Live Healthier in 2013; Make it Your Resolution!

Today is the last day of the year, and most people are looking back on 2012. How was it for you? Did you accomplish what you set out to do? Did your goals get put ont he back burner for more important things at hand? Was it the best year ever? Well, while we reflect on 2012, on New Year’s Eve it’s also pretty cool to start thinking about the new year ahead. What have you got planned for yourself? Where do you want to improve and prosper? Are you going to make it the year you quit smoking for good? Part of the allure of electronic cigarettes is that they promise a healthier, smoke free lifestyle. When you get a an e-cigarette starter kit delivered to your door, it’s not just a box full of things to use instead of smoking tobacco. It’s a key to living a more fulfilling life! They will help you get healthier by eliminating the toxic smoke, help you save a huge amount of money, and they will essentially let you live a cleaner life. Awesome, right? Here is a little list to help you along with your goals for 2013, whether or not they include finally quitting smoking. Hey, even if you are a current vapor-smoker, goals are goals, and we all want to accomplish them!

-Stop smoking and start using electronic cigarettes. If you are currently using e-cigs, perhaps your goal is to drop your nicotine level, perhaps even go nicotine-free. Whatever it is you want to achieve, you know you can do it!

-Make it a top priority to take better care of yourself. You’ve got only one body, treat it right! This is a big one for most people, and it goes beyond the usual “lose weight” or “get fit.” Health encompasses all parts of your body; internally, externally, mentally, and emotionally.

-Don’t let people or situations interfere with your goals. Try to make it a habit to surround yourself with people and experiences that support your desires.

-Live simpler.

-Live greener.

-Live it to the fullest! Happy New Year, everyone!

-Enjoy all the benefits e-smokes have to offer you!


Smoke-Free Pleasure for a Smoke-Free Lifestyle

E-cigarettes are leading a revolution in healthy living. As so many smokers have turned to these amazing alternatives, the lives of millions have been improved. While some people have had a harder time incorporating the e-cig into their lives, they have found that it really is worth the adjustment because getting beyond smoke can be so incredibly amazing!

The changes can happen quickly or gradually, but they really are one of the most positive parts of switching, and one of the best things to look forward to. Just having the pleasure in knowing you are not smoking tobacco cigarettes anymore can be amazing. While using e-cigarettes is not the same as outright quitting, because you are still enjoying the nicotine, millions of people are satisfied just knowing the tobacco smoke is gone from their lives. While the FDA and other major governmental associations have yet to approve alternative cigarettes, testing has been in different institutes and universities. All of the results have shown that e-cigarettes are not dangerous, nor do they share similarities with traditional cigarettes like containing carcinogens, tar, or leave behind anything unwanted or unhealthy.

Another reason people are vaping as opposed to smoking is because they feel good! Most people are rather unsure in the beginning, even when they get their e-cigarette starter kits they really wonder if it will work out for them. And then, after trying them and learning how to use them comfortably, they see how easy and pleasant they are! E-cigarettes are every bit as enjoyable as regular cigarettes and having none of the negatives, and they boast so many more freedoms that are not available when you smoke tobacco. The vapor feels wonderful, and is nearly identical to the feeling of smoke. The vapor carries the nicotine, delivering the same pleasurable, relaxing sensation smokers are accustomed to with tobacco. They can experience the same enjoyable feeling of smoking, as they vape with the e-cig, puffing and inhaling as they savor the delectable flavors. All of the fun, wonderful parts of smoking, only without the cigarettes, smoke, and tobacco.

Going smoke free doesn’t have to be a chore. The reason so many smokers have had successful experiences with e-cigs is because they feel good! When smoking, most people are used to endless restrictions, and often feeling like a leper for smoking. With electronic cigs, none of that exists because they can be used everywhere, allowing users the same pleasure without feeling they are doing something wrong.

New Year’s Eve and E-Cigs: Make the Party Last Longer!

With Christmas out of the way now, we are pushing straight on to the New Year! The biggest night of the year for many is pretty often the last night of the year, and it sure calls for a celebration. Wherever you may be celebrating, and no matter who you are celebrating with, you know that it will be done right with e-cigarettes! New Years in one of those holidays that nearly everyone on earth honors, regardless of belief. While most people have a different reason for it to be symbolic personally, it’s a common thread through all of humanity. A new year lets us wipe the slate clean and set new goals, but New Year’s Eve is all about living it up before we get soberingly serious with our intentions. Living it up responsibly and courteously lets us have our cake and eat it too!

