E-Cig Cartridges VS Cigarettes

Electric cigarette cartridges come out on top every time, and in every way you can compare them to tobacco cigarettes. Why pay more for something that doesn’t last nearly as long, costs much more, and can potentially leave you with a chronic disease, lead to a fatal one, and shorten your lifespan? It’s amazing what a little cartridge can do!

1 e-cigarette cartridge comes out to 30 cigarettes, with average use. For some customers, that number can be more or less depending on their particular style of vaping. But either way, cartridges go much farther, reducing the carbon footprint, saving time, and saving you money.

Options: you have way more with Optima Cigs than possible with tobacco. You get to choose your flavor and nicotine strength, which is not the way cigarettes are sold. The majority of brands offer very limited choices when it comes to flavors and nicotine strengths, and even still, you are not getting pure nicotine. The tobacco in cigarettes obviously contains nicotine, but it also comes with thousands of other unwanted, unnecessary chemicals. Formaldehyde, arsenic, and cyanide a just a few of the common toxins found in cigarettes, among many others!

The savings are enormously evident, and worthy of even further discussion! Each cartridge individually comes out to less than a pack of cigarettes, and purchasing in bulk drops the prices even further. Sign up for the Cartridge Replenishment Program and your savings can include an additional 20%. For example, a 10-pack of cartridges costs $39.99, and is equal to 15 packs of cigarettes, and that comes out to spending $2.66 per pack. Far cheaper than you will spend for cigarettes anywhere!

So as you can see, e-cigs are the sensible choice in this competition! Traditional cigarettes can’t hang at all, and cartridges win in every category. More flavors, more options, more savings, and more convenience!

Super Bowl Sunday is Always Better With Electronic Cigarettes!

This Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday, everyone! America’s favorite sport culminates for another year, and we all celebrate one of our favorite holidays cheering for our favorite team and bidding farewell to another exciting and fun season of football. Super Bowl Parties are always a big deal, and there is nothing like loading up on wings, subs, and all kinds of other munchies as you watch the game go down! You know what goes perfect with all that great football grub, beer, and cocktails? E-cigarettes.

Nothing hampers a great get together like traditional cigarettes, and even if the shindig you’re hitting is being held outdoors, your smoke will most likely be unwelcome. E-cigs fix that, and you won’t be making anyone uncomfortable! If you’ll be at an indoor event, like most people in America due to it being freezing in most places, you won’t have to go outside to smoke, which is one of the biggest burdens of being a smoker. You’ll be free to enjoy the game from the comfort of your place on the couch, or at the bar or table, and you’ll be able to vape as much as you like. This is when an e-cig lanyard really comes in handy!

When you get really into the game is when you’ll probably want a cigarette the most. And even though you’ll be craving one if the game is on the wire, the last you’ll want to do is head out to smoke, risking missing any of it. And even commercial breaks are not worth missing during Super Bowl, because even the commercials are awesome and part of the whole shebang! Food, beer, football, and electronic cigarettes; it all equates to a really awesome time!

You see, regardless of the type of get together you’re attending, e-cigarettes are just more adaptable in social settings. Whatever kind of fun you’ve got going on, e-cigs make enjoying it easier and more fun. Haven’t you had enough of tobacco getting in the way of your good time? Happy Super Bowl, y’all, may the best team come out on top!



Addressing E-Cigarette Rumors

E-cigarettes have lots of things being said about them. Rumors get spoken about everything and everyone, and it’s always a sign of popularity. There are lots of myths floating around about electric cigarettes, and new users and those who are skeptical often don’t know what to believe!

So how do you know when something is true or not? Well, you have yo be able to look deeper into the situation. What isn’t being said? Was the information spoken by a truthful resource? Does it seem more than a little “off?” One way to decipher the truth from the fiction is to do some research. While the internet is filled with more than a few odd stories, you can also find a great deal of useful info too. So hopefully, by ending up on this page, this info will do you some good to be able to have the truth behind some of the most common e-cigarette myths.

1- Electronic cigarettes are bad for you.

Truth- E-cigs are not bad at all for you. While there hasn’t been the level of testing done to appease the FDA, there has been nothing that has come out to prove this. With millions of users, and nothing but positive and great experiences, it goes without saying that they are better than tobacco cigarettes. Definitely not bad for you.

2- E-Cigs are just as dangerous as traditional cigs.

Truth- No way! They are made without tobacco or any of the many chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. They give off no smoke, so you won’t be breathing that in, and those around you will not be affected by second hand smoke. No tar is left behind, and you breath in only water vapor and nicotine. Neither of which are dangerous.

3- E-cigarettes are known to explode when they are used.

Truth- Only when things are used incorrectly. Don’t mix different products from different companies and use in ways they do not suggest in the manuals. ALWAYS follow the instructions in the manuals you get from each company. Keep your e-cigarette accessories, cartridges, and related products separate brand by brand if you use more than one. Don’t mix liquids, other batteries, and parts where not recommended. It could get dangerous.

