Can You Travel with Electronic Cigarettes?

Smokers may be wondering if e-cigarettes are worth the hype, and if they are especially worth it if they can be used when traveling. Cigarettes just seem so easy, you whip out your pack, light them up, and smoke till it’s through. Simple in thought and maybe experience, but e-cigs are even easier and more convenient, here’s how.

The answer to the question “can you travel with electronic cigarettes?” is yes. While they are not (yet) permitted for use on airplanes, we’re holding out for them being allowed at some point in the future, as they are no combustible, involve no fire, and should be treated like any other electronic devices. You can smoke them inside the airport, at the gate, right up till you board. Layovers, extended wait times, getting to the airport early before your flight can give you plenty of wait time, in which you can pass the boring time by with your e-cigarettes.

Other modes of traveling also won’t keep you limited to tobacco-only. If you are considering a cruise in the near future; be it a quick weekend jaunt to some nearby islands, or a luxurious 2 week sail through the Mediterranean, e-cigs can be your best friend. As the numbers of smokers continues to drop, so do the liberties allotted to them. Did you know that a number of cruise lines now only permit smoking in certain, designated areas to protect nonsmokers?

Even traveling by car is better with electronic cigarettes. Getting the car all foggy with smoke can be pretty gross. And then there are the butts and the ashes to deal with, during those long distances. You wouldn’t want to be littering all over the place, would you? If you are traveling with a nonsmoker, you may be waiting on the next rest-stop for a cigarette break, and who knows when that will be! Easy fix: e-cigs. In the car, during commutes and long distance travel they can be a life saver. No waste, no smell, no smoke, and no inconveniences to the people you are with.

As the future becomes increasingly smoke-free, when traveling it really makes more sense to be vaping. Are you thinking about an e-cigarette starter kit now? Where in the world would you travel with it, if you could take it anywhere?

10 Reasons Switching to E-Cigarettes Will Do You Good!

Millions of people wouldn’t be switching to e-cigarettes if they were only moderately good. There are tons of reasons why they are the better smoking choice, and why all smokers should at least give them a try. You can’t really say something doesn’t work if you don’t try it!

1. Better for your health. This is the first on the list because it’s the most important. When you’re healthy, the world is your oyster. Your body is the only one you get, take care of it!

2. Better night’s rest. Not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of e-cig benefits, but all that coughing can keep a smoker up at night! Many smokers have to deal with getting really nasal, and really congested every time they lay down. This is not fun when you need some sleep. E-cigs will not cause tar, or anything for that matter, to build up in your lungs and constrict your air passage. Many e-smokers report that they sleep much better after switching.

3. Say goodbye to too much perfume or cologne. Who wants to smell like a stale, musty bar? No one. So smokers have been known to go overboard with the fragrances. Unfortunately, most people who get into your personal space do not want to smell smoke or a gallon of perfume. Vapor has no smell at all, thank goodness!

4. Better for your social life (dating life)! If you’re in the market for love, being a smoker can be tricky. Especially with less and less people smoking these days. Smokers can be treated like lepers, and there are a good many nonsmokers who would never consider dating a smoker. Leave your options open!

5. Cleaner home and car. Ash, butts, smoke and tar residue sure do add up. If you smoke a pack a day, that comes out to 140 cigarettes a week… and a lot of smoke! You’ll breathe a lot easier, and keep your life a lot tidier without the cigarettes.

6. They are more modern and fits today’s lifestyle way better than cigarettes. Let’s face it, the new age is digital, and analog can be annoying whatever the item is.

7. Your loved ones love you, and want to see you live a long, healthy, prosperous life. Don’t shortchange yourself or them- you are awesome!

8. More convenient in every single way, compared to cigarettes. Vape where you want, when you want, in any scenario. No bumming lighters off strangers, ever again! Electronic cigarette accessories are one of the best things about them; they are so incredibly easy to use!

9. Better for the planet. E-cigs are reusable, and do not cause a wide spread trash problem. A single cartridge does what 20 cigarettes can do. And most likely will not be so easy to be tossed onto the ground.

