Thinking About Smokeless Tobacco? Vapor Cigs Are Still the Better Choice

If you are a smoker, and think smokeless tobacco is the way to go if you want to go smokeless, think again. Tobacco is tobacco, however you use it, and there is no “safe” or “healthy” version of it. If you’re looking for a smokeless alternative, stick with e-cigarettes.

Some people get on the smokeless tobacco bandwagon when trying to quit smoking, hoping for a transitional product to help them ease off the cigarettes. Problem with this is, is that there is no proof that smokeless tobacco actually helps, and being such an addictive substance, it can make the transition more difficult. If this is the situation you are in, you may want to consider e-cigs as well. They are not proven to do anything for those who want to quit smoking, but they are a fantastic alternative that allows for nicotine consumption with none of the drawbacks. E-cigarette users love the convenience of being able to control their usage with different nicotine cartridges, rather than being controlled by cigarettes.

Smokeless tobacco is a whole other monster, and while smokers may have the impression that it’s safer because it produces no smoke or carbon monoxide, it is still chock full of carcinogens. It can be more addictive and even more harmful than smoking. While it most likely won’t destroy your lungs with lung cancer, it can quickly give you cancers of the mouth, tongue, face, esophagus, pancreas, and throat. It also ups your chances of fatal heart attacks and strokes. Lovely, right? It can also give you gum disease and destroy your teeth, and making your pretty face not so pretty anymore. Sure you get your nicotine fix, but is it worth it?

No! It really isn’t. Why use a product so dangerous it should be illegal? E-cigarettes offer you all the compromise you could want. You can have your nicotine, at your preferred level, in your desired flavor, without any smoke or tobacco. E-cigs also happen to be drastically less expensive, and they are much more convenient than any type of tobacco product.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go… Enjoying Your E-Cigs in Public

Smokers know all about discrimination and not being able to enjoy their habit in the company of others. In the defense of nonsmokers, it is true that cigarettes are foul, they produce harmful smoke and expose others to a situation they may not be comfortable with, and at their least, they just smell bad. In recent years, cigarettes have become so taboo, and so restricted that there are not many places you really can smoker them without consequence. Almost always smokers are relegated to smoking outdoors, and often in designated areas. Smoking tobacco cigarettes is just not convenient anymore!

Having the ability to actually enjoy their smoking is one of the many reasons smokers love e-cigarettes so much. The lack of limitations, and the free range to vape at their heart’s content really accounts for so much freedom.

Imagine being able to smoke:

-At a restaurant, bar, or nightclub. Always on the go? Make sure you have an Optima Hard Pack Case to stay ready and organized.

-In your home, in your bed, on your couch, at the dinner table.

-When shopping.

-Using public transit; trains, buses, taxis are all fair game when smoking vapor.

-In the car. Can you imagine long drives, commutes, or rod trips without being able to smoke while you are bored and/ or stressed? Using smokeless e-cigs in the car is awesome because you won’t be making the car a disgusting smoke-filled vessel. Your upholstery won’t reek of smoke, and you won’t run the risk of burning anything. cigarette holes in your seats are never attractive!

-At your desk at work.

-In the break-room at your job.

-At family get togethers.

-At your smoke-free college campus.

-At the beach, park, or anywhere outdoors in nature where smoking would be unacceptable. Especially considering that littering outdoors is very much frowned upon.

-At the airport, as you wait for your flight to board. Especially nice when you have layovers, and delays. Heading outside to smoke is never enjoyable!

-Just about anywhere you feel like it! Very few places have rules on not allowing you to use e-cigarettes, but they are few and far in between. You can’t vape on an airplane due to strict government regulations, but otherwise vapor is not harmful, not offensive, and able to be used as you like!


E-Cigarettes VS Tobacco Cigarettes

E-cigarettes are not cessation devices, but that does not stop smokers from using them in such a way, or switching to them outright entirely. If a smoker were to be torn between the two, knowing they could have the same end result, the same pleasurable feeling while smoking, and afterwards have none of the negative effects, or longterm ills, what do you think they would choose? As e-cigs become more popular, and their presence is solidified as a serious option, smokers are choosing vapor over smoke in really high numbers. Such high numbers in fact that cigarette companies are bracing. Never before have they been faced with such dramatic anti-smoking campaigns in addition to having competition from alternatives that smokers actually embraced. They are holding on for dear life!