4- E-cigs are illegal in many places in the US.

Truth- No, they aren’t. As much as the FDA has tried to restrict and control their distribution, e-cigs are entirely legal for people of the legal smoking age, which is 18 in most states, and 19 in others.

5- You can’t use e-cigs in public.

Truth- Most of the time you can. While cigarettes are banned in most public places, e0cigs are not the same and do not cause the same hazards and unwanted effects.

6- E-cigarettes don’t have nicotine in them.

7- Truth- There are e-cigs available with and without nicotine. Your choice.

7- Most brands of e-cigarettes are not good.

Truth- Can’t speak for anyone else, but Optima Cigs are excellent!

8- All e-cigs taste bad.

Truth- Not all, and definitely not our’s.

9- Electronic cigs are made to be sold to teenagers and children.

Truth- Never. And totally illegal here in the States.

10- E-cigs contain anti-freeze.

Truth- Come on! Anti-freeze kills, and if any company wants to exist, prosper, sell and promote their product without a boat-load of lawsuits, they definitely will not be infusing their e-cigs with anti-freeze!

E-Cigarette Sales Are Soaring

E-cig sales are soaring. Those e-cigarette starter kits  are working their magic on the masses! They have been for years, but they just keep on getting bigger. Why? Because, simply, they are everything most smokers have wanted for years. They’ve been an outlet for many looking for a way out of their tobacco habits but are not ready to quit the nicotine outright. They have been great for smokers who want more control of their nicotine usage, and want to be able to decrease their intake slowly, without sending their systems into shock like suddenly quitting cigarettes is known to do. And, simply, they offer freedom, convenience, and tremendous savings, where tobacco cigarettes are expensive, unhealthy, inconvenient, and generally just a pain to use in public.

Tobacco companies have surely taken notice, as they have seen considerable sales declines as e-cigs continue to draw in those who want more from their cigarettes, as well as those who just want something that is healthier and safer to use. Cigarette sales have been on the decline for the past decade regardless, dropping 27% from 2000 to 2011, due to a change in health trends and the widespread limitations that plague smokers who want to enjoy cigarettes in public.

Electronic cigarette sales, on the contrary, are way up. 2012 saw sales of $300 million, and are on course to hit $1 billion in the coming years, according to estimates from Goldman Sachs. So great are the sales of e-cigs, Wells Fargo’s tobacco analyst has projected them to surpass the sales of tobacco cigarettes in only a small matter of time. The rapid growth and having been so embraced by the masses, the sales category is being likend to those such as Greek yogurt and energy drinks.

Electronic cigs are the future of smoking, to be blunt. Tobacco has no place any more with smokers who know they have the option to have the same feeling, with the same nicotine, at a lesser cost with e-cigarettes. Tobacco companies would not be acquiring electronic cigarette companies and getting on the movement themselves if they couldn’t see it just as well. The allure of smokeless cigarettes is simple: all the positives, none of the negatives, and overall just a simpler way to smoke.

Get Healthier With Vapor Cigs

The reasons to choose electronic cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes are many. All smokers know that tobacco and it’s smoke are unhealthy and quite frankly, dangerous. So much so, in fact, that many countries will only sell cigarette packs bearing graphic images of the destruction they cause. Photos of actual cancer-encrusted organs, photographic depictions of oral cancers, rotting gums and teeth, and images of hospitalized patients connected to numerous medical machines are the mainstay for many cigarette boxes in countries like the UK, Brazil, and Chile. Sometimes they get so explicit in depicting the harm tobacco smoke causes that they use images of babies born with defects because of mothers who smoked during pregnancy. Pretty crazy, right? Obviously this is done to really get into the heads of the smokers buying the cigarettes, who will maybe think twice about buying them, knowing full well the damage they can cause. Does it work? Most likely, but after a while it makes you wonder if it becomes kind of normal. I personally do not know if I could handle staring at such dramatic pictures every time I want some nicotine relief!

So how do you avoid getting spooked every time you stop into your local corner store for a pack of cigs? Don’t buy them! Use vapor cigarettes instead! We know for smokers it seems like it isn’t the same, and all of that, but really you don’t know what you’re missing… well besides staring at scary images of what your cigarettes can do to you! Isn’t going with a healthier choice a better idea?

The ways electronic cigarettes are the healthier choice all amount to the fact that they contain no tobacco, burn no plant matter, and therefore produce no smoke when you use them. There are no carcinogens because nothing is burning; in simple terms. Without smoke, there is no leftover residual tar to build up in the body, most notably the lungs, and there is no continuous exposure to harmful chemicals and carcinogens that can cause cancer, breathing issues, heart issues, and rot your teeth. I don’t know about you, but e-cigarette starter kits are the way to go. It’s like having your cake and eating it too, only without the calories or carcinogens!


