What’s In a Warranty?

Warranties are always great when it comes to products that are susceptible to breaking or encountering any kind of damage. Would you really feel comfortable trusting an e-cigarette company that did not offer some sort of warranty on their products?

This is why Optima Cigs offers one of the best warranties out there for our products: a lifetime warranty! The best thing about it is that is free! That’s right, FREE when you are a member of our Cartridge Replenishment Program, which is a free service we offer. We proudly stand behind every one of our products, and we understand entirely that when it comes to any kind of electronic product, things happen. And, eventually they may get to a point where they just do not work anymore. Having a warranty is like having insurance on your goods, and if something isn’t working it’s really nice to know the company will back you up!

Our warranty guarantees the lifetime of your product, however it is subject to normal use… so if your’s explodes due to using some homemade e-liquid juice recipe you found on the internet and involves lighter fluid and turpentine, I doubt it will be eligible! However, should your e-cigarette battery, for example, decide to just stop working, or it somehow begins to malfunction, call up customer service or shoot them an email, and let them know your deal. Things will get handled in a timely and convenient matter, and your item will be replaced for free.

The warranty is a really incredible part of being a member of our Cartridge Replenishment Program, however it’s not the only perk. This service entitles you to automatic shipments of your refills, at the interval of your choice. You can change your dates and quantities whenever you want, because it is meant to serve your personal needs! Our cartridges are pretty affordably priced, however on the Cartridge Replenishment they are priced at 20% off, so whenever you reorder you get to take advantage of the savings. When you sign up to this service, you are not contracted or obligated to do so, so should you decided down the road, that you no longer want to be a part of, all you need to do is cancel it.

We believe that satisfied customers are happy customers, and it is essential to keep your customers happy! We know we love our e-cigs, and we want you to do the same, so we are more than happy to offer great benefits like a Lifetime Warranty and automatic deliveries of your cartridges!

Standing Out From the Pack: E-Cigs & Customer Service

 Customer service is a huge deal in today’s day and age. A company needs to have really good service to their patrons in order to really make a difference, as well as represent themselves with honor and dignity. It’s pretty crazy, but this isn’t the case for all businesses, and especially in the world of e-cigarettes. A good many companies solely rely on having good products, and skimp on the service and communication aspects.

At Optima, we do things a bit differently. We are not just about offering amazingly great e-cigs, our excellent customer service is part of the package, and guaranteed to you as a customer. We offer detailed communication to inform you of what is going on with every order, and we happily answer emails as they come in. We are also very dedicated when it comes to our incoming phone calls. If you have a question, never hesitate to call us! Our customer service representatives on the phone are well versed in our products as well as all of our policies. They will do everything within their means to ensure a positive experience for you, and will graciously answer any questions, no matter how minuscule they may seem. We also hold ourselves to very high principles. Long term customers stay not just for great products but also great service and policies. We stick to a “30-Day Money Back Guarantee,” and this means that within 30 days of your item’s delivery, if you are not satisfied for whatever reason, you can return the product for a full refund of the priced it was purchased at. While we strongly believe in everything we put our name to, we understand if something just isn’t for you. Not happy? Send it back within 30 days!

When your item ships out, we will send an email confirming the order and giving you a confirmation number. When it ships, we will send another email letting you know, and it will include your tracking number for shipping. This is done because we know you want to know where your stuff is, and when it’s going to get to you! If you created an account with us, you can always login on our site, and see updates that way as well.

We do not take lightly pleasing our customers. They are the most important part of our business, and we know how to take care of people. Customer Service is about serving the customer, not getting them off the line! While electronic cigarette customer support may be lacking elsewhere, we are very happy to one up the competition!

Traveling Far and Wide with Electronic Cigarettes

One of the many benefits to using e-cigs are all of the many conveniences. They range from the everyday little extras that make life a little easier, and to the other extreme of making extraordinary experiences even better. They aren’t just a quick fix; they are part of a lifestyle, that puts you at the center. No matter what it is that you are doing, if you are a smoker you are probably used to the burdens and restrictions. If you are traveling, these inconveniences get multiplied and being out of your element can really put a hindering on your smoking.

Smoking isn’t acceptable everywhere, and some places may be even less tolerant than where you’re from. In major American cities like San Francisco and New York, smoking is totally looked down upon. You can’t smoke indoors nearly anywhere, and even doing it outdoors will conjure some funny looks from passersby nowadays. Internationally may be a difference scenario altogether, but there are hundreds of hotels all over the world that do not allow guests to smoke indoors.

