Getting Down in Public with Your E-Cigs

Using your electronic cigarettes in public can be really fun! For some, being able to smoke again, after dealing with smoking bans, can be thrilling and almost even like breaking a taboo! Forget about shying away, trying not to get noticed, or having to smoke in a “designated” area, rock that e-cig, and enjoy it to the fullest!

Shopping: I’ve seen people vaping away in the supermarket, like it was no big deal! Take them to the mall, markets, or anyplace you may be shopping, and you will have no problems!

Dining: Smoking and eating and drinking go hand in hand. When they’re out, many smokers are even more inclined to puff, and electronic cigarettes makes this oh so nice! The freedom of using them any place you want is certainly one of the best perks that come with switching to vapor!

Sporting Events & Concerts: You know that one chain-smoking guy or gal, sitting in front of a whole bunch of nonsmokers at an event like a ballgame or a concert, who consistently gets asked to stop smoking because no one cares for their smoke? Don’t be that guy! With e-cigs, you enjoy them as much as you want without bothering anyone! It’s way more courteous to socialize without tobacco, and even in huge social settings, electronic cigs are the perfect thing to have with you… for your enjoyment and everyone else’s!

Parks: Getting outdoors is so enjoyable, and being inside too much can give anyone cabin fever. When you hit a park, you won’t have to be self-conscious using your vapor cigs. If you get any questions, explaining that their electronic is sure to soothe the fears of nonsmokers who think you may be up to no good littering!

Wherever you’re at, and whatever you’re doing, don’t forget about your e-cigs! And just to make things even more convenient for you, be sure to check out all of our e-cigarette accessories, which can make vaping on the fly and vaping around town much easier!




Summer is Approaching, Do You Know Where Your E-Cigs Are?

Summertime is an amazing excuse to simply enjoy the weather. Things tend to slow down and get busy all at once, with vacations, hanging out with friends, going to shows, and enjoying the seasonal offerings from Mother Nature can really pack a schedule full of relaxation! However, you know how it goes when you smoke; even when it is tolerated in outdoor public places, it can still feel inappropriate. And even if you are doing things of a leisurely nature, smoking cigarettes can still be a major deterrent. No one likes being an inconvenience or an annoyance to others, especially when you know they are there to enjoy the same pleasures you are. E-cigarettes allow you to be kind and still savor the enjoyment of your nicotine, wherever you go.

Hanging out with your favorite people, sipping cocktails, watching the sunset, and appreciating that the temperatures are warm are some of the best things about the year’s most fun season. Depending on where you live, events like outdoor festivals, art markets, farmers markets, concerts, and straight up hanging out under the stars are some of the finest things to do during the summer, and when you have the ability to enjoy things even further with your e-cigarettes, things go even nicer. Make sure you have extra batteries, extra e-cig cartridges, and extra chargers like a car adapter and/or USB charger to keep your batteries ready for use when you’re not at home. As a bonus, make sure you are stocked with summertime flavors like cherry, vanilla, and the extra-cool menthol!

There’s just something about the summer that makes people crave getting outdoors. Even if it’s hot and steamy, and you end up getting a little sweaty, the freedom and ease of movement are incomparable simple pleasures! Hiking, camping, biking in the park, hitting up your favorite watering hole or beach to cool off, feeling the warm air on your skin is one of summer’s greatest perks! Make sure you have a carrying case, and an e-cig lanyard to stay organized and ready at a moment’s notice! A lanyard is perfect for hands-free, pocket-free vaping!

Summertime is almost here, and for many it has arrived already! Long days, balmy nights, partying with good people, and lots of time spent outdoors make summer the ultimate season for fun! And what goes better with fun than electronic cigarettes? This summer, make it the best one yet. Live it up, have a blast, make memories to last forever, and enjoy it all with your e-cig in hand!

E-Cigarettes and Sporting Events

The NBA Post Season has gotten off to a pumping start, and the action is on! Between the Miami Heat and the San Antonia Spurs, we don’t know who is going to be bringing home the ring, but we sure are keeping up with the action. And while we do, you know we’ve got our Optima Cigs out and ready! Did you know that electronic cigarettes are so much more fun to use while enjoying a game? Here are all the ways they make sports more fun, and just another reason why you should be switching to vapor if you’re still lighting up with tobacco!

Getting together with others, and enjoying sporting events is awesome, but if you’re a smoker, you’re probably all too familiar with the limitations presented by your habit. If you’re open to vaping, it can make enjoying sports events, and being around others a pleasure, instead of a burden. Plus, with smoking bans happening left and right, using e-cigs can make it much more pleasurable. Add in the convenience of e-cigarette accessories, your enjoyment is pretty much guaranteed.

Factor in how pleasurable alternative cigarettes are to use, there is no reason to bother yourself, or your love of sports over nicotine again! When vaping, you never have to deal with lighters or ash trays; there is nothing to get rid of as you use them, and there is no smoke you need to be self conscious about.

Sports are really popular, and they tend to draw large crowds. Whether you enjoy the game at the arena, or gather with people at a bar or restaurant, or perhaps a viewing party in a friend’s place, people love getting together to cheer on their team. That’s one of the beautiful things about sports; they really bring people together. People may not have anything in common whatsoever in their daily lives, but gathered at a bar to celebrate their team being in the finals can be a meeting of the minds!  May the best team win during the 2013 NBA Post Season!




Celebrate Father’s Day with Optima Cigs!

Father’s Day is right around the corner, do you know what to get your pops yet? If he’s a smoker, blow his mind with an electronic cigarette starter kit! It’s never too late to try something new, and introducing your dad to vapor smoking with a starter kit is the perfect way to do it.

Optima Cigs offer three starter kits, so you’re sure to find the right fit for your dad. In addition to the products in the kits, you also get to choose the flavor of the cartridges, and which nicotine strength will be suiting. Electronic cigarette starter kits vary in price based on accessories and the amount of products in them, so if your dad is the type to enjoy products that enhance convenience, get one with more accessories. If he’s more low-key, go for one with just the basics. Don’t know where he’ll stand? Go for the kit in the middle, offering a little of everything.

Furthermore, if you go the extra distance and sign him up for the Cartridge Replenishment Program, you can get all of our starter kits at reduced prices. This makes it an even sweeter deal, giving dad the gift of e-cigarettes, affordable cartridge refills, and not spending a whole lot to get it done!

So why go for a starter kit as a Father’s Day gift? Because your dad deserves the best quality of life! Smoke, tar, ash, and all the negatives attributes that come along with tobacco are not necessary when he wants to indulge in the experience of smoking and nicotine.

Even if your dad has never expressed any interest in electronic cigarettes, demonstrating your affection and caring thoughts with them lets him know that he means so much to you. Letting him know you want the very best for him, and that you want him to be around for as long as possible is as kind as thoughts go, without getting all warm and mushy about it.