Sipping the bubbly, taking down the cocktails, whatever you may be imbibing on should be complemented with an electronic cigarette. New Years Eve parties come in every shape and size imaginable, be in small crowds on a patio or in the open air of a major world city, as you revel with millions of others. One way to bring down a good mood is by creating discord; as most smokers are well aware, not everyone appreciates the scent of smoke. Even less are those who approve of breathing in smoke whatsoever; as it’s not exactly safe. Smoking e-cigs lets you look out for those around you, even if you don’t know them! Big bonus if you have great e-cigarettes accessories  like our Hard Pack Case or Compact Carry Case, because these things are the ideal thing to have when you are partying!

As cigarettes become less and less acceptable publicly, it’s pretty common to find that “no smoking” is very much the norm in many places, including those not necessarily indoors.  Thank goodness when you smoke electronically, no one will be bothered by your vapor, and at least if you are within the confines of a great get together where smoking isn’t permitted, you’ll  be free to vape. If you so happen to be at a lame party, (hey, it happens to the best of us!) at least your e-cig will give you something enjoyable to do, whiling away the minutes till midnight, and you know, if all else fails, electronic cigarettes make pretty good conversation starters!

Stay Beautiful with Electronic Cigarettes

Cigarettes don’t do much to make one look attractive. Maybe in the beginning people get seduced by the idea of cigarettes being glamorous, but in time they always work against the user when it comes to appearance. Tobacco doesn’t just mess with your looks in one or two ways, and it happens to be pretty well known how much they can age a person! Here are some of the ways that traditional cigarettes can affect your features.

-Tobacco can stain the teeth and darken the lips. Especially on the teeth, these stains can be nearly impossible to remove with whiteners and conventional products designed to improve the luster of your pearly whites.

-Dull the complexion. Everyone wants beautiful skin, and smoke is known for making the complexion look less than healthy. You have to keep in mind that the detriments of cigarettes affect you both from the inside out, and externally.

-Age the skin. In the age of being eternally youthful, who wants to look older than they actually are (other than those who are truly underage)? Save your skin a few years with e-cigs.

-Cause more wrinkles. Yes, this can be considered “aging” the skin as well, but wrinkles are a pretty big deal and no body likes them.

-Dull the glow in your eyes. These are the windows to your soul, they should never be dull! Have you ever noticed how people who successfully quit smoking have such a twinkly in their eyes? Yes, you can get that back when you drop the cigs for good!

-Tobacco smoke can really put a hurting on your hair’s glossy sheen. Especially if you are a woman, having shiny tresses is invaluably important. When cigarette smoke clings to your hair, you can bet it robs it of shine. Those chemicals are not good for anything! There are shampoos made especially for people who live in very polluted locales, and whether you do or don’t, it is an interesting point to be made that cigarette smoke toxins will surely be settling on your hair when you constantly smoke.

-Stain the hands. A little less paid attention to, but when you are shaking someone’s hand, you can suddenly feel awfully self conscious if you reach out and your hands are dirty-looking from tobacco. Wouldn’t you feel weird shaking hands with someone whose hands looked funky?

Are you ready to get an e-cigarette starter kit after reading that? Everyone has some level of vanity. You don’t have to be an egomaniac to pay attention to what you look like, and it certainly doesn’t make a person narcissistic to want to be attractive. For this reason alone, many cigarette smokers are turning to electronic cigarettes. Staying away from smoke has many perks – and it shows!


How Do E-Cigarettes Work?

Do you ever wonder how e-cigarettes work? If you don’t know the details, it can seem kind of confusing, especially if you don’t know everything about what goes on when an e-cig is smoked. The power of technology is pretty amazing, and when you learn about e-cigarette technology, and how the different parts come together to create a simulated smoking experience sans the tobacco and smoke, you will be astounded!

E-cigs come in all shapes, sizes, and different working configurations. Optima Cigs are exclusively 2-piece electronic cigarettes, meaning that they consist of the main part, the actual e-cigarette which is the battery, and the cartridge. The battery is the most important factor in e-smoking, and it is the device’s brain. The cartridges are designed to be used and replaced, and within them is an atomizer. Atomizers have a tendency to have short life spans, and replacing them with every cartridge ensures satisfactory performance, and ensures the user less trouble when dealing with having to deal with parts breaking.

So how electronic cigarettes work is simple but very high-tech. Cartridges get screwed on to the battery, for starters. The battery holds the lithium ion cell, a computerized smart chip, and indicator/ ash light. The batteries charge up easily using any of Optima’s great chargers, and never take very long to do so. To use them, the user simply inhales on the mouth end of the battery, and the e-cig will sense the inhalation action and automatically turn on. The smart chip activates the battery, which then sends a charge to the atomizer, which in turn then heats up the liquid nicotine and vaporizes it, as the user inhales. The vapor will then get inhaled, and exhaled, mimicking the experience of smoking, as they enjoy the same feeling of nicotine they are accustomed to with smoke. As all of this occurs, the exterior LED light on the end of the e-cig will light up, and show the device is being smoked. When the cartridge comes to an end, it simple gets replaced the same way it was put on.

