What’s In a Warranty?

Warranties are always great when it comes to products that are susceptible to breaking or encountering any kind of damage. Would you really feel comfortable trusting an e-cigarette company that did not offer some sort of warranty on their products?

This is why Optima Cigs offers one of the best warranties out there for our products: a lifetime warranty! The best thing about it is that is free! That’s right, FREE when you are a member of our Cartridge Replenishment Program, which is a free service we offer. We proudly stand behind every one of our products, and we understand entirely that when it comes to any kind of electronic product, things happen. And, eventually they may get to a point where they just do not work anymore. Having a warranty is like having insurance on your goods, and if something isn’t working it’s really nice to know the company will back you up!

Our warranty guarantees the lifetime of your product, however it is subject to normal use… so if your’s explodes due to using some homemade e-liquid juice recipe you found on the internet and involves lighter fluid and turpentine, I doubt it will be eligible! However, should your e-cigarette battery, for example, decide to just stop working, or it somehow begins to malfunction, call up customer service or shoot them an email, and let them know your deal. Things will get handled in a timely and convenient matter, and your item will be replaced for free.

The warranty is a really incredible part of being a member of our Cartridge Replenishment Program, however it’s not the only perk. This service entitles you to automatic shipments of your refills, at the interval of your choice. You can change your dates and quantities whenever you want, because it is meant to serve your personal needs! Our cartridges are pretty affordably priced, however on the Cartridge Replenishment they are priced at 20% off, so whenever you reorder you get to take advantage of the savings. When you sign up to this service, you are not contracted or obligated to do so, so should you decided down the road, that you no longer want to be a part of, all you need to do is cancel it.

We believe that satisfied customers are happy customers, and it is essential to keep your customers happy! We know we love our e-cigs, and we want you to do the same, so we are more than happy to offer great benefits like a Lifetime Warranty and automatic deliveries of your cartridges!

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