10. They’ll make you look cool! Yeah, this may or may not be what you’re going for, but style points count for something!



Why Electronic Cigarettes Are Putting Tobacco Out

Electronic cigarettes just keep getting more popular! Smokers are smoking them in favor of tobacco increasingly, and cigarette companies are on notice big time. For smokers, they offer the ultimate in satisfaction. Nicotine and no tobacco, same great flavor , and no smoke; that’s why so many have jumped ship on traditional cigarettes.

Half a decade back, e-cigarettes were anything but a burgeoning niche market. They were a new novelty, slowly building steam. Now, however, it’s a different story. As the market for electric tobacco alternatives heads towards $2 billion, the tobacco industry knows the hot water they are in. Even numerous celebrities are using them, unabashedly in public! The United States is the largest market for them, however other countries, especially in Europe and Australia, are catching on fast. There are rumors that the EU will be setting forth a ban on all electronic cigarettes, yet it remains to be seen. Unfortunately, some nations such as Argentina, have banned them entirely. In the US, they are considered tobacco products, and the same regulations apply to them, such as there being an age limit on persons who use them, and can purchase them. Electronic cigarette starter kits are the most convenient way to get your feet wet, and people have been buying them in droves.

While debate remains on e-cigs, and whether they are truly safe, and whether they are here for the long run, research continuously is occurring, and being released, showing the potential for electronic cigarettes as a great option for smokers in lieu of tobacco. Would millions of people continue using a product that they felt was harming them? Perhaps yes, in the case of tobacco cigarettes, but with e-cigs it’s different. They choose electronic to get away from the ills of tobacco, and countless users have reported positive effects, as well as reversal of tobacco’s side effects.

While in the beginning, electronic cigarettes were pretty much written off, by consumers and tobacco big dogs as being just a fad, they could not have been more wrong. What started as a trend has literally altered the way smokers are smoking, helping millions of people to switch to a healthier lifestyle and live more consciously.

How E-Cigarette Accessories Can Help You Simplify

Accessories are pretty much mandatory in all areas of life. They just make everyday things better. Whether it’s fashion, your car, cellphone, or your e-cigarettes, having them can really make the experience golden. Of course you can have your e-cigs as simple as just a battery, cartridge, and a USB charger (which is included in all of our Starter Kits), but having options will allow you to simplify in lots of other ways. Our line of e-cigarette accessories can do a lot to up the ante, and take your regular vaping to a more convenient, more pleasurable level. Here is a look at some of our most popular pics, and how they can fit into your e-smoking lifestyle.

Extra E-Cig Batteries: Sure one is all you really need, but having more lets you do more. It will allow you to alternate between them, so when one is charging, you still have one to use. If you are always hustling and bustling, having a few is a really wise idea because keeping one in your bag, one in the car, one at home will ensure your ability to vape.

Chargers: Again, just one is all you really need, but what if you aren’t always at home or in the office, or connected to your computer to use it? Having a vehicle charger and a wall charger will give you plenty of choices and backup options. Running out of battery power unnecessarily is never fun!

Carrying Cases: We have two of them, and they are so perfect for staying organized! The Hard Pack Case was designed in a similar fashion to traditional cigarette packages, this case carries your essentials and is small enough to fit into your pocket. The Compact Carrying Case offers another stylish option, in a different style case. It also holds all of your electronic cigarette stuff safely and securely, and can make finding what you need in a moment’s notice very worthwhile.

The Lanyard: There are times when you just need to have your e-cig waiting for you, right around your neck. This is when the e-cigarette lanyard comes in so handy! Perfect for days where you are running errands, hitting a concert, spending a long day at the park, hiking, holiday shopping… whatever you’ve got going on that’s keeping your hands busy will t be stopping you from vaping!


