Looking for Fun; Bring Those E-Cigs

Cigarettes are pretty often discriminated against, nonsmokers want nothing to do with tobacco smoke creeping into their clean air space. As proponents of vapor, can’t say we blame them! However, one wonderful thing that can be pretty tough for smokers to get used to when they start smoking e-cigarettes is just how versatile they are. While it may be common to not smoke wherever you want, welcome to the freedom that comes with electronic smoking. Here are some of the many beautiful ways you can let the fun times go on without having to excuse yourself for a smoke.

-Socializing. This is a big one because it’s a major part of most people’s lives. Hanging with others usually means people of different lifestyles, and there are far less cigarette smokers nowadays. Be courteou; use e-cigs.

-Concerts. While many venues still permit smoking, a good many of them are cracking down on indoor availability. Have you ever noticed how much smoke can accumulate in an ┬áindoor arena? It can be pretty crazy, and quite difficult for people who are not fond of smoke. Having an e-cig lanyard can come in pretty handy in these kinds of situations; guaranteed it won’t get lost if it’s around your neck!

-Eating out at restaurants. Do “non-smoking” sections even exist anymore? If you want to enjoy your meal without having to exit to get your nicotine on, vapor makes that possible. How many great conversations have you had to pause for a cigarette break over a great meal at a restaurant?

-Visiting family. No one wants to offend the fam… picky grandparents, in-laws, parents, let them breathe easy knowing you’ve switched to electronic cigarettes! Show them your electronic cigarette starter kit for bonus points, “see Ma, it’s for real! Works great!”

-Hitting the beach. Do you really want to get chastised by the lifeguard or other beach goers who are not impressed with the dropping of butts on the sand? It’s a a danger to wildlife and the environment, and it also happens to be pretty inconsiderate.

-Shopping. Holidays are approaching and those malls and outdoor shopping centers are going to be pretty packed with shoppers. Cigarettes are never smoked in malls, but you sure can vape to your heart’s content with your e-cigarette.

-And of course, at parties. Big social gatherings, where smoking will definitely not be allowed and you know are usually tons of fun. Why stop the fun, or with temperatures dropping head outside to smoke nasty cigarettes when you don’t have to? If you’re a smoker, vapor is about to become your best friend!



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