So what’s a smoker to do? Well, for a little “compare and contrast,” if you are a smoker, you may want to consider using e-cigs next time you are going to be traveling because they are a no-stress way to still get your nicotine fix. For those who are already vapor smokers, don’t even dream about ditching the e-smokes when you jet out of town, thinking disposables may be a better choice. While cigarettes seem easy enough; you pop into a shop, buy a pack, stuff it in your pocket and get on with your day, smoking when you want, e-cigarettes don’t require you to light them, deal with ash and remaining butts in terms of litter, they can be used nearly anywhere, except on airplanes, (but you can use them in terminals and at airports), they can be smoked indoors without setting off smoke alarms or alarming hotel staff that you are breaking rules, in taxis, on tours, in bars, in restaurants, in public places, on beaches… practically anywhere in the world you want! Plus, with the many convenient electronic cigarette accessories we offer, there are no limits to how versatile they can be. If you are hopping on a plane, a train, a bus, a cruise ship, yacht, or will be road-tripping the highways, let electronic cigarettes be your source of nicotine! They are much better travelers than tobacco cigarettes have ever been!

All You Need to Know About Flavor Cartridges

For people new to electronic cigarettes, the whole cartridge thing might be a tad bit overwhelming. Different nicotine strengths to choose, different flavors, how do you connect them, how do you know when they’re finished? All these questions are usually asked in the beginning, and while it’s a whole different set up than using traditional smokes, once you get the hang of it, and see how it’s done, it’s really no big deal at all. Using e-cigarette cartridges is simple, and can really make vaping much easier than tobacco cigs.

Our exceptional technology has created a design that produces a very large amount of vapor, which is what you see coming out, and what gets inhaled when the e-cigarette is used. The vapor carries the nicotine, and the mechanism behind this function is the atomizer. Less advanced models of electronic cigarettes have a separate atomizer, making them 3-piece models. These are known to have a very poor vapor production, and the atomizers are notorious for breaking very quickly. With a 2-piece model, such as ours, with atomizers built into the cartridge, you get a new atomizer in every cartridge. The draw is smoother, the vapor is bigger, and the all around performance is much better. Cartridges are screwed onto the e-cig battery, very simply, and you know a cartridge is finished when it no longer is producing a vapor. A single cartridge is equivalent to about 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes.

When it comes to choosing strengths of your nicotine, think about what satisfies you and what you’re used to with cigarettes. We offer four different strengths: 18mg: Full, 12mg: Light, 6mg: Ultra Light, and Omg: Nicotine-Free, and they are made to be equivalent to what smokers are accustomed to with cigarettes.

Why 5 flavor choices? Don’t most cigarette smokers go for either classic tobacco flavors or menthol? Well yeah, but you’d be surprised how adventurous e-smokers are! Tobacco and menthol are not your only options, and ours are sensational if I do say so myself! Cherry, vanilla, coffee are really amazing, and just wait till you try them in your e-cig. We don’t all like the same things, and we don’t always want the same things. What flavor I like in the morning with my coffee may be very different from what I want at 3pm, in my mid-day-slump, you know? And my flavor preferences may be totally different than yours across the board. And if variety is the spice of life, you see why Optima Cigs offers so many different options!

Don’t know which to start with on your first Optima order? Go with the Sampler Pack. Try them all, give them all a go, and see what works for you!

Where Can You Smoke E-Cigs?

E-Cigs are really displacing tobacco cigarettes because they come with far less restrictions. They can seriously be used nearly anywhere!

If you are a smoker, or were a smoker, you know it all too well how crazy it can be to try to get in a smoke if you are in public. Even in your own home it may be a problem if you live with others who aren’t smokers, like family members or roommates. You also may not want to smoke indoors anyway because of how gross smoke can be inside, staining walls and making the air dirty and all.

E-cigarettes do not leave a trail behind them. As a matter of fact, they leave not a trace! The exhale of an e-smoker is vapor, literally water vapor, and it is clean. It disappears with no smell and no chemicals left in its wake. You can smoke anywhere, around anyone, and not have a problem. Think about it; imagine how many nonsmokers you have in your life. You probably have less smokers around you than nonsmokers because smoking cigarettes is at an all time low. And when you get together with friends, or go to a family gathering, you are probably dealing with having to watch where you smoke and be careful of who you might be bothering. With electronic cigarettes, that is not a concern at all – even if you are vaping around the most stoic of anti-tobacco nonsmokers. The water vapor you exhale will simply dissipate into the air, no one will even smell it!

So think about all the places you have to watch yourself, where you are not able to whip out a cigarette at your free will. Now you can if you are using vapor cigs. Bars, restaurants, concerts, parties, events, libraries, work, in the car, indoors, wherever you are! Doesn’t that kind of freedom sound appealing? Then when you factor in all the freedom you get with e-cigarette accessories, your freedom is multiplied yet again. Most e-cig converts have said that once they’ve gotten used to vaping everywhere, they could not imagine going back to the putridness of smoke! Having the health benefits plus the ability to use them where they choose, they realize it’s pretty amazing to be smoke free!

E-Cigs and Your Health

There’s a lot to be said about e-cigarettes and health. No smoke, no tar, none of the thousands of chemicals found in cigarettes. In fact, most contain just a few ingredients, which can be pronounced. They offer the smoker nicotine, in a similar method to smoking a cig, but none of the side effects and none of the dangers. Using common sense, when you weigh the options, they are far safer for the health than traditional smokes. Here is a little e-cig FAQ towards some very common questions regarding these awesome tobacco alternatives. Hope they offer some insight, and maybe clarify any confusion you may have!

