Study: Electronic Cigarette Awareness Runs High Among Smokers

No doubt about it: electronic cigarettes are on the move! As more and more smokers become aware of them and there many benefits, it’s only a matter of time before their usage totally surpasses conventional cigarettes.

The American Journal of Public Health recently conducted, and published the findings of a survey. What it revealed was that among those who participated, 40%  of the people involved, both smokers as well as nonsmokers had heard of e-cigs. Of the people surveyed, 70% of those who are smokers had definitive opinions about e-cigarettes, considering them to be healthier and certainly safer than smoking actual cigarettes. They also believed that they are a viable method to use to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are kind of like a dream come true for smokers. They enable one to have the experience, and the pleasant sensations without any of the negatives. This is pretty exciting in the world of smoke because this is exactly what smokers have wanted all along. Ask any smoker how many times they’ve tried to quit, and surely you will receive answers that run the gamut, and a huge majority of them will tell you it’s been more than once. They are sold in starter kits, and cost considerably less than tobacco. Cigarettes are a hard habit to get control of, and with e-cigs you are able to do just that. That alone tells why smokers have been happy to use them! Another bonus is that with all of this control, smokers are able to decide how much they really want to smoke, and if they only want a a drag or two, the option is theirs, and there’s no guilt about wasting a whole cig! 0 nicotine cartridges also enable vapor cig users to opt for no nicotine, if they just want to enjoy the process and feeling of puffing.

Alternative cigarettes have been on the market for quite some time now, going on 5 years. They have become very mainstream, and have been featured in publications, editorials, and print advertisements. They have been featured in big screen movies and on television, and countless celebrities have been photographed using them. More and more people are embracing them and their infinite usefulness, realizing all of the freedoms that now are readily available, unlike what they were accustomed to using tobacco. It really is only a matter of time before cigarettes are replaced entirely.

Electronic Cigarette Batteries

There’s a lot to be said on the subject of e-cigarette batteries. There are so many different types, and then they vary by brand. There is no single one way, and how do you know which kind is the best? How do you know which style will suit you best and handle the kind of vaping you want to do?

Optima Cigs offers two different batteries, the High Capacity and the Mini. At 8cm long, the High Capacity can go from anywhere between 500-600 puffs before it will need to be recharged, you see where it gets its name, don’t you? The Mini is the mini version, at 6.5cm, it’s quite a bit smaller, and closer to the actual size of a traditional tobacco cigarette. This powerful little baby can last from 300-350 puffs on a full battery charge. Both e-cig batteries are loved for their ability to be fully charged within an hour’s time, making them very convenient and never do they require a whole lot of maintenance. Both sizes are available in our signature cigarette paper white body, for a realistic appearance. They connect perfectly to our cartridges for a highly pleasurable vaping experience!

Both batteries have been created with our trademark lithium ion engineering. It is the most advanced e-cigarette battery on the market and it shows in its performance. The vapor is heavy, and always very large in quantity. On the interior, the device is activated by a computer chip, which recognizes the motion of puffing and will turn on automatically. The mouthpiece is very comfortable, and feels very similar to an ordinary cigarette, especially on the draw. The opposite end features a crystal tip, which glows a brilliant blue when it’s in use.

These can be used by any smoker really, however they were designed especially with the heavy users in mind. For many people looking to have the most satisfying experience with electronic cigarettes, it is of utmost importance to have batteries that can handle such use. And with this advanced concept of design, we are proud to boast that our batteries remain quite affordable, at the low price of $29.99. Looking for the finest? Look no further!

Go Smoke Free This Fall with Optima Cigs!

Today is officially the first day of fall in the Northern Hemisphere, and even if you’re located in a place where the weather still echoes of summer, fret none, cooler temps are on the way! Who doesn’t enjoy the changing of the seasons? Cool brisk air, the gorgeous colors that come from the changing of the leaves, and the series of impending holidays that will start over the next month are all big reasons to be excited.

While smokers may dread the cooler months because it means smoking outside in sometimes freezing temperatures, and having to endure inclement weather just to have a few drags, e-smokers have nothing to worry about. Whatever the season may be, they are free to sit back an enjoy their e-cigs wherever they choose. There is no weather they are forced to tolerate because electronic cigarettes are the super heros of the smoking world, giving them the free range to puff indoors without polluting the air or violating the breathing conditions for the nonsmokers around them.

