Better With Electronic Cigarettes!

This Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday, everyone! America’s favorite sport culminates for another year, and we all celebrate one of our favorite holidays cheering for our favorite team and bidding farewell to another exciting and fun season of football. Super Bowl Parties are always a big deal, and there is nothing like loading up on wings, subs, and all kinds of other munchies as you watch the game go down! You know what goes perfect with all that great football grub, beer, and cocktails? E-cigarettes.

Nothing hampers a great get together like traditional cigarettes, and even if the shindig you’re hitting is being held outdoors, your smoke will most likely be unwelcome. E-cigs fix that, and you won’t be making anyone uncomfortable! If you’ll be at an indoor event, like most people in America due to it being freezing in most places, you won’t have to go outside to smoke, which is one of the biggest burdens of being a smoker. You’ll be free to enjoy the game from the comfort of your place on the couch, or at the bar or table, and you’ll be able to vape as much as you like. This is when an e-cig lanyard really comes in handy!

When you get really into the game is when you’ll probably want a cigarette the most. And even though you’ll be craving one if the game is on the wire, the last you’ll want to do is head out to smoke, risking missing any of it. And even commercial breaks are not worth missing during Super Bowl, because even the commercials are awesome and part of the whole shebang! Food, beer, football, and electronic cigarettes; it all equates to a really awesome time!

You see, regardless of the type of get together you’re attending, e-cigarettes are just more adaptable in social settings. Whatever kind of fun you’ve got going on, e-cigs make enjoying it easier and more fun. Haven’t you had enough of tobacco getting in the way of your good time? Happy Super Bowl, y’all, may the best team come out on top!



Why Do Celebrities Love E-Cigs?

Lots of celebrities have been choosing to smoke vapor cigarettes in the past few years. Many are really proud to flaunt their e-cigs publicly, and it’s not uncommon to find Robert Pattinson, Nikki Greene, Leonardo DiCaprio, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Jeremy Piven, and Katherine Heigl getting randomly photographed with their electronic cigarettes in use. This is proof that celebs are just like ordinary people, who want to overcome their use of tobacco cigarettes in favor of vapor. Here is a list of the reasons why stars have been quick to embrace using cigarette alternatives, and why they are working out to be so much better!

-They are the better way to smoke. Better for the health, better for their bodies, better for the planet. Have you noticed how many celebrities have been in support of the green movement? E-cigarettes are a total extension of that.

-Better for their looks. Tobacco smoke is very well known to negatively affect the skin and add years to one’s appearance, increasing wrinkles, dull the complexion, and stain the teeth unattractive shades of yellow. No one wants any of those things happening to them, especially people who are getting photographed at any given moment of every given day! While there are cosmetic remedies for everything, it’s always better to avoid them if you can. E-cigs are like preventative measures!

-Healthier, and since everyone in Hollywood is pretty obsessed with image, it’s just better to promote a healthier one. More energy and feeling better all around are some of the things users of electronic cigs have reported. The Hollywood lifestyle is all about being fit, tobacco just doesn’t fit in.

-More convenient to use everywhere. Movie sets, restaurants, clubs, socializing… e-cigarettes work in any of these situations. When you use them, you also need not be worried about what you smell like i addition to being self conscious about those around you not liking smoke. E-cigarette accessories let you enjoy far better mobility and enjoyment also! No lighters and no dropping ash are very nice indeed!

-They’re trendy, so using e-cigarettes automatically makes you cooler! Yes, vapor is the better way to go, and you will automatically be a cooler, more conscious person just by using them. While the stars are looking great with them, you can too!



Live Healthier in 2013; Make it Your Resolution!

Today is the last day of the year, and most people are looking back on 2012. How was it for you? Did you accomplish what you set out to do? Did your goals get put ont he back burner for more important things at hand? Was it the best year ever? Well, while we reflect on 2012, on New Year’s Eve it’s also pretty cool to start thinking about the new year ahead. What have you got planned for yourself? Where do you want to improve and prosper? Are you going to make it the year you quit smoking for good? Part of the allure of electronic cigarettes is that they promise a healthier, smoke free lifestyle. When you get a an e-cigarette starter kit delivered to your door, it’s not just a box full of things to use instead of smoking tobacco. It’s a key to living a more fulfilling life! They will help you get healthier by eliminating the toxic smoke, help you save a huge amount of money, and they will essentially let you live a cleaner life. Awesome, right? Here is a little list to help you along with your goals for 2013, whether or not they include finally quitting smoking. Hey, even if you are a current vapor-smoker, goals are goals, and we all want to accomplish them!

