10 Ways Your Life Will Change When You Switch to E-Cigs

E-cigarettes are amazing. When users switch, the amount of beneficial occurrences that happen always astonish and delight them. We’ve heard so many positive stories, and have seen it first hand how e-cigs are seriously changing people’s lives. Here are 10 of the most common positive side effects of switching to vapor, in case you are wondering what you can expect if you take the plunge and try them out! All you have to lose is the smoke!

1. You’ll feel cleaner. In fact, everything will be cleaner because you will never have to deal with cigarette ash or cigarette smoke getting on everything, stinking it all up. You won’t smell like smoke, and you won’t have to be conscious of it.

2. You’ll look better. Seriously, though! Cigarettes wreak havoc on the appearance, dulling the skin and hair, staining teeth unattractively, and darkening the lips and gums. Tobacco stains big time, and your body will totally appreciate its absence!

3. You’ll save much more time. Who doesn’t need more time in the day? Cigarette breaks are much easier with vapor, plus you don’t have to smoke whole cigarettes anymore. Vape, inhale, exhale, put it away.

4. Your life will be more convenient, in so many ways! You can smoke practically anywhere now, with no mess to clean up after, and no smoke to limit your smoking location.

5. You’ll enjoy how much easier they are to smoke. Charging and changing out your e-cigarette cartridges is way easier and simpler than dealing with lighters and burning material!

6. You’ll be doing a little more for the planet by being greener. No pollution, no chemicals, and they’re reusable.

7. You’ll make those around you happy by not smoking. Family members, friends, neighbors; anyone in your daily life who is not a smoker will be very happy to not smell your smoke! Plus, those who love you will be thrilled you aren’t smoking any longer!

8. Traveling as an e-smoker will be way more enjoyable. Traveling when you’re a smoker can really be annoying, and sometimes make you an unwelcome tourist!

9. Running our of cigarettes at the least opportune time will be a thing of the past. The Cartridge Replenishment Program takes care of all that, making life even more convenient by keeping you stocked up properly.

10. Most importantly, you’ll be doing something amazingly positive for your health, and you’ll feel it! Many people, after switching to electronic cigarettes report feeling better overall, with more energy and better breathing after a while.

The Benefits of an Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

If you are curious about trying e-cigs, you may be wondering if a starter kit is totally necessary. For the cost of all those products, packaged neatly together, is it all worth it? Can’t you just get a battery, a charger, and some cartridges? Well, you sure can, but the benefits of a starter kit take care of everything for you. Plus, by having everything all set up together, you can often save money instead of buying each part and accessory one by one.

We offer three different e-cigarette starter kits. The Basic starter kit costs $29.99, when you sign up to the Cartridge Replenishment Program, and the amount of products you get for this low price is very, very nice. If you are a cigarette smoker who averages about a pack a day, chances are your weekly spending is way above the cost of this kit. In it you will get receive a battery, a USB charger, a Hard Pack storage case, and 5 cartridges. So, if you are concerned about price, you won’t be batting an eyelash at this one! Our next starter kit is the Premium Starter Kit. It varies from the Basic by containing one additional battery, which is something we always recommend to our customers as a very smart thing to have. It just allows for more convenience, and less of a chance of being stuck without your e-cig at any given time. The Optima Premium Plus Starter Kit offers all the upgrades you could possible want. It comes with 2 batteries, a USB charger, a vehicle charger, a wall charger, a Hard Pack case, and 10 cartridges.

Another beautiful thing about all of our starter kits is that they are quite affordable, and by joining our Cartridge Replenishment Program when you purchase you can save even more! If you aren’t in the know, this service is free to join and does not entail a contract. It saves you 20% on all of your future cartridges, and allows them to be shipped to you at the interval of your choice. It is the ultimate in savings and convenience!

How Different Are E-Cigs From Traditional Cigarettes?

Plenty of smokers are curious about e-cigarettes, but for many, the thought that it may be too different from what they are used to hinders their decision to try them. Change is a really hard thing for many people, but like so many things in life, you may find that once you jump in, the water isn’t so cold after all.

There are obvious differences between analog and electronic cigarettes, but when it comes down to the bare basics, you have a device you smoke, puff on, inhale and exhale, taste, and get nicotine from. All the most important aspects. How those results and sensations are received are where the differences come in. Yes, the after effects are the same, but e-cigs get you there without any of the nasty things you have to deal with from smoke. Sure, they do take the extra effort involved in charging batteries, and remembering to keep up with it, but charging batteries is very much simpler and easier than using lighters and cleaning up after yourself!

E-cigarettes are extremely simple to use, and they are able to be used nearly anywhere. They are sleek and very portable. You can use them in practically any public space very discreetly. You never have to be concerned about making the air smoky, and you never have to think about whether you or your breath smells like smoke. You never have to drop ash, discard butts, or think about the waste that happens if you only want one or two drags.

