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The Benefits of an Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

If you are curious about trying e-cigs, you may be wondering if a starter kit is totally necessary. For the cost of all those products, packaged neatly together, is it all worth it? Can’t you just get a battery, a charger, and some cartridges? Well, you sure can, but the benefits of a starter kit take care of everything for you. Plus, by having everything all set up together, you can often save money instead of buying each part and accessory one by one.

We offer three different e-cigarette starter kits. The Basic starter kit costs $29.99, when you sign up to the Cartridge Replenishment Program, and the amount of products you get for this low price is very, very nice. If you are a cigarette smoker who averages about a pack a day, chances are your weekly spending is way above the cost of this kit. In it you will get receive a battery, a USB charger, a Hard Pack storage case, and 5 cartridges. So, if you are concerned about price, you won’t be batting an eyelash at this one! Our next starter kit is the Premium Starter Kit. It varies from the Basic by containing one additional battery, which is something we always recommend to our customers as a very smart thing to have. It just allows for more convenience, and less of a chance of being stuck without your e-cig at any given time. The Optima Premium Plus Starter Kit offers all the upgrades you could possible want. It comes with 2 batteries, a USB charger, a vehicle charger, a wall charger, a Hard Pack case, and 10 cartridges.

Another beautiful thing about all of our starter kits is that they are quite affordable, and by joining our Cartridge Replenishment Program when you purchase you can save even more! If you aren’t in the know, this service is free to join and does not entail a contract. It saves you 20% on all of your future cartridges, and allows them to be shipped to you at the interval of your choice. It is the ultimate in savings and convenience!

E-Cigarette Sales Are Soaring

E-cig sales are soaring. Those e-cigarette starter kits  are working their magic on the masses! They have been for years, but they just keep on getting bigger. Why? Because, simply, they are everything most smokers have wanted for years. They’ve been an outlet for many looking for a way out of their tobacco habits but are not ready to quit the nicotine outright. They have been great for smokers who want more control of their nicotine usage, and want to be able to decrease their intake slowly, without sending their systems into shock like suddenly quitting cigarettes is known to do. And, simply, they offer freedom, convenience, and tremendous savings, where tobacco cigarettes are expensive, unhealthy, inconvenient, and generally just a pain to use in public.

Tobacco companies have surely taken notice, as they have seen considerable sales declines as e-cigs continue to draw in those who want more from their cigarettes, as well as those who just want something that is healthier and safer to use. Cigarette sales have been on the decline for the past decade regardless, dropping 27% from 2000 to 2011, due to a change in health trends and the widespread limitations that plague smokers who want to enjoy cigarettes in public.

Electronic cigarette sales, on the contrary, are way up. 2012 saw sales of $300 million, and are on course to hit $1 billion in the coming years, according to estimates from Goldman Sachs. So great are the sales of e-cigs, Wells Fargo’s tobacco analyst has projected them to surpass the sales of tobacco cigarettes in only a small matter of time. The rapid growth and having been so embraced by the masses, the sales category is being likend to those such as Greek yogurt and energy drinks.

Electronic cigs are the future of smoking, to be blunt. Tobacco has no place any more with smokers who know they have the option to have the same feeling, with the same nicotine, at a lesser cost with e-cigarettes. Tobacco companies would not be acquiring electronic cigarette companies and getting on the movement themselves if they couldn’t see it just as well. The allure of smokeless cigarettes is simple: all the positives, none of the negatives, and overall just a simpler way to smoke.

Saving Money with Vapor

We’ve heard the complaining and bemoaning of smokers time and time again about the rising costs of those necessary packs of 20. Aren’t there enough rising costs attached to everything nowadays? It is being said that 2012 has been the costliest year on record for gas, and the prices of food are pretty monumental as well. What smoker has change to spare for rising cigarette costs as well now? Smart ones aren’t going after tobacco anymore. They are going for vapor cigarettes, and happily enjoying savings of over 50%! And with greater convenience to boot!

The ways that e-cigarettes can save money are huge, and don’t just come from one angle. While some smokers balk at the initial cost to get a starter kit, the savings begin to mount quickly. And if you’re a smoker, you notice it fast because you’re pretty accustomed to spending a lot, all the time. For many e-smokers, the weekly cost of their former cigarette expense is what their monthly expense is now. That is a really great amount of savings!

Optima’s cartridges are sold in packs of 10, 20, or 30. A single e-cig cartridge is equal to about 1.5 packs of cigarettes, and the smallest packaged of cartridges starts at $39.99, and it would be like paying $2.66 per cigarette pack. When was the last time you spent that little on a pack of smokes?

Another great thing about e-cigarettes is that you get to work with the companies directly. Conventional cigarettes never offered the ability to take advantage of great sales and great prices from the companies themselves. For example, right now if you sign up for Optima’s Cartridge Replenishment Program, you can save big on starter kits. Our normally priced Basic Starter Kit at $59.99 can be purchased for $29.99 if you sign up to the replenishment program when you buy. It’s a total steal!

The Cartridge Replenish Program alone is an amazing option to sign up for because it grants you 20% off your refill cartridges as well. It’s really awesome for seeing your monthly cartridge bill drop by 20%!