So with the recent bills being proposed across the country, attempting to have electronic cigarettes taxed in the same way that traditional cigarettes are, e-cig users are pretty upset. These bills run under the premise of regulating the industry, ensuring that minors are not able to purchase any nicotine products, but that is the least of the concerns to users of vapor cigarettes. It is generally difficult for those under 18 to purchase e-cigarettes, and they are certainly not marketed towards that age group. Advocates for e-cigs feel that their rights are being imposed upon, and that these products are not tobacco, they should not be considered the same. Traditional cigarettes are greatly dangerous, and e-cigarettes, despite not having FDA approval, are much safer. How electronic cigarettes work is with liquid nicotine, produce a clean vapor, and cause no combustion. They produce no smoke, and leave no tar behind. In those instances alone they are automatically healthier than traditional cigarettes.

Bills like these aim to have retailers of electronic cigarettes licensed as  Grouping e-cigarettes in the same category as cigarettes, and forcing vapor shops to purchase exclusively from tobacco companies selling e-cigarettes is simply wrong and just another way to give the business back to the failings of the tobacco industry. It also takes control away from users as well as shop owners, who have to rely on which brands they are permitted to carry. The tobacco industry has lost millions of dependent people, and therefore millions (if not billions) of dollars in sales, both to death as well as e-cigarettes; they are obviously willing to do what it takes to stay in the market. Several large e-cigarette companies have been bought out by large tobacco magnates, but that should not be a factor interfering with e-smokers’ options and rights to choose the brand of their choice.

Enjoying St. Patrick’s Day with Electronic Cigarettes

St. Patrick’s Day always seems to bring out the Irish in us all! There are always great parties for it, and wearing green to get into the festivities  makes it all the more merrier! Like any celebration, it’s always better when you are an e-smoker. Heck, you can even be vaping with menthol e-cig cartridges for an authentic, “green” feel! Here are all the ways e-cigs can make the party go even better, however you celebrate St. Patty’s!

-St. Patrick’s Day Parades: large groups of people, hanging out together in public, being wary of people of all ages, including children an elderly, why bring cigarettes into the mix? You won’t have to worry about burning anyone with a lit cigarette, or have to be conscious of smoke bothering those around you when you’re using e-cigarettes. The vapor has no smell to it whatsoever, and there is nothing harmful at all in it. Enjoy your parade in peace!

-Bar Parties: Everyone loves to hit their local Irish pub, or bar throwing a St. Patty’s Day fiasco, and electronic cigarettes will lessen your limitations. Socializing in general is way better with e-cigs, and you never have to deal with getting out of the building to enjoy your cigarette. What smoker does not love having a cig while they throw back a few cold ones? During a party, when your adrenaline is in full throttle, and you are enjoying the moment, having your nicotine (electronic cigarette) with you, wherever you are with total convenience is the way to go!

-House Parties: If you are at a house party, same goes as if you were at a public party in a bar. The only difference is, if you are at a friend or family member’s home, the last thing you want to do is offend others around you, or be a nuisance littering your cigarette butts in their yard, or roosting out front with a cigarette all night.

Whatever you got going on, when it comes to getting down and having fun, it’s done better with e-cigarettes instead of traditionals. St Patrick’s Day is no different, so we hope your’s is happy, and full of delicious vapor!

Tobacco Over the Years: How Things Are Different Today

The times have certainly changed on the subject of tobacco. What was once a cool and glamorous pastime evolved into a dangerous, deadly, disease-causing nuisance that put out youth at risk. How did traditional cigarettes go from being the epitome of fashionable to being just more disgusting trash polluting up the environment? E-cigarettes are giving smokers choices never before possible with tobacco, and the tobacco industry is surely feeling the heat!