Best Gift Ever? Optima Cigs

The season for giving is here, and do you know all the ways that Optima Cigs can be an awesome gift for someone in your life? Here is a little gift guide, showing all of ou different products that can work for different people. Since most people are really getting down with the holiday shopping, for smokers there is nothing better to give than the gift of e-smoking.

Electronic cigarette starter kits are such a great gift. We offer three of them, and they are pretty versatile from one to the next. The Basic Kit is a great choice for giving to a parent, or grandparent. The simplicity and basic setup will not intimidate with too many items, and it will give a nice rounded intro to vaping. The Premium Kit would be great for someone you know who likes a little more, or maybe has a pretty busy schedule, offering 2 batteries instead of 1 like the Basic. The Premium Plus Kit has a little of everything, and if the person you’re buying it for is always on the go, it comes with the amazing Hard Pack Case, which offers incomparable versatility and convenience.

For people you know who are already using our products, giving them cartridges will always be welcome. Perhaps adding a 30-pack to a gift basket would be a nice touch?

Also wonderful for those who are current Optima smokers would be giving additional e-cig accessories, or batteries since no one ever has enough! The Compact Carrying Case, and the previously mentioned Hard Pack Case are really sweet gifts because they will definitely get used and are perfect for organization. Who doesn’t need more of that?

On the plus side, when you buy from us, you never ahve to leave the house or venture out into the madness of the big box store or crazy retail world! All the lines, crowds, waiting, inability to get service, and the drama are definitely not the finer points of the holidays! With Optima Cigs, you give top of the line gifts, exert minimal effort in purchasing them, and make a big impact in the lives of those you love!


Making the Switch to Vapor? Here are 13 Tips

For some people, switching to electronic cigarettes can be a simple thing, a very easy transition from one to the next. For many more though, it can be difficult and harder to do, especially with a really ingrained cigarette habit. Here are 10 tips that can help you out if you are looking to switch to vapor, and help you do it in a way that won’t have you grasping for the nearest cig!

  • 1. Go slow, because it is better to be totally comfortable, don’t rush or try to pressure yourself into doing things a certain way. Many people do it best gradually, while alternating with cigarettes, realistically.
  • 2. Play around with flavors, just like with regular cigarettes you have to find what works for you and tastes right.
  • 3. The actual body of e-cig feels obviously different from a regular cig, no doubt. It’s a little heavier, as you know traditionally cigs are feather-light, and you may need to use it to get used to it at first. Be patient as it becomes comfortable.
  • 4. Extra batteris are a necessity, and can save you a lot of frustration. Make sure you have a few, and keep them charged.
  • 5. You might feel a little different physically. When you stop smoking cigarettes, your body begins to purge the build up of all those chemicals, and you won’t be consuming them anymore. Help your body along with this by eating nutritiously, and drinking copious amounts of water to flush the toxins.
  • 6. Remember that one of the many conveniences you get with e-cigarettes is the ability to charge your batteries anywhere you like. It can be hard to remember that the limitations are very, very slim!
  • 7. Try different accessories. Ditching your lighters and ash trays never felt so good! E-cigarette accessories are amazing because they offer a lot of different options for how you use yours, and how everything stays convenient.
  • 8. Start with cartridges with nicotine that is comparable to what you were using with traditional cigarettes. It may be tempting to start with the lowest nicotine level, just in hopes of going nicotine free sooner, but you want the experience to be similar, especially with how they make you feel.
  • 9. Imagine all the ways you can better spend all the money you are saving every month! Open an additional savings account, and then treat yourself to something nice every so often. You deserve it!
  • 10. Save even more by joining our Cartridge Replenishment Program!
  • 11. Keep in mind that your e-cigarette is not a regular cigarette, and it is not meant to be thrown on the ground, out a window, or in the garbage when you are through vaping! Believe it or not, this is pretty common, and most e-smokers feel pretty foolish when they have to grab it!
  • 12. Remember you aren’t on a time frame. Don’t rush, just let it happen according to your comfort level. Most smokers want to quit smoking ASAP, and that is totally understandable.
  • 13. Got questions or concerns? Please feel free to call us up- we’d be happy to chat!