Saving Money with Vapor

We’ve heard the complaining and bemoaning of smokers time and time again about the rising costs of those necessary packs of 20. Aren’t there enough rising costs attached to everything nowadays? It is being said that 2012 has been the costliest year on record for gas, and the prices of food are pretty monumental as well. What smoker has change to spare for rising cigarette costs as well now? Smart ones aren’t going after tobacco anymore. They are going for vapor cigarettes, and happily enjoying savings of over 50%! And with greater convenience to boot!

The ways that e-cigarettes can save money are huge, and don’t just come from one angle. While some smokers balk at the initial cost to get a starter kit, the savings begin to mount quickly. And if you’re a smoker, you notice it fast because you’re pretty accustomed to spending a lot, all the time. For many e-smokers, the weekly cost of their former cigarette expense is what their monthly expense is now. That is a really great amount of savings!

Optima’s cartridges are sold in packs of 10, 20, or 30. A single e-cig cartridge is equal to about 1.5 packs of cigarettes, and the smallest packaged of cartridges starts at $39.99, and it would be like paying $2.66 per cigarette pack. When was the last time you spent that little on a pack of smokes?

Another great thing about e-cigarettes is that you get to work with the companies directly. Conventional cigarettes never offered the ability to take advantage of great sales and great prices from the companies themselves. For example, right now if you sign up for Optima’s Cartridge Replenishment Program, you can save big on starter kits. Our normally priced Basic Starter Kit at $59.99 can be purchased for $29.99 if you sign up to the replenishment program when you buy. It’s a total steal!

The Cartridge Replenish Program alone is an amazing option to sign up for because it grants you 20% off your refill cartridges as well. It’s really awesome for seeing your monthly cartridge bill drop by 20%!

The ways you can save with e-cigs is awesome, and such a relief after spending fortunes on cigarettes! Isn’t it time you made the switch?


What’s the Big Deal About Tobacco?

Do you ever wonder what the big deal about tobacco is? Why do they really make such a big deal about it? Would it really be legal if it really were this hazardous? Well, the answer is yes. Tobacco has equated to big business, BIG money over the years. Unfortunately even at the cost of millions of deaths worldwide. 100 million people in just the 20th century. Huge numbers. The biggest killer of preventable diseases.

Yeah, it’s gotten pretty old… the rhetoric about how unhealthy it is, how it causes cancer and serious breathing issues and heart problems, but people have lived to be 95 years old with lifelong smoking habits. True, but there are also those who have gotten the same illnesses, including fatal forms of cancer just from being exposed via second hand smoke. When you smoke cigarettes and are exposed to the chemicals and carcinogens in smoke and the residual tar, you amplify your risk. And while it is always possible you could be part of the slim percentage of people who live extraordinarily long and healthy lives despite smoke habits, why play the risk when you have alternatives?

Regardless, smoking is a choice. Not a good one, but a choice people choose to make based on free will (most of the time, save for children and those who do not have a say in their exposure to cigarettes and second hand smoke). Just the same as using electronic cigarettes is a choice, for the better. The thing about vapor is that it allows users to enjoy the very same sensations they are familiar with, the same feeling as you vape with the e-cigs, and the same feeling afterwards from the nicotine.

This is why millions of people have already started using e-cigarettes. And also why millions more will be doing the same in the near future. Imagine an option that gave you all of the sensation, the great feeling, the quick calming effects and the nice, pleasurable buzz that cigarettes do, only without the chemicals and the smoke and is totally tobacco-free. It’s pretty much what smokers have envisioned and hoped for, for decades, and now it’s a reality! If you are wanting to get started, and go beyond tobacco, our e-cig starter kits are the perfect place to start!



Replenish Those Cartridges!

 Convenience is a huge deal to most people, and electronic cigarettes across the board promise much more of it than typical cigarettes do. Who is ever pleased with all the troubles tobacco cigarettes come with, anyway? While some smokers are not into e-cigarettes because they have to order them online (for good quality, at least), it’s a small price to pay for all that you get in exchange.

One of our most exciting offers to our customers is our Cartridge Replenishment Program. Customers who choose to sign up for this service never have to remember to reorder cartridges, and they receive them on a monthly basis, or the interval of their choosing. They never have to experience a lapse in their vaping routine, or have to be tempted to go back to tobacco cigs because of unexpectedly running out. The amount of perks you get from being a member is enormous, and most of our customer elect to join because of this!

