Why Electronic Cigarettes Are Putting Tobacco Out

Electronic cigarettes just keep getting more popular! Smokers are smoking them in favor of tobacco increasingly, and cigarette companies are on notice big time. For smokers, they offer the ultimate in satisfaction. Nicotine and no tobacco, same great flavor , and no smoke; that’s why so many have jumped ship on traditional cigarettes.

Half a decade back, e-cigarettes were anything but a burgeoning niche market. They were a new novelty, slowly building steam. Now, however, it’s a different story. As the market for electric tobacco alternatives heads towards $2 billion, the tobacco industry knows the hot water they are in. Even numerous celebrities are using them, unabashedly in public! The United States is the largest market for them, however other countries, especially in Europe and Australia, are catching on fast. There are rumors that the EU will be setting forth a ban on all electronic cigarettes, yet it remains to be seen. Unfortunately, some nations such as Argentina, have banned them entirely. In the US, they are considered tobacco products, and the same regulations apply to them, such as there being an age limit on persons who use them, and can purchase them. Electronic cigarette starter kits are the most convenient way to get your feet wet, and people have been buying them in droves.

While debate remains on e-cigs, and whether they are truly safe, and whether they are here for the long run, research continuously is occurring, and being released, showing the potential for electronic cigarettes as a great option for smokers in lieu of tobacco. Would millions of people continue using a product that they felt was harming them? Perhaps yes, in the case of tobacco cigarettes, but with e-cigs it’s different. They choose electronic to get away from the ills of tobacco, and countless users have reported positive effects, as well as reversal of tobacco’s side effects.

While in the beginning, electronic cigarettes were pretty much written off, by consumers and tobacco big dogs as being just a fad, they could not have been more wrong. What started as a trend has literally altered the way smokers are smoking, helping millions of people to switch to a healthier lifestyle and live more consciously.

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