How To Use Your Optima Cigs

Not all electronic cigarettes are created equal, I’m sure you’ve noticed that by now! We can’t vouch for what other brands are promising, but we know for sure that we are pretty big fans of 2-part e-cigarette models; hence our e-cigs!

The 2-piece construction allows users a very simple yet highly technological device that will satisfy all of their nicotine needs and desires. This is as close to a regular cigarette as it gets! Using them is also quite simple, so here is a brief little how-to, just to give you a little more info. Simplicity and performance are key, and we are very pleased to have mastered both!

When your very first e-cigarette starter kit arrives, the first thing you want to do is get out the handy little manual, and get really familiar with everything. You don’t want to just jump right in before knowing all the little specifics. Its not rocket science, and it definitely won’t take more than a few minutes, so it’s really worth it! Even if you have used other brands, every company has it’s own way of doing things, so just prepare yourself.

You probably already know that the battery is the most essential part of your e-cig. Ours are made for great performance, and to ensure the best possible performance, it’s really important to charge your battery fully before using it, especially the first time, even if it arrives with some power in it.

Once it’s charged, it’s time for the cartridge. You’ll have to take it out of the packaging it comes in, and then you screw it on to the end of the battery, but make sure not to screw it on too tightly. So that’s the basic set up, complicated huh?

Now it’s time for actually using it. You bring it to your mouth and inhale, the same way you would with a cigarette. The other end of the electronic cigarette begins to light up to a bright blue (it’s equipped with an LED), ensuring that it is indeed working. And then, later on, when the light begins to blink, you’ll know it’s time to recharge the battery. So, you inhale, feel the vapor, and when you’re ready you exhale. Now you get to enjoy the flavor, the vapor, and the sensation!


Looking for Fun; Bring Those E-Cigs

Cigarettes are pretty often discriminated against, nonsmokers want nothing to do with tobacco smoke creeping into their clean air space. As proponents of vapor, can’t say we blame them! However, one wonderful thing that can be pretty tough for smokers to get used to when they start smoking e-cigarettes is just how versatile they are. While it may be common to not smoke wherever you want, welcome to the freedom that comes with electronic smoking. Here are some of the many beautiful ways you can let the fun times go on without having to excuse yourself for a smoke.

-Socializing. This is a big one because it’s a major part of most people’s lives. Hanging with others usually means people of different lifestyles, and there are far less cigarette smokers nowadays. Be courteou; use e-cigs.

-Concerts. While many venues still permit smoking, a good many of them are cracking down on indoor availability. Have you ever noticed how much smoke can accumulate in an  indoor arena? It can be pretty crazy, and quite difficult for people who are not fond of smoke. Having an e-cig lanyard can come in pretty handy in these kinds of situations; guaranteed it won’t get lost if it’s around your neck!

-Eating out at restaurants. Do “non-smoking” sections even exist anymore? If you want to enjoy your meal without having to exit to get your nicotine on, vapor makes that possible. How many great conversations have you had to pause for a cigarette break over a great meal at a restaurant?

-Visiting family. No one wants to offend the fam… picky grandparents, in-laws, parents, let them breathe easy knowing you’ve switched to electronic cigarettes! Show them your electronic cigarette starter kit for bonus points, “see Ma, it’s for real! Works great!”

-Hitting the beach. Do you really want to get chastised by the lifeguard or other beach goers who are not impressed with the dropping of butts on the sand? It’s a a danger to wildlife and the environment, and it also happens to be pretty inconsiderate.

-Shopping. Holidays are approaching and those malls and outdoor shopping centers are going to be pretty packed with shoppers. Cigarettes are never smoked in malls, but you sure can vape to your heart’s content with your e-cigarette.

-And of course, at parties. Big social gatherings, where smoking will definitely not be allowed and you know are usually tons of fun. Why stop the fun, or with temperatures dropping head outside to smoke nasty cigarettes when you don’t have to? If you’re a smoker, vapor is about to become your best friend!