-Stop smoking and start using electronic cigarettes. If you are currently using e-cigs, perhaps your goal is to drop your nicotine level, perhaps even go nicotine-free. Whatever it is you want to achieve, you know you can do it!

-Make it a top priority to take better care of yourself. You’ve got only one body, treat it right! This is a big one for most people, and it goes beyond the usual “lose weight” or “get fit.” Health encompasses all parts of your body; internally, externally, mentally, and emotionally.

-Don’t let people or situations interfere with your goals. Try to make it a habit to surround yourself with people and experiences that support your desires.

-Live simpler.

-Live greener.

-Live it to the fullest! Happy New Year, everyone!

-Enjoy all the benefits e-smokes have to offer you!


10 Reasons Switching to E-Cigarettes Will Do You Good!

Millions of people wouldn’t be switching to e-cigarettes if they were only moderately good. There are tons of reasons why they are the better smoking choice, and why all smokers should at least give them a try. You can’t really say something doesn’t work if you don’t try it!

1. Better for your health. This is the first on the list because it’s the most important. When you’re healthy, the world is your oyster. Your body is the only one you get, take care of it!

2. Better night’s rest. Not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of e-cig benefits, but all that coughing can keep a smoker up at night! Many smokers have to deal with getting really nasal, and really congested every time they lay down. This is not fun when you need some sleep. E-cigs will not cause tar, or anything for that matter, to build up in your lungs and constrict your air passage. Many e-smokers report that they sleep much better after switching.

3. Say goodbye to too much perfume or cologne. Who wants to smell like a stale, musty bar? No one. So smokers have been known to go overboard with the fragrances. Unfortunately, most people who get into your personal space do not want to smell smoke or a gallon of perfume. Vapor has no smell at all, thank goodness!

4. Better for your social life (dating life)! If you’re in the market for love, being a smoker can be tricky. Especially with less and less people smoking these days. Smokers can be treated like lepers, and there are a good many nonsmokers who would never consider dating a smoker. Leave your options open!

5. Cleaner home and car. Ash, butts, smoke and tar residue sure do add up. If you smoke a pack a day, that comes out to 140 cigarettes a week… and a lot of smoke! You’ll breathe a lot easier, and keep your life a lot tidier without the cigarettes.

6. They are more modern and fits today’s lifestyle way better than cigarettes. Let’s face it, the new age is digital, and analog can be annoying whatever the item is.

7. Your loved ones love you, and want to see you live a long, healthy, prosperous life. Don’t shortchange yourself or them- you are awesome!

8. More convenient in every single way, compared to cigarettes. Vape where you want, when you want, in any scenario. No bumming lighters off strangers, ever again! Electronic cigarette accessories are one of the best things about them; they are so incredibly easy to use!

9. Better for the planet. E-cigs are reusable, and do not cause a wide spread trash problem. A single cartridge does what 20 cigarettes can do. And most likely will not be so easy to be tossed onto the ground.

10. They’ll make you look cool! Yeah, this may or may not be what you’re going for, but style points count for something!



Be Green with Vapor Cigarettes

Sometimes just the thought of “going green” can be too much for some people. Are you sick of hearing about how you’re always making the wrong choices, and you are not doing enough to be more environmentally conscious?

Adding a little more eco consciousness to your daily life does not have to be a struggle, and with alternative cigarettes, you can be green and add a lot of conveniences. The thing about living more sustainably is that it needs to be able to work for you harmoniously, not become a problem or an inconvenience. Lifestyle changes should be done gradually if you  are looking to actually stick to them, and you should incorporate them where they are best suited. You don’t have to sell your car, go entirely raw-organic-vegan, and live by candlelight when the sun sets, but you can definitely switch to using e-cigarettes without any major upsets to your comfort level. Another bonus is how e-cigs can be very cost effective, so being green does not have to get very expensive, either.