Traditional Cigarettes or E-Cigarettes; Which do You Choose?

There are many smokers out there who doubt electronic cigarettes still. Even as popular as  the alternatives have gotten, there are still those who really aren’t up for switching. Even if it means saving money, being healthier, and having more convenience, some people are just not interested in e-cigarettes. If you had the choice, which would you choose? Here is a back to back comparison, of e-cigs to traditional cigs, showing how electronics top analog in every way!

Price: E-cigs cost much less than tobacco. There is practically no comparison on this one, because in some areas of the country cigarettes cost as much a $12 per pack, and the average hovers around $5, it’s a costly habit. E-cig cartridge refills cost about $2- $2.50 for the equivalent of a pack of cigs, savings of at least 50%. Don’t tell me you aren’t even intrigued if you are accustomed to your cigarette habit costing as much as $200 monthly!

Convenience: Cigarettes seem easy enough; get a pack at the convenience store or gas station, grab a lighter while you’re at it, pull out a cig, light it up, smoke it and toss. If you’re still smoking these, you don’t know what you’re missing and how much time you could be saving! Our Cartridge Replenishment Program will save you the time and hassle of having to remember to purchase cartridges, so they come to you when you request, automatically; so no stopping at the gas station or running out when you need them. When you want to vape, you take out your e-cig, you vape, and then you put it away. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home, you don’t have to do much of anything in terms of picking up after yourself. Extremely convenient!

Health: This one is of extreme importance. Who needs tobacco smoke and tar and all of those awful chemicals that come with the product? Absolutely no one! E-cigs don’t have any of those negatives, making them far healthier. Many studies have been done proving this.

Options: The options with e-cigs are plenty. The options with cigarettes are few. While the majority of quality e-cigarette brands are limited to the internet for purchasing, most people shop on the internet anyway because the prices are better. E-cigarette accessories, cases, chargers, starter kits offer far more versatility to users, and with all the limitations you have to deal with as a smoker, why would you bother with cigarettes if you didn’t have to. Just as an added bonus, e-cigs taste better anyway!


Why Do Celebrities Love E-Cigs?

Lots of celebrities have been choosing to smoke vapor cigarettes in the past few years. Many are really proud to flaunt their e-cigs publicly, and it’s not uncommon to find Robert Pattinson, Nikki Greene, Leonardo DiCaprio, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Jeremy Piven, and Katherine Heigl getting randomly photographed with their electronic cigarettes in use. This is proof that celebs are just like ordinary people, who want to overcome their use of tobacco cigarettes in favor of vapor. Here is a list of the reasons why stars have been quick to embrace using cigarette alternatives, and why they are working out to be so much better!

-They are the better way to smoke. Better for the health, better for their bodies, better for the planet. Have you noticed how many celebrities have been in support of the green movement? E-cigarettes are a total extension of that.

-Better for their looks. Tobacco smoke is very well known to negatively affect the skin and add years to one’s appearance, increasing wrinkles, dull the complexion, and stain the teeth unattractive shades of yellow. No one wants any of those things happening to them, especially people who are getting photographed at any given moment of every given day! While there are cosmetic remedies for everything, it’s always better to avoid them if you can. E-cigs are like preventative measures!

-Healthier, and since everyone in Hollywood is pretty obsessed with image, it’s just better to promote a healthier one. More energy and feeling better all around are some of the things users of electronic cigs have reported. The Hollywood lifestyle is all about being fit, tobacco just doesn’t fit in.

-More convenient to use everywhere. Movie sets, restaurants, clubs, socializing… e-cigarettes work in any of these situations. When you use them, you also need not be worried about what you smell like i addition to being self conscious about those around you not liking smoke. E-cigarette accessories let you enjoy far better mobility and enjoyment also! No lighters and no dropping ash are very nice indeed!

-They’re trendy, so using e-cigarettes automatically makes you cooler! Yes, vapor is the better way to go, and you will automatically be a cooler, more conscious person just by using them. While the stars are looking great with them, you can too!



Think You’ll Gain Weight When You Quit Smoking? Think Again!

There’s a misconception that exists: If you quit smoking, you’ll gain 15 lbs. Perhaps it isn’t so much of a misconception, as many, many people have reported this happening, however are you aware of all the things you can do to prevent this from happening when you decide to drop the cigarettes for good? No, you don’t have to take up working out at the gym 7 days a week, nor will you have to alter your eating habits to rabbit food only. Many e-cig users have reported no weight gain, or any negative body changes after switching, and while this has not been scientifically proven, it is encouragement to switch to vapor cigs!