Tobacco has been used for centuries. The Native Americans used various types of tobacco for smoking and rituals long before settlement from Europeans happened. It was introduced to the Europeans smoked in peace pipes, and they in turn, introduced it to Europe, whose fascination with it took off from then! The far-reaching demand for cigarettes and tobacco only increased, and as a trade item, tobacco literally helped develop the United States into a nation of prosperity, before being surpassed by the cotton industry. After the Civil War, things changed even further once James Bonsack invented a machine that created automatic cigarette production.

In the last decade of the 20th century, the vendetta against cigarettes was going full force. The age of smoking teenagers and young people had reached its hilt, and the advocacy groups had had enough. While musicians, actors, and models were still being seen in gossip pages with lit cigarettes, the social changes were happening. Less teens began picking up the habit, and more adults started quitting. In the 1980′s, legislation changed the way cigarettes were marketed. Prior, they had been featured prominently on television, in magazines, and in billboards for all the world to see. Instead, they were replaced by anti-smoking campaigns, encouraging the youth to not pick up the habit and start smoking.

In the 20th century, more than 100 million people lost their lives due to tobacco use. This figure is a worldwide estimate from the WHO, and it is too large to ignore. Surely you know someone, perhaps someone close to you who has died because of the effects of smoking cigarettes. E-cigarettes are changing the game in drastic ways because smokers are realizing they do have options, and very good reasons to switch to e-cigs. While they can still have nicotine, they are no longer exposed to tar and smoke, as well as all the other cancer causing chemicals cigarettes are laden with. And while you can argue against nicotine, having the control to change your level whenever you wish is far more than cigarettes ever offered.

If you are in this boat, and looking for a serious alternative to tobacco cigarettes, try an electronic cigarette starter kit! You’ve got nothing to lose but the smoke!

Why Companies Are Less Likely to Hire Smokers

Smokers can be a costly population, and hiring companies have definitely taken notice. If you are looking for a new job, it may really be in your best interest to drop the cigarettes for good! Electronic cigarettes are here to stay, and here to help!

There is a long list of reasons why companies are avoiding cigarette smokers, and with more and more people quitting, if they’d prefer to hire nonsmokers the odds are in their favor. Smokers are high maintenance, and they often need more breaks, which comes out to more wasted time. They tend to miss more work due to illness, because smoking can exacerbate the symptoms of ordinary colds and flus, as well as further agitate things like allergies and asthma. Getting sick more often than nonsmokers can also mean they cost more to insure with health insurance and life insurance, and most companies are looking to cut costs, not increase them unnecessarily.

They can be a social nuisance to nonsmokers; just another area where nonsmokers get the upper hand. Smokers have a habit of smelling bad, even if they frequently use perfume, and those who don’t smoke usually want nothing to do with it. Most companies have strict hygiene policies, so it’s about courtesy.

Cigarette smoking can give a company a bad reputation. Most people and companies are going the more health-conscious route these days, and smokers do not add to that image; they do the opposite. You can make your company look bad by being an ambassador for smoking, and it may not be a risk they want to take. It is not unusual for companies to have guidelines for where and when smokers can smoke cigarettes, but many want to avoid it all together.

Don’t fret though, because e-cigs can really make a big difference with this transition, and allow you to still have some satisfaction and comfort while you switch. If you have your eyes set on a company who has a zero tolerance level for employees even having nicotine in their systems, you may want to give 0 nicotine cartridges a try! There is better time than the present to improve your life, get an e-cigarette starter kit today!

Let’s Talk About E-Cig Flavors

Flavor accounts for a whole lot with e-cigarettes. If you’ve done your research, you know good and well that there are plenty of variances across the market, with many falling on the less than positive end. Not every flavor is going to please ever e-smoker, that’s a given, but having well developed flavors is entirely essential!

Why are Optima’s e-cigarette flavors great? Because many hours of thought and consideration went in to creating them. They have been made to appeal to smokers, keeping in mind how flavors should taste, especially in regard to traditional flavors like tobacco and menthol. Even if your other flavors fall into the gray area of “depends on the person” you just can’t mess with tobacco and menthol! The level of vapor is also superior to all others out there, and having a powerful vapor ensures that the user will get the most out of their e-cig, both when it comes to nicotine and flavor. Optima offers five different flavors: Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Coffee, and Cherry. Tobacco and Menthol are obviously the most sought after, but there are many smokers who love the sweet, aromatic, and rich flavors that come with the other options. Most users really enjoy having a few flavors on rotation, and this allows them choose their preference as they wish, because unlike the monotony of traditional cigarettes, having the freedom to play around with your flavor can be quite enjoyable!

