Be Green with Vapor Cigarettes

Sometimes just the thought of “going green” can be too much for some people. Are you sick of hearing about how you’re always making the wrong choices, and you are not doing enough to be more environmentally conscious?

Adding a little more eco consciousness to your daily life does not have to be a struggle, and with alternative cigarettes, you can be green and add a lot of conveniences. The thing about living more sustainably is that it needs to be able to work for you harmoniously, not become a problem or an inconvenience. Lifestyle changes should be done gradually if you ¬†are looking to actually stick to them, and you should incorporate them where they are best suited. You don’t have to sell your car, go entirely raw-organic-vegan, and live by candlelight when the sun sets, but you can definitely switch to using e-cigarettes without any major upsets to your comfort level. Another bonus is how e-cigs can be very cost effective, so being green does not have to get very expensive, either.

The thing with electronic cigarettes is that they are designed for today’s lifestyle and today’s mindset. They fit all modern lifestyles and they are very easy to get used to. In fact, they make much more sense for the digital age than analog cigarettes; hence the term! Instead of ample amounts of waste, as is the case with tobacco cigarettes, e-cig produce not even a fraction of it, especially when you take into account how a single e-cigarette cartridge is equal to about 1.5 packs of cigarettes. That is a lot of butts that won’t be making it into the trash or the environment! Reusable products cut it down tremendously, keeping your personal pollution output at a minimum, compared to traditional cigarettes that force you to endure a constant stream of garbage. Cigarette pollution is one the world’s most critical litter problems, and it goes much further than the landfill. In any major city, everywhere you look on the streets you can see cigarette butts. Groundwater, running water, oceans, streams, and rivers have all become polluted by the chemicals in cigarette filters. Wild animals have a tendency to mistake the littered butts for food, and consume them, which can lead to death.

This can be very dramatically avoided if people choose e-cigarettes over tobacco. Cigarettes are not “green” by any means, and being just a little more eco friendly in your day to day life can have really positive repercussions. If there is one really awesome reason to opt for vapor, let this be it!

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