How Safe Are Electronic Cigarettes For the Heart?

Electronic cigarettes are pretty darn safe. There are plenty of people who are saying that they ought to be avoided until significant proof comes out to declare their safety, but now that the industry is edging towards half a decade old, this kind of paranoia is really losing steam. Several studies have been released this year proving that e-cigs are safe, and do not pose danger, one specifically regarding the heart.

Since their inception, e-cigarettes have held a reputation for being a safer alternative to tobacco. They are smoke-free, they are easier to use, they do produce or leave behind tar, they contain no carcinogens, they do not contain any tobacco. There is no combustion when they’re used. They are odorless and do not offend others with second hand smoke. These reasons alone would lead a smoker to automatically feel they are healthier and safer. Tobacco smoke is a deadly culprit; take it away, replace it with harmless water vapor and what is the danger?

In April 2012, a study out of Munich, Germany was released with results that showed electronic cigarettes do not affect the heart negatively, nor do they have ill effects on the heart. Konstantinos Farsalinos, MD, of the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Athens, Greece, was the researcher at helm of the e-cigarette study for the European society of Cardiology. He presented the results during their yearly symposium and made positive note about e-cigarettes as a very satisfactory alternative for smokers, as they cover both parts of cigarette addiction, the craving of nicotine and the craving of the psychological components of having the cigarette in hand, puffing, inhaling, exhaling, and at the end feeling satisfied, all without smoke.

Traditional tobacco cigarettes are known to cause coronary heart disease (which is the number one cause of death in the US) and a variety of other ailments such as narrowing the arteries, peripheral vascular disease, and aortic aneurysm. These are all highly dangerous, and to an extent, preventable issues. So while smoking cigarettes is known to be related to causing them, why not avoid the issue putting yourself at risk with tobacco smoke? Don’t you want to make healthier decisions for your body when you have the choice to? Start with an electronic cigarette starter kit!

Be Green with Vapor Cigarettes

Sometimes just the thought of “going green” can be too much for some people. Are you sick of hearing about how you’re always making the wrong choices, and you are not doing enough to be more environmentally conscious?

Adding a little more eco consciousness to your daily life does not have to be a struggle, and with alternative cigarettes, you can be green and add a lot of conveniences. The thing about living more sustainably is that it needs to be able to work for you harmoniously, not become a problem or an inconvenience. Lifestyle changes should be done gradually if you  are looking to actually stick to them, and you should incorporate them where they are best suited. You don’t have to sell your car, go entirely raw-organic-vegan, and live by candlelight when the sun sets, but you can definitely switch to using e-cigarettes without any major upsets to your comfort level. Another bonus is how e-cigs can be very cost effective, so being green does not have to get very expensive, either.

The thing with electronic cigarettes is that they are designed for today’s lifestyle and today’s mindset. They fit all modern lifestyles and they are very easy to get used to. In fact, they make much more sense for the digital age than analog cigarettes; hence the term! Instead of ample amounts of waste, as is the case with tobacco cigarettes, e-cig produce not even a fraction of it, especially when you take into account how a single e-cigarette cartridge is equal to about 1.5 packs of cigarettes. That is a lot of butts that won’t be making it into the trash or the environment! Reusable products cut it down tremendously, keeping your personal pollution output at a minimum, compared to traditional cigarettes that force you to endure a constant stream of garbage. Cigarette pollution is one the world’s most critical litter problems, and it goes much further than the landfill. In any major city, everywhere you look on the streets you can see cigarette butts. Groundwater, running water, oceans, streams, and rivers have all become polluted by the chemicals in cigarette filters. Wild animals have a tendency to mistake the littered butts for food, and consume them, which can lead to death.

This can be very dramatically avoided if people choose e-cigarettes over tobacco. Cigarettes are not “green” by any means, and being just a little more eco friendly in your day to day life can have really positive repercussions. If there is one really awesome reason to opt for vapor, let this be it!