Why so many flavor options? Because with thousands upon thousands of smokers, you can’t possibly please everyone all the time. But having more flavors means you’ll be able to please more people than not! For new users, the Cartridge Sampler Pack is the perfect thing in the beginning because it comes with cartridges in all five flavors. This lets them try them all unbiasedly, and makes it easier in the future when reordering; they will surely know what they want because they’re tried them all!



What You Need to Know About E-Cigarette Batteries

There are lots of options in the electronic cigarette market, especially when it comes to batteries. They come in all shapes and sizes, and with loads of different features. So, what makes Optima Cig’s e-cigarette batteries the best? Oh, where to begin! Between the advanced technology, the elegant design, and great performance, they offer everything an e-cigarete user could want!

Optima batteries were made for long lasting usage, and very long battery life. They were made to handle the needs of the heaviest smokers, for the ultimate in satisfaction. They are built with lithium ion technology for the best performance. Batteries charge to full power in one hour, and the High-Capacity lasta from 500-600 puffs, while the Mini lasts about 300-350 puffs. You can expect great amounts of vapor, and a smooth, smoke-like throat hit!

Optima Cigs batteries come in two sizes: High-Capacity and Mini, and when you’ve used both, you’ll see how useful having two sizes can be! The Mini is pretty comparable to what you are probably used to with traditional cigarettes, it is smaller, slimmer, and lighter in the hand. The High-Capacity battery is made with the same technology, only it lasts longer and it more powerful. Versatility is a beautiful thing!

On one end of the battery is an LED crystal that works as an indicator for the user, letting them know when they need to charge the battery by flashing. It also gives the e-cig a realistic, cigarette-like appearance by lighting up with every puff the user makes.

Using these e-cigarette batteries is extremely simple. Every detail has been made to ensure they as similar to cigarettes as possible, and they are just as satisfying. When you vape, all you have to do is puff on the mouth end, and that activates the battery to turn on. This also activates the atomizer, which then gets the vapor going. Optima’s users are always impressed by the level of our vapor, in thickness as wel as consistency! One tip for getting your battery to produce at an optimal level is to prime the e-cigarette when you use a new cartridge. It’s really simple; all you have to do is take a really long inhale on your first puff and your vapor will be set!


When You Start Smoking Electronic Cigarettes

When you start smoking e-cigarettes, you may be surprised by some of the things that come up. Here are some tips to keep in mind, to help make the transition smooth and successful. Leaving tobacco cigarettes behind can be a challenge, but if you prepare mindfully it can be done smoothly!

Don’t be harsh on yourself. Stressing is bad, and it only makes thing more complicated. The harder you are on yourself, the more challenging it’s going to be. Cigarettes are one of the hardest things to stop using, and many people take the habit to their graves. If you associate the switch being a negative thing, you will not see it as a positive. Learn to enjoy vaping and using electronic cigarettes.

Don’t have rigid expectations. Don’t give yourself an unreasonable timetable to switch by.  Clinging to predisposed ideas can get you into trouble in any area in life. Switching to e-cigarettes may go over really easy, or it may be more difficult than you imagined, but regardless, it will be easier to do without stressing yourself out.

Allow yourself flexibility. Things aren’t always going to go as planned, and they are not always going to be easy for everyone. If you are flexible when you start the switch, and don’t get stuck on one particular mindset, it will be much easier. If millions of others have done this successfully, there’s no reason you can’t!

Experiment. It’s never a bad thing to try different things, different flavors, and different nicotine strengths to find what suits you perfectly. E-cigarette accessories are one of the most awesome things about using e-cigs, and they really can help make the experience your own.

Learn as much as possible, the world of vapor cigs presents so many options for users. Don’t settle for the first product to come your way. The more knowledge you have, the better decisions you’ll be able to make. If you are committed to the longterm goal, you’ll be able to do it comfortably if you are well informed.