Traditional tobacco cigarettes are loaded with burdens, health risks, social stigma, and tons of inconveniences. Electronic cigarettes cut out all of the negatives and replace them with modern innovation, removing the smoke, the tobacco, the combustion, the cancer-causing chemicals. They simplify the whole endeavor, and provide a method that is so similar to the real experience that it’s entirely foolish for any smoker to continue smoking when they could be vaping! Is it time for you to give vaping a try with an e-cigarette starter kit?

Looking to Be a Little Greener? Choose E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes are the smarter choice when smoking, and they are the greener choice. Everyone is getting a little more conscious of their impact on the environment these days, and even when choosing your cigarettes the choice comes in to play. Why are e-cigs the healthier choice? Well, here is a list of reasons they are better on the environment than going for their tobacco counterparts!

-They are reusable. Cigarettes get used and tossed, used and tossed, used and tossed. It’s an endless cycle, and it is not good for the earth.

_E-cigs produce minimal waste, and they have a much longer life than cigarettes. For instance, a single e-cig cartridge goes for about the length of 2 packs of cigarettes.

-They do not encourage littering. Are you aware of just how much pollution cigarettes cause? They are one of the planet’s leading littler problems!

-They do not pollute the air. This means you aren’t adding to the smog, and you are not polluting the air for the people around you. Smoke is not good for the body, and tobacco smoke is especially awful to breath in. Tar is sticky, and it sticks around for a long, long time. It’s also carcinogenic, and full of toxins that will rest in your body, in your lungs, wherever it can settle.

-They are made of healthier, more natural ingredients. Better for your body, and better for the planet.

-Cigarette butts are not just a pollution problem in cities and the natural environment, they are a major threat to native animals, birds, and fish especially.

-Electronic cigarettes are much more sustainable, and they have no involvement in the mess that is tobacco farming.

Accessorizing with Your E-Cigarettes

One of the best things about electronic cigarettes are the availability of accessories. They may not be entirely necessary, but they are pretty darn wonderful for making things more convenient and more enjoyable. They save time and add to the pleasure. Here is a look at the different e-cigarette accessories we offer that can make your vaping even better!

E-Cigarette Batteries: In reality, you only need one, but having more is better. Some people like to have as many as four or five! It’s good to have backup, and it’s really nice to be able to have extras in places like your desk at work , your car, your bedside, you’re your bag, and anywhere you are using your e-cig. Some people find it especially helpful to keep extras with specific cartridge flavors because it saves the time of changing cartridges to use other flavors. There are two battery sizes we offer, giving you more options!

E-Cigarette Chargers: You need at least one charger, but more ups your ability to charge in more than one place. If you are using just a wall charger, it can be easy to forget it when you leave the house, and it can kind of big and bulky to use everywhere. Having other chargers is a great idea, and gives you more mobility and more versatility. We also carry a USB charger, and a car adapter, and both are highly recommended.

E-Cigarette Cases: E-cig cases are so great to have to stash all your stuff in. We have two of them: the Hard Pack Case, which is pretty similar to a regular cigarette pack, and the Compact Carry Case, which is a super sleek, super slim case that goes pretty much anywhere. Both of these cases are great for keeping in your bag, and always staying ready for anything. And they are both small enough to fit into your back pocket! You’ll always know where your gear is, and it will be perfectly protected.

The Lanyard: This accessory is great for when you need hands-free access to your e-cig. It lets you keep your e-cigarette handy and ready to be used whenever you need it. Concerts, clubbing, festivals, whatever you’re doing, you won’t have to worry about losing your e-cigarette with this baby!

Electric cigarette accessories: making life better for e-smokers! Like any digital products, it’s just nicer being able to accessorize!

Choosing Your Nicotine Strength

How do you choose a nicotine strength when smoking electric cigarettes? It may seem simple, and it generally is, but here is some info in case you are not sure. It’s always better to know before you buy, and it can help make your experience even better.

Optima Cigs come in four different strengths of nicotine in our cartridges: 18 mg, which is full strength, 12 mg which is equal to light, 6 mg comes out to ultra light, and 0 mg are nicotine free, and great for those who do not want nicotine and simply want to enjoy the experience of vaping.

Many people start vaping and expect to jump right into 0 mg carts, after coming from cigarettes. This works for some, but many people still want and need the nicotine that is comparable to their former cigarettes. If you smoked full strength cigaretts, 18 mg should be right for you. If lights were your thing, obviously lights at 12 mg would probably work out well for you. Ultra light smokers will be good with 6 mg cartridges, and if you wean down to 0, or feel like that’s all you want and need, go for nicotine free.