Whatever you are doing, if you’re a smoker, it can be done better with e-cigarettes. I’m not bragging or boasting, it’s just the truth. Imagine being able to breathe in the coo, fresh air better without the tar and smoke polluting your respiratory system. Imagine taking a walk in the woods, surrounded by the amber, ruby, and golden shades of leaves around you and not casually flicking your expired butt on the ground like an irresponsible litterbug. If you’re fearful of having to learn a new method, afraid of changing your ways, keep in mind how much modern and versatile electronic cigarettes really are. E-cigarette accessories give you tons of options and make it as simple as possible. Lighters are so last century.

The present time is always the best time to take your smoking habit outside for a good old fashion smack-down, and this fall why not show those cigarettes who’s really in charge?! Go smoke free with Optima Cigs!

Why Are Celebrities Choosing E-Cigs?

Celebrities love e-cigarettes. Can’t blame them, we do too! They are like an instant cool-factor, a little token that proudly proclaims: “I’m ahead of the trends, conscious about my health and the environment, and cooler than thou!” The list of celebs who’ve been spotted casually vaping over the past several years is long, and they have boldly entered the mainstream with authority.

So why have celebrities taken to e-cigs with so much fervor? Well, it’s because they are wonderful! They offer the chance to have the whole sensation, the wonderfully relaxing, exhilarating rush that nicotine delivers with every puff. Nicotine feels good, but when it comes with cigarettes, you have to deal with all the risks and health concerns.

Celebs are our biggest trend setters. They are models for everyday living, fashion icons, and whatever they are photographed doing, the public takes notice. Lots of stars are using e-smokes, for the health benefits that they get from not smoking cigarettes, to the attention they get for being on point with the trends. Plenty of famous folk have been famous for smoking cigarettes regardless of how bad they are, and electronic cigarettes are a tried and true alternative to them. And the fact that they add a little extra panache, a little modern edginess, makes them even better!

Jeremy Piven, Katherine Heigl, JWOW, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Pattinson, Mel Gibson, Trace Cyrus, Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, are just a few. One of the most blatant moments that solidified the arrival of e-cigs in popular culture was in 2010, when Katherine Heigl brought hers to an appearance on the Dave Letterman Show. She then happily demonstrated, told national audiences all about them, and even got Dave himself to give them a go. Go Katherine! She has since become the unofficial celebrity spokesperson for e-cigarettes, and has been photographed dozens of times out and about vaping.

Cigarettes aren’t cool anymore, while quitting smoking is very cool. And for people who want the best of both worlds, being able to vape and enjoy the sensation, and not be bothered by the actual tobacco smoke using electronic cigarettes is the way to go! How electronic cigarettes work is simple and so convenient. The celebrities are not mistaken on this one!


Get Your Nicotine the Eco-Friendly Way With E-Cigs

Electronic cigarettes have entirely outdone traditional tobacco cigarettes in the environmentally conscious department. There is no comparison to how much better for the environment and our planet they are, and when a smoker switches, the amount of trash and pollution that gets eliminated is drastic.

Cigarettes pollute on a wide scale, in more than one way. There is the visible garbage, of all the butts that get casually tossed to the ground when smokers are done. This happens not sparingly, but over and over again. Have you ever gazed at the floor in places where smokers are smoking? If there are no receptacles immediately within reach, most often those finished butts are ending up on the floor. It’s no secret at all that the tobacco that fills cigarettes is deadly and laced with all kinds of other chemicals, the filters on the other end are also loaded with toxic synthetic stuff, including carcinogens and plastics, and are really not meant to be discarded to where they can threaten the environment.

Once on the ground, cigarettes begin to pollute waterways and the ground by slowly releasing all of the chemicals they are comprised of. They are a threat to wildlife, who often mistake butts for food, and consume them. This can be deadly, as the butts are not digestible. Comprised of highly altered synthetic materials, cigarette butts then take approximately 10-15 years to fully break down.