The thing with electronic cigarettes is that they are designed for today’s lifestyle and today’s mindset. They fit all modern lifestyles and they are very easy to get used to. In fact, they make much more sense for the digital age than analog cigarettes; hence the term! Instead of ample amounts of waste, as is the case with tobacco cigarettes, e-cig produce not even a fraction of it, especially when you take into account how a single e-cigarette cartridge is equal to about 1.5 packs of cigarettes. That is a lot of butts that won’t be making it into the trash or the environment! Reusable products cut it down tremendously, keeping your personal pollution output at a minimum, compared to traditional cigarettes that force you to endure a constant stream of garbage. Cigarette pollution is one the world’s most critical litter problems, and it goes much further than the landfill. In any major city, everywhere you look on the streets you can see cigarette butts. Groundwater, running water, oceans, streams, and rivers have all become polluted by the chemicals in cigarette filters. Wild animals have a tendency to mistake the littered butts for food, and consume them, which can lead to death.

This can be very dramatically avoided if people choose e-cigarettes over tobacco. Cigarettes are not “green” by any means, and being just a little more eco friendly in your day to day life can have really positive repercussions. If there is one really awesome reason to opt for vapor, let this be it!

Where Can You Smoke E-Cigs?

E-Cigs are really displacing tobacco cigarettes because they come with far less restrictions. They can seriously be used nearly anywhere!

If you are a smoker, or were a smoker, you know it all too well how crazy it can be to try to get in a smoke if you are in public. Even in your own home it may be a problem if you live with others who aren’t smokers, like family members or roommates. You also may not want to smoke indoors anyway because of how gross smoke can be inside, staining walls and making the air dirty and all.

E-cigarettes do not leave a trail behind them. As a matter of fact, they leave not a trace! The exhale of an e-smoker is vapor, literally water vapor, and it is clean. It disappears with no smell and no chemicals left in its wake. You can smoke anywhere, around anyone, and not have a problem. Think about it; imagine how many nonsmokers you have in your life. You probably have less smokers around you than nonsmokers because smoking cigarettes is at an all time low. And when you get together with friends, or go to a family gathering, you are probably dealing with having to watch where you smoke and be careful of who you might be bothering. With electronic cigarettes, that is not a concern at all – even if you are vaping around the most stoic of anti-tobacco nonsmokers. The water vapor you exhale will simply dissipate into the air, no one will even smell it!

So think about all the places you have to watch yourself, where you are not able to whip out a cigarette at your free will. Now you can if you are using vapor cigs. Bars, restaurants, concerts, parties, events, libraries, work, in the car, indoors, wherever you are! Doesn’t that kind of freedom sound appealing? Then when you factor in all the freedom you get with e-cigarette accessories, your freedom is multiplied yet again. Most e-cig converts have said that once they’ve gotten used to vaping everywhere, they could not imagine going back to the putridness of smoke! Having the health benefits plus the ability to use them where they choose, they realize it’s pretty amazing to be smoke free!

It’s Football Season, Get Your E-Cigs On!

Football this weekend? You definitely are not the only one in the US that’s for sure! If you’re tuning in to College, NFL, indoor leagues, it’s on! And you know what goes perfectly with any of your tail-gaiting, game food, beer time don’t you? Electronic cigarettes of course! With all the incredible benefits that come along with being smoke free, there is nothing like being able to puff on your e-cig when zoning into the game.

It doesn’t matter where you watch the game, if you are a smoker you know how difficult it is to get down with your nicotine. You really don’t have many options on where you can smoke, and most of the time you are not free to smoke around others. And that especially goes if you are in a stadium in seats, if you are at a sport’s bar, a friend’s place, or even your own place because it’s not really practical to smoke cigarettes indoors either. In fact, e-cigarettes at sports events are becoming so popular, that there are numerous sports arenas and stadiums across the country selling them, promoting them, and absolutely allowing them to be used. And why wouldn’t they since they are so much more personable than the original tobacco versions?

When you use e-smokes around others, no one is forced unwillingly to breathe in your second hand smoke. And no one has to even smell it, since it is pretty foul and not really welcome among nonsmokers.The vapor that is released from Optima’s e-cigs is clean, leaves no odor or lingering odor, and does not have any scent when it comes out. Also containing no toxic chemicals that can cause cancer, no one around you will be sidetracked from the game time action. You get to vape and get your nicotine, your compadres can enjoy the game and your company, and everyone gets to be happy! Besides, what goes better with a few cold ones than nicotine when you’re watching your favorite team battle it out? Nothing! Don’t let cigarettes get in your way of enjoying life, get an e-cigarette starter kit ASAP!