If you are interested in gradually lessening your nicotine intake, take it slowly. If you choose to be more aggressive about it, get yourself cartridges in all strengths and experiment with how you feel and how the different levels work for you. Because everyone really does have different preferences and comfort levels, find out what works for you. Some people start vaping with 18 mg e-cig cartridges, and never feel the need to drop it down. Some people are able to start out with 0 mgs, enjoy the vapor, flavor and sensation of vaping and be fine with never having nicotine. It all depends on you!

Ways We Save You Money!

Better for your health, better for the environment, you know how it goes with e-cigarettes. Another big reason people love them: money. As in, saving money. In very noticeable, very considerable amounts. Think about your cigarette habit and how much it costs you, both directly and indirectly.

A single pack of cigs goes for about $7, in most places, and over $10 in select locales. And if this costs you between $35-$70 weekly, you’re spending way too much. If you get sick more often, if you own life insurance, if you use perfume or colone to mask your smokey smell, if you use gum and mints after you smoke, lighters, and all the things you need to keep up your smoke habit; it all adds up and reaches into your bank account. When you use e-cigs  which come out to around $2 to the equivalent of a pack, those savings are right from the start. Then consider all the costs that get cut out, because there is no smoke, anything you use to get rid of it and cover it, like (additional) mints and (additional) perfume, is no longer necessary.

Other ways we save you money are all the benefits that come with being a member of our Cartridge Replenishment Program. This simple service comes with no contract, fees or obligation; all you do is sign up and set your preferences. If you want to stop the service, you simply cancel it. By being a member, you receive 20% off the price of your cartridge refills every month, and get to live with the convenience of having your preferred amount of cartridges delivered to you without needing to reorder each time. Is 20% off worth the couple minutes it takes to sign up? Another great benefit of being a part of this service is the lifetime warranty you get, and let me tell you that it always comes in handy!

Saving money is a priority to most people, and at Optima, we give you plenty of reason to do so and enjoy your vaping!

Tell Me About Your E-Cig

Because electronic cigarettes are relatively a novel, new product, if you are using yours in public, do not be surprised if you start getting a lot of questions from curious onlookers.

Some of the common questions you can expect from people will be something like “how did you get started?” and “do they work?” By all means, give them the lowdown! Others are going to be interested in the brand you’re using, as well as specific question regarding the performance and the long term cost. For many smokers who are curious about using electronic cigarettes, actually seeing someone using them can make a big difference. While they may be reluctant to just outright try a company after reading about them online, seeing it for themselves is much more important because it validates them. Getting direct  feed back from someone is always good when you are interested in something and are still unsure about it. Think about it: plenty of people have started using e-cigs after seeing celebrities using them, endorsing them, and talking about how they’ve been awesome for them personally.

Do not be surprised if you get questions from other e-cig users also. There is a massive amount of variety around when it comes to e-cigarettes, and everyone knows there are more than enough lesser quality brands. When most people start out using vapor cigs, it can take some time and research to find a great brand. If you seem to be having a great experience, you’ll get questions! And even if you are comfortable with what brand you are using, wouldn’t you be tempted to try another if the results are seeming to be better than your’s? Better e-cig batteries , better vapor, better flavors, better prices; these are all things that add up big time to e-cig users and prospective users alike. Don’t take it as a bad thing if you get a lot of questions; be proud you are inspiring others to think and do things differently. Hey, you never know, you may be changing someone’s life!

Vapor Love is in the Air

You know what the best present you could possibly give for Valentine’s Day is? Electronic cigarettes. Starter kits, e-cig accessories, gift certificates to a favorite e-cig shop; anything to help the smoker in your life live life more fully. The usual gifts get bland after a while anyway. The gift of modern, smoke-free smoking is unique and quite possibly, life altering. If you smoke, wouldn’t you be tickled to get a package of e-cigarette on V-Day?

For any smoker in your life, not just your significant other, e-cigarettes make a great present. A parent, a relative, sibling, anyone you know who smokes would benefit from using e-cigs. And Valentine’s Day is basically a universal day of love, not restricted just to lovers!

If you are trying to woo a certain love interest and you know they smoke, giving a starter kit could be a real deal maker. A practical object with a whole lot of thought behind it can do a lot to show your feelings. Benefiting them with a healthier lifestyle, and helping them to get beyond something like smoking is a priceless gift!

If you and your partner smoke, why not get two starter kits and make this Valentine’s Day the most romantic ever? Making the decision to live better and healthier together is like making a promise to each other that you want the best for each other, and you want to make sure that person is taken care of in the long run.

Think alternative cigarettes can’t possibly be romantic? Think again! There’s nothing sexier than showing your love. This Valentine’s Day, let e-cigs enhance your day of love! E-cigs always make any good time even better, and they make the perfect gift!