Many people end up gaining weight, on average 15 lbs, some even more than that when they quit smoking cigarettes. There are a number of reasons for this, and each and every one can play a role in your post-tobacco figure. If you figure that cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals and toxins each, and your body is accustomed to spending energy and cell power in getting rid of them, when you quit you’ll suddenly have an excess of energy needing to spent elsewhere. An extra run or walk around the block wouldn’t hurt, and having the ability to concentrate on something other than missing cigarettes is a great thing too! Exercise is proven to up your body’s production of endorphins anyway, so those feel-good hormones are definitely will give you a much needed boost. And don’t think you have to hit the gym to exercise; just a 10-15 minute jog will do you good!

Some people replace their cigarette habits  with exaggerated eating habits, as in, instead of having cigarettes they eat. So if they’re used to 20 cigarettes a day, and then they start taking down 20 additional snacks, they really are not helping themselves out! I’m sure you see where this is going! So, when you quit smoking, do yourself a favor and do not look to replace the habit with yet another unhealthy habit. Switching to e-cigarettes will alleviate your need and desire for traditional tobacco cigarettes, provide some relief, and allow you to feel like you are smoking still. Think it’s about time to get an electronic cigarette starter kit? Your body will thank you!

Saving Money When You Switch to Vapor

One of the best parts of switching to vapor cigs is the benefit of saving money. Usually when you switch to something digital and healthier it’ll cost more than you want to spend but that is not the case with Optima Cigs. We are pretty proud to offer electronic cigarette alternatives that are equally high in quality and generous in savings. Here is a look at some of the awesome ways that our products can save you money when you switch over from tobacco. Just one more reason to love what vapor has to offer!

E-Cig Cartridges Refills: Our cartridges are designed to be equal to 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes, and the cost is less than $3 per pack, when was the last time you saw cigarette prices that low? Factor in the control you have over how much you use them, when and where you use them, and how much less you will spend in other ares to take care of your habit, the savings really add up! Most of our customers rave about this when the start using them. Cigarette prices have gotten pretty out of control, and most people are really excited to have it drastically reduced.

Cartridge Replenishment Program: Our Cartridge Replenishment Program has been designed to save you money when you sign up. Being on this program doesn’t cost anything, and enables you to receive your cartridges delivered to you when you want them monthly, or at the frequency of your choice. You receive 20% off the refills, and you get a lifetime warranty on all of your parts.

Vaping = Less Smoking: It’s true, when you vape, you often need less puffs to have the same experience as you would in smoking a whole cigarette. Many smokers usually feel like they have to smoke the whole cig, just because they feel they should waste it when they want only a couple of puffs. With e-cigarettes you vape as much or as little as you want without the guilt or waste. This allows you to save money, smoke less, and eventually cut your vaping down even more if you choose. Who doesn’t want more options, anyway?

Little Costs that Add Up: Lighters, ash trays, perfume, breath mints and gum. These little costs that you probably add into your weekly grocery totals are suddenly gone when you switch to e-cigarettes. You no longer need to cover your smoking tracks, because there is no smell, there is no ash or remaining trash when you vape. So in addition to being cleaner and simply more convenient to use, you get to eliminate these unnecessary expenses.



How Do Optima Cigs Work?

It seems a little odd when people first hear about electronic cigarettes, how this simulated aluminum device can recreate the experience of smoking, give you the nicotine you want, in a vapor format without any smoke or tobacco. Many wonder how this is possible and if it’s for real. Yes, e-cigs are definitely for real, and they are 100% satisfying. Millions upon millions of smokers would not be switching if that weren’t the case! So here is a look at how exactly Optima Cigs do their thing. How they work is rather easy, how they feel is simply amazing!

The first part of understanding how Optima’s e-cigs work is knowing that they are 2-piece e-cigs. In the world of electronic cigarettes, there are a multitude of different styles and designs, our’s consist of 2 main parts: the battery and the e-cigarette cartridge. The battery is the e-cig itself, it is the part that controls everything. It is small but powerful. Our lithium ion batteries have been engineered with the technology of SuperMax, and are known across the industry for having the best performance available. The cartridge is what contains the nicotine, as well as the atomizer, which is responsible for vaporizing the liquid nicotine solution contained within. The battery powers the atomizer by sending a “charge” of power, and a signal to the atomizer to heat the liquid, and release it. This highly technical, highly advanced battery holds a smart chip, that responds to the user’s inhale, allowing for a very realistic and very easy experience in vaping. The end of the battery is fitted with a real-looking lighted end, and when it is in use, it glows a beautiful neon blue. It works as an indicator, letting the user know it is working. Also, when the battery begins to dwindle in power, it will flash alerting that it needs to be charged.

So that pretty much sums up how our e-cigarettes work. While there is a great amount of technology behind these mighty little devices, they are quite easy and convenient to use. It’s quite amazing that just a puff will produce fantastic clouds of vapor, and a nicotine sensation exactly the same as a cigarette!