All You Need to Know About Flavor Cartridges

For people new to electronic cigarettes, the whole cartridge thing might be a tad bit overwhelming. Different nicotine strengths to choose, different flavors, how do you connect them, how do you know when they’re finished? All these questions are usually asked in the beginning, and while it’s a whole different set up than using traditional smokes, once you get the hang of it, and see how it’s done, it’s really no big deal at all. Using e-cigarette cartridges is simple, and can really make vaping much easier than tobacco cigs.

Our exceptional technology has created a design that produces a very large amount of vapor, which is what you see coming out, and what gets inhaled when the e-cigarette is used. The vapor carries the nicotine, and the mechanism behind this function is the atomizer. Less advanced models of electronic cigarettes have a separate atomizer, making them 3-piece models. These are known to have a very poor vapor production, and the atomizers are notorious for breaking very quickly. With a 2-piece model, such as ours, with atomizers built into the cartridge, you get a new atomizer in every cartridge. The draw is smoother, the vapor is bigger, and the all around performance is much better. Cartridges are screwed onto the e-cig battery, very simply, and you know a cartridge is finished when it no longer is producing a vapor. A single cartridge is equivalent to about 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes.

When it comes to choosing strengths of your nicotine, think about what satisfies you and what you’re used to with cigarettes. We offer four different strengths: 18mg: Full, 12mg: Light, 6mg: Ultra Light, and Omg: Nicotine-Free, and they are made to be equivalent to what smokers are accustomed to with cigarettes.

Why 5 flavor choices? Don’t most cigarette smokers go for either classic tobacco flavors or menthol? Well yeah, but you’d be surprised how adventurous e-smokers are! Tobacco and menthol are not your only options, and ours are sensational if I do say so myself! Cherry, vanilla, coffee are really amazing, and just wait till you try them in your e-cig. We don’t all like the same things, and we don’t always want the same things. What flavor I like in the morning with my coffee may be very different from what I want at 3pm, in my mid-day-slump, you know? And my flavor preferences may be totally different than yours across the board. And if variety is the spice of life, you see why Optima Cigs offers so many different options!

Don’t know which to start with on your first Optima order? Go with the Sampler Pack. Try them all, give them all a go, and see what works for you!

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