Another aspect of the dangers to the environment that cigarettes pose is air pollution with their smoke. While it may seem minuscule, it adds up with millions of people smoking constantly throughout the world every day. In 2004, a study done by the the Tobacco Control Unit of Italy’s National Cancer Institute in Milan, found that burning three cigarettes produced more pollution than the running engine of a diesel car, and while this pollution is mostly relegated to the vicinity of the smoker, it is still pretty crazy to think that it mostly gets inhaled into the body. Dangerous to the smoker and the air quality of those in the surrounding area.

So what’s a smoker to do to have a cleaner conscious? Get away from tobacco as fast as possible, and opt for e-cigarettes! Safer for the body, much safer for the environment! With the option of e-cig accessories, they are far more versatile and easy to use, exhaling clean vapor without harm to those nearby who don’t want to be exposed to smoke. Being green doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive when you use e-smoked!



How To: Choosing a Starter Kit

When you are first starting out with vapor cigarettes, or are switching to a new brand, or just want to maximize your collection of e-cigarette accessories, the best way to do it is always with a starter kit. An e-cig starter kit is, as you would expect,  everything you need to get started with. These convenient packages are very much appreciated by beginners and experienced users because they offer great savings and do not leave you guessing as to what you will need to do.

When choosing a starter kit, you have to keep several factors in mind. Kits usually vary in terms of e-cigarette accessories, cartridges, and batteries. The very simple ones will carry the most basic pieces, and the most decked out will have nearly everything for the users who want all the accessories and add ons. There is definitely a kit for everyone, and it is a really good idea to learn about them before you choose.

Optima Cigs offers three different starter kit options at the best prices you will see in the market. How to choose? Well think about how you will use your new e-cigs. Do you want to start off with more than one battery? It’s highly suggested that you do, but really not a requirement. Do you want the ability to keep your batteries charged in multiple places? Will you be wanting more than one battery size? Do you want a starter kit with more or less cartridges?

The Basic Starter Kit comes with 1 High-Capacity battery, 1 USB charger, 1 hard pack case; a very useful case to hold all your gear, and 5 nicotine cartridges in your choice of flavor and strength.

The Premium Starter Kit is built upon everything in the basic kit, but also includes a wall charger, and 2 batteries instead of one.

The Premium Plus Starter Kit is Optima’s most inclusive. How it differs from the Premium is that it includes a Vehicle Charging Adapter, and 10 cartridges instead of 5.

All three electronic cigarette starter kits start very affordably, however even greater savings can be obtained by joining the beneficial Cartridge Replenishment Program, with the Basic kit starting as low as $19.99 – it’s a pretty sensational deal!

So now that you know how to choose a starter kit, which will you choose?

What Are the Best Electronic Cigarettes?

Chances are, if you are reading this, you have an idea about what e-cigarettes are. But are you aware of all the different kinds there are? And if you are going to be purchasing, it is in your best interest to know about the different types and what your options are.

In the world of electronic cigs, there are two part models, three part models, single one piece disposables, and so many other configurations. Optima Cigs feature a highly advanced 2-piece construction. While no one brand will be the right match for every vapor cig smoker, our design is made to offer the most convenience and the highest performance at a very fair price. They are also made to never skimp on style, either.

The function of the 2-piece is to maximize the performance of the battery is that the atomizer, one of the key aspects to working, is built into each e-cigarette cartridge. This was designed to improve upon the more outdated three part models, in which the atomizer was continuously reused. The problem here was that the atomizers could never handle constant performing, and often broke, leaving customers highly dissatisfied. By combining it into the cartridge, the atomizer gets replaced with every cartridge, allowing for far better performance and running.

The batteries that Optima Cigs offers are also on the highest level of quality around. They are lithium ion. The tips are set with a crystal, not fake plastic, and when lit have a very classy glow. With two battery sizes, customers have the option between a longer, high capacity model, which can go for a minimum of 500-600 puffs. While the mini size is a petite, compact version that allows customers the convenience of a smaller design. It goes for about 300-350 puffs, and takes just an hour to reach full charging capacity.

While the battery and cartridges are the essential pieces to vaping, Optima also offers a full range of exciting and versatile e-cigarette accessories, which include different chargers, cases, and the exciting Hard Pack.