For instance, not only is it extremely convenient, but the only thing you have to do to join is sign up. No contract, no yearly membership cost, nothing. It’ll take you less than a minute to sign up, you set how often you want them to come to you, how many you want, and that is it! Then, for being a member, you will get 20% off all of your future refill cartridges, which is really great savings! Also, and perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of the Cartridge Replenishment Program is the lifetime warranty you get for all of your part and equipment. It is so, so, so important to have this because you just never want something to go wrong with your e-cigarettes, and not be able to have it replaced free of charge. It’s always nice to be covered just in case.

Being a member is wonderful, and in light of keeping things easy and flexible, there is no commitment involved. If you don’t want to join; don’t. If you want to cancel at any time, go ahead. It’s all about choice, and keeping things convenient!


Top 10 Reasons to Give E-Cigs as a Holiday Gift

Don’t know what to give this year as a holiday gift? If the recipient happens to be a smoker, this one’s a no-brainer: an e-cigarette starter kit from Optima Cigs is always a good thing! For someone who is already an e-smoker, give them a starter kit from us anyway! Our products are excellent and a new perspective is always nice. Here are the top 10 reasons why electronic cigarettes are a fabulous gift to give this holiday season!

1. Health; always the top reason. Life is better when you’re healthy, and it’s the most important thing to have. You can’t really accomplish much without it, and cigarettes don’t ever improve it.

2. Give useful presents. It sucks to waste money on gifts you know won’y get used or appreciated, doesn’t it?

3. Cigarettes are bad, do your smoker friends a big favor by offering a more dynamic way to have nicotine, in a familiar format that will have you feeling like you are still smoking.

4. Some people aren’t that adventurous, and no matter how much they hate smoking, they would never consider using an e-cigarette. If they have one happen to land in their laps, they’d have no reason not to at least give them a try!

5. It’s a fun gift! Socializing, and really any kind of activity is better when you have the convenience of vapor. Spending time outdoors, going to shows, shopping are all better with e-cigarettes. Cleaner, easier, and just more enjoyable for everyday life.

6. You’ll save them a lot of money in the long run and the short run with e-cigs.

7. Some people have still never heard of e-cigs; open them up to new experiences this year! Crazy, but true! And who knows, if all works out, you could help them to drop a bad habit for a safer one!

8. It’s the kind of gift that shows you care, but still has a cordial feel to it. You can give a starter kit to a coworker without it feeling like an invasion of privacy, or like it’s too personal of a gift.

9. If your significant other is a smoker and you aren’t, giving them a smokeless alternative can level the playing field some, and give you two more time together. Time at restaurants, in the car, even in your own home, the smoker won’t have to exit to smoke, and there will be less interruptions. Extra e-cigarette accessories will always be appreciated, btw!

10. And really, what could possibly be a better gift than Optima?

How Many Flavors Do You Need?

Some people may wonder why we offer six different flavors for our cartridges. What else could you possibly need besides tobacco and menthol? That’s all most people ever smoke when using normal cigarettes, after all. Well, variety is the spice of life, and we like to keep things interesting. Most e-cig users get really into the different flavors, and find that menthol and tobacco actually are pretty boring when you have the option of cherry, vanilla,  coffee, and peppermint to choose from also.

When you smoked tobacco, if you had other options, would you have tried them? Probably, considering most people don’t try cigarettes for the first time and think “Wow! Tobacco tastes delicious!” Usually, it’s an acquired taste, and some people just end up hooked, lose their taste capacity, and just get used to the dry, bland flavor. Not saying everyone, but many people experience. There are those who truly do love the flavor right from the start, and in that light, there are those who are true tobacco connoisseurs, who end up with a passion for the rich, indulgent flavors of cigars and more complex types of cigarettes. For these folks, our e-cigarette flavors such as vanilla, and coffee flavors are really nice, because they add a similar sweetness and flavor variation. Also, for those who enjoy the gourmet tobacco smoked in trendy hookah bars, cherry flavor is pretty wonderful for the same flavor and effect.

We can’t say that every flavor will please every smoker, obviously, but we do offer enough of them to please everyone. Many e-cig brands are known for having pretty lame flavors, and a common complaint among users is that the flavors can be so bad that the products are not usable. We are very pleased to say we are not part of that demographic! We spent a vast amount of time when we were developing our flavors to ensure customer satisfaction and enjoyment. Our electronic cigarette cartridges are known to perform great and taste great too, making them perfect for the seasoned e-cig user, or anyone with discriminating taste!