How to Choose an E-Cig Flavor

Choosing an electronic cigarette flavor may seem hard at first, because with a selection of so many, how do you choose just one? Here is a little guide to helping you deiced which route to go, for the ultimate in satisfaction!

If you are just switching over from cigarettes, consider what you currently smoke. Do you smoke reds? Lights? Menthols? Are you happy with what you are using at the moment, or do you want to try something new? If you are worried about what e-cigarettes taste like, and if they will be similar or totally different from traditional cigarettes, keep in mind that everyone experiences taste differently, and really the only way to know what works for you personally is to just jump right in!

If you want to stick to tobacco, our Tobacco flavor was designed to be a classic, full-bodied, and exceptionally rich version, without the trappings of actual tobacco! Many of our customers have been thrilled with it, and have given feedback that it’s really similar. If you prefer a lighter version, remember that our cartridges come in four different strengths.

Menthol is an absolute staple, and it goes just as perfectly with e-smoking as it does with cigarettes. Our menthol was made to be an excellent balance of flavor and that signature cool menthol tingle, without venturing into minty territory.

If you think fruity is your thing, have a go with our Cherry flavor. It’s sweet, slightly tart, and very delicious.

If you crave something more exotic, try our Vanilla or Java flavors. Both offer new directions in taste when e-smoking, and are totally satisfying if you like sweet and rich flavors.

For those who are just not sure, and intrigued by all of our offerings, what we suggest to you is to try our Optima Flavor Sampler. In fact, we created this selection for those who are just starting out and need the variety of being able to try everything conveniently and cost effectively.

So when it comes to choosing a flavor, don’t let it intimidate you! Go for what you know, or try everything! We like to keep things simple, hope you enjoy!

Let’s Talk About E-Cig Flavors

Flavor accounts for a whole lot with e-cigarettes. If you’ve done your research, you know good and well that there are plenty of variances across the market, with many falling on the less than positive end. Not every flavor is going to please ever e-smoker, that’s a given, but having well developed flavors is entirely essential!

Why are Optima’s e-cigarette flavors great? Because many hours of thought and consideration went in to creating them. They have been made to appeal to smokers, keeping in mind how flavors should taste, especially in regard to traditional flavors like tobacco and menthol. Even if your other flavors fall into the gray area of “depends on the person” you just can’t mess with tobacco and menthol! The level of vapor is also superior to all others out there, and having a powerful vapor ensures that the user will get the most out of their e-cig, both when it comes to nicotine and flavor. Optima offers five different flavors: Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Coffee, and Cherry. Tobacco and Menthol are obviously the most sought after, but there are many smokers who love the sweet, aromatic, and rich flavors that come with the other options. Most users really enjoy having a few flavors on rotation, and this allows them choose their preference as they wish, because unlike the monotony of traditional cigarettes, having the freedom to play around with your flavor can be quite enjoyable!

Why so many flavor options? Because with thousands upon thousands of smokers, you can’t possibly please everyone all the time. But having more flavors means you’ll be able to please more people than not! For new users, the Cartridge Sampler Pack is the perfect thing in the beginning because it comes with cartridges in all five flavors. This lets them try them all unbiasedly, and makes it easier in the future when reordering; they will surely know what they want because they’re tried them all!