Q: How do we know they are they safer than cigarettes?

A: Testing is currently being done on electronic cigarettes, and quite often studies are reported once the results become public. Recently, studies have shown that e-cigs do not harm the lungs, the heart, and do not carry toxins or carcinogens in the vapor which can cause harm. These are enormous findings, as these are the major issues with cigarettes.

Q: Are they generally safe to use?

A: Yes! Use common sense; if they were outright unsafe, do you think they would be allowed to be sold as widely and as accessibly as they are? MIllions of people currently use e-cigs, and it is predicted millions more will be using them in the years to come. In fact, it is predicted that alternative cigarettes will eventually overtake the tobacco market altogether. While all the “testing”  and approvals that some claim should be in place before people use them, use your best judgement. Millions of people are showing success, and that they have encountered no negative effects.

Q: What about additional testing?

A: It is being done by many reputable institutes and universities across the world. The potential for electronic vapor cigarettes is huge, and researchers and scientists are well aware of this. All responsible e-cigarette companies are also doing research on their own ends, just to keep things safe. No one wants to sell dangerous products, and if you want your name to be recognizable for great quality, you have no other choice.

Q: Why would I choose electronic over conventional?

A: Well, if you have the option to smoke something just as pleasureful as cigarettes, that give you the same feeling and great flavor, with none of the negatives, what would you choose? They also save money, can be smoked anywhere you want, and won’t make you smell like a stale, dingy bar.



It’s Football Season, Get Your E-Cigs On!

Football this weekend? You definitely are not the only one in the US that’s for sure! If you’re tuning in to College, NFL, indoor leagues, it’s on! And you know what goes perfectly with any of your tail-gaiting, game food, beer time don’t you? Electronic cigarettes of course! With all the incredible benefits that come along with being smoke free, there is nothing like being able to puff on your e-cig when zoning into the game.

It doesn’t matter where you watch the game, if you are a smoker you know how difficult it is to get down with your nicotine. You really don’t have many options on where you can smoke, and most of the time you are not free to smoke around others. And that especially goes if you are in a stadium in seats, if you are at a sport’s bar, a friend’s place, or even your own place because it’s not really practical to smoke cigarettes indoors either. In fact, e-cigarettes at sports events are becoming so popular, that there are numerous sports arenas and stadiums across the country selling them, promoting them, and absolutely allowing them to be used. And why wouldn’t they since they are so much more personable than the original tobacco versions?

When you use e-smokes around others, no one is forced unwillingly to breathe in your second hand smoke. And no one has to even smell it, since it is pretty foul and not really welcome among nonsmokers.The vapor that is released from Optima’s e-cigs is clean, leaves no odor or lingering odor, and does not have any scent when it comes out. Also containing no toxic chemicals that can cause cancer, no one around you will be sidetracked from the game time action. You get to vape and get your nicotine, your compadres can enjoy the game and your company, and everyone gets to be happy! Besides, what goes better with a few cold ones than nicotine when you’re watching your favorite team battle it out? Nothing! Don’t let cigarettes get in your way of enjoying life, get an e-cigarette starter kit ASAP!


What is the Cartridge Replenishment Program?

Our customers are our number one priority here at Optima. A great product is just a great product, and where a company really shines is how they treat their customers. Thankfully, we are exceptionally proud to offer top quality electronic cigarettes and amazing service to our loyal customers! Here is a little info about our Cartridge Replenishment Program, one of our unique and beneficial programs we offer to make life just a little nicer when you use e-cigs!

So, as a customer, or prospective prospective customer, you may ask “what is the Cartridge Replenishment Program?” Well, in simple terms it is exactly as its name implies: it’s a program based on the replenishment of your refill cartridges! You sign up, fill out the requested information, and your cartridges will be shipped to you on the specified dates you want. Like all the little details that entailed with being an Optima smoker, it’s all about what YOU want. You decide how often you want the refills to come to you. Most people opt for monthly, but you can have yours more frequently or less frequently depending on your usage. You choose the number of cartridges you want, as well as the flavors and strength. Done! You never have to be concerned about running out at the wrong moment, or having to dip out late night to a sketchy 24 hour convenience store just for a pack of smokes. In fact, you never have to leave the house at all to get them; oh, the beauty of internet retail!

Here is where the really good stuff comes in: when you are a member of our Cartridge Replenishment Program, you get a whole lot more than just heavy amounts of convenience. You also get huge savings: think 20% off all future refills! You will also get a lifetime warranty on all your parts, so it serves as a no-cost insurance policy for your e-cigarettes! Most importantly, you are also bound by no commitments or contracts: you cancel it when you want to, should you decide at any time that you don’t want it anymore. It’s free, convenient, saves you money and is tailored to your desires; totally worth the 10 seconds it takes to sign up!