Study: Electronic Cigarette Awareness Runs High Among Smokers

No doubt about it: electronic cigarettes are on the move! As more and more smokers become aware of them and there many benefits, it’s only a matter of time before their usage totally surpasses conventional cigarettes.

The American Journal of Public Health recently conducted, and published the findings of a survey. What it revealed was that among those who participated, 40%  of the people involved, both smokers as well as nonsmokers had heard of e-cigs. Of the people surveyed, 70% of those who are smokers had definitive opinions about e-cigarettes, considering them to be healthier and certainly safer than smoking actual cigarettes. They also believed that they are a viable method to use to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are kind of like a dream come true for smokers. They enable one to have the experience, and the pleasant sensations without any of the negatives. This is pretty exciting in the world of smoke because this is exactly what smokers have wanted all along. Ask any smoker how many times they’ve tried to quit, and surely you will receive answers that run the gamut, and a huge majority of them will tell you it’s been more than once. They are sold in starter kits, and cost considerably less than tobacco. Cigarettes are a hard habit to get control of, and with e-cigs you are able to do just that. That alone tells why smokers have been happy to use them! Another bonus is that with all of this control, smokers are able to decide how much they really want to smoke, and if they only want a a drag or two, the option is theirs, and there’s no guilt about wasting a whole cig! 0 nicotine cartridges also enable vapor cig users to opt for no nicotine, if they just want to enjoy the process and feeling of puffing.

Alternative cigarettes have been on the market for quite some time now, going on 5 years. They have become very mainstream, and have been featured in publications, editorials, and print advertisements. They have been featured in big screen movies and on television, and countless celebrities have been photographed using them. More and more people are embracing them and their infinite usefulness, realizing all of the freedoms that now are readily available, unlike what they were accustomed to using tobacco. It really is only a matter of time before cigarettes are replaced entirely.

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