Traveling Far and Wide with Electronic Cigarettes

One of the many benefits to using e-cigs are all of the many conveniences. They range from the everyday little extras that make life a little easier, and to the other extreme of making extraordinary experiences even better. They aren’t just a quick fix; they are part of a lifestyle, that puts you at the center. No matter what it is that you are doing, if you are a smoker you are probably used to the burdens and restrictions. If you are traveling, these inconveniences get multiplied and being out of your element can really put a hindering on your smoking.

Smoking isn’t acceptable everywhere, and some places may be even less tolerant than where you’re from. In major American cities like San Francisco and New York, smoking is totally looked down upon. You can’t smoke indoors nearly anywhere, and even doing it outdoors will conjure some funny looks from passersby nowadays. Internationally may be a difference scenario altogether, but there are hundreds of hotels all over the world that do not allow guests to smoke indoors.

So what’s a smoker to do? Well, for a little “compare and contrast,” if you are a smoker, you may want to consider using e-cigs next time you are going to be traveling because they are a no-stress way to still get your nicotine fix. For those who are already vapor smokers, don’t even dream about ditching the e-smokes when you jet out of town, thinking disposables may be a better choice. While cigarettes seem easy enough; you pop into a shop, buy a pack, stuff it in your pocket and get on with your day, smoking when you want, e-cigarettes don’t require you to light them, deal with ash and remaining butts in terms of litter, they can be used nearly anywhere, except on airplanes, (but you can use them in terminals and at airports), they can be smoked indoors without setting off smoke alarms or alarming hotel staff that you are breaking rules, in taxis, on tours, in bars, in restaurants, in public places, on beaches… practically anywhere in the world you want! Plus, with the many convenient electronic cigarette accessories we offer, there are no limits to how versatile they can be. If you are hopping on a plane, a train, a bus, a cruise ship, yacht, or will be road-tripping the highways, let electronic cigarettes be your source of nicotine! They are much better travelers than tobacco cigarettes have everĀ been!

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