What is the Cartridge Replenishment Program?

Our customers are our number one priority here at Optima. A great product is just a great product, and where a company really shines is how they treat their customers. Thankfully, we are exceptionally proud to offer top quality electronic cigarettes and amazing service to our loyal customers! Here is a little info about our Cartridge Replenishment Program, one of our unique and beneficial programs we offer to make life just a little nicer when you use e-cigs!

So, as a customer, or prospective prospective customer, you may ask “what is the Cartridge Replenishment Program?” Well, in simple terms it is exactly as its name implies: it’s a program based on the replenishment of your refill cartridges! You sign up, fill out the requested information, and your cartridges will be shipped to you on the specified dates you want. Like all the little details that entailed with being an Optima smoker, it’s all about what YOU want. You decide how often you want the refills to come to you. Most people opt for monthly, but you can have yours more frequently or less frequently depending on your usage. You choose the number of cartridges you want, as well as the flavors and strength. Done! You never have to be concerned about running out at the wrong moment, or having to dip out late night to a sketchy 24 hour convenience store just for a pack of smokes. In fact, you never have to leave the house at all to get them; oh, the beauty of internet retail!

Here is where the really good stuff comes in: when you are a member of our Cartridge Replenishment Program, you get a whole lot more than just heavy amounts of convenience. You also get huge savings: think 20% off all future refills! You will also get a lifetime warranty on all your parts, so it serves as a no-cost insurance policy for your e-cigarettes! Most importantly, you are also bound by no commitments or contracts: you cancel it when you want to, should you decide at any time that you don’t want it anymore. It’s free, convenient, saves you money and is tailored to your desires; totally worth the 10 seconds it takes to sign up!

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