The ways you can save with e-cigs is awesome, and such a relief after spending fortunes on cigarettes! Isn’t it time you made the switch?


Bad Economy? Choose E-Cigs

Electronic cigarettes are really beloved among users because of how cost effective they are. Everyone is highly aware of how expensive cigarettes are, and this makes Optima e-cigs extremely appealing knowing how many other health benefits are also included. It’s a pretty awesome concept; save a lot of money and avoid carcinogens and health dangers at the same time. It’s makes absolute sense why millions of smokers are choosing vapor instead.

While we may not technically be in a “recession” any longer, most people have learned the hard way how important it is to watch our pennies, and to save for rainy days that can come unexpectedly. The majority of people have also reassessed their spending habits and really take into consideration all the different ways they can cut corners and go with alternate routes for saving a little extra cash. When you stack e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes, the savings with electronics is really dramatic. It makes you think, why would any smoker continue to spend the kind of money they do on cigarettes when they have so much more convenience and options to look forward to with vapor cigs? I can’t answer that myself, but with more and more smokers going for the modern way to smoke, I can say it is the smarter way to go.

With cigarettes averaging around $6 per pack, and as high as $11 a pack in certain US cities, the cost is often as much as a single meal. This comes out to nearly $200 monthly for most people smoking one pack a day, but of course, differs depending on actual usage. Either way, the savings are obvious. Our e-cigarette cartridge refills in the 30 pack, equivalent to 45 packs of regular cigarettes costs $79.99. If you were to purchase 45 packs of tobacco cigs at $6 each, the cost would come out to $270, so you save nearly $200. Way more effective spending, and that’s not even including the discount you would receive if you are a member of our Cartridge Replenishment Program, which entails even greater savings.

Another aspect to consider, is that while it has not been proven, e-cigarettes are much more gentle on the body than tobacco. While you can’t put a cost on health, it’s definitely a nice notion to know that while you save money when using e-smokes, you are also not smoking chemicals known to cause cancer and death. The economy may not be where most people want it; as in prospering, growing, and benefiting everyone, however it’s important that everyone do their part to be self sufficient and save where they can. Doing it with electronic cigarettes is smart, economically sound, and full of benefits!

What is the Cartridge Replenishment Program?

Our customers are our number one priority here at Optima. A great product is just a great product, and where a company really shines is how they treat their customers. Thankfully, we are exceptionally proud to offer top quality electronic cigarettes and amazing service to our loyal customers! Here is a little info about our Cartridge Replenishment Program, one of our unique and beneficial programs we offer to make life just a little nicer when you use e-cigs!

So, as a customer, or prospective prospective customer, you may ask “what is the Cartridge Replenishment Program?” Well, in simple terms it is exactly as its name implies: it’s a program based on the replenishment of your refill cartridges! You sign up, fill out the requested information, and your cartridges will be shipped to you on the specified dates you want. Like all the little details that entailed with being an Optima smoker, it’s all about what YOU want. You decide how often you want the refills to come to you. Most people opt for monthly, but you can have yours more frequently or less frequently depending on your usage. You choose the number of cartridges you want, as well as the flavors and strength. Done! You never have to be concerned about running out at the wrong moment, or having to dip out late night to a sketchy 24 hour convenience store just for a pack of smokes. In fact, you never have to leave the house at all to get them; oh, the beauty of internet retail!

Here is where the really good stuff comes in: when you are a member of our Cartridge Replenishment Program, you get a whole lot more than just heavy amounts of convenience. You also get huge savings: think 20% off all future refills! You will also get a lifetime warranty on all your parts, so it serves as a no-cost insurance policy for your e-cigarettes! Most importantly, you are also bound by no commitments or contracts: you cancel it when you want to, should you decide at any time that you don’t want it anymore. It’s free, convenient, saves you money and is tailored to your desires; totally worth the 10 seconds it takes to sign up!

How To: Choosing a Starter Kit

When you are first starting out with vapor cigarettes, or are switching to a new brand, or just want to maximize your collection of e-cigarette accessories, the best way to do it is always with a starter kit. An e-cig starter kit is, as you would expect,  everything you need to get started with. These convenient packages are very much appreciated by beginners and experienced users because they offer great savings and do not leave you guessing as to what you will need to do.

When choosing a starter kit, you have to keep several factors in mind. Kits usually vary in terms of e-cigarette accessories, cartridges, and batteries. The very simple ones will carry the most basic pieces, and the most decked out will have nearly everything for the users who want all the accessories and add ons. There is definitely a kit for everyone, and it is a really good idea to learn about them before you choose.

Optima Cigs offers three different starter kit options at the best prices you will see in the market. How to choose? Well think about how you will use your new e-cigs. Do you want to start off with more than one battery? It’s highly suggested that you do, but really not a requirement. Do you want the ability to keep your batteries charged in multiple places? Will you be wanting more than one battery size? Do you want a starter kit with more or less cartridges?

The Basic Starter Kit comes with 1 High-Capacity battery, 1 USB charger, 1 hard pack case; a very useful case to hold all your gear, and 5 nicotine cartridges in your choice of flavor and strength.

The Premium Starter Kit is built upon everything in the basic kit, but also includes a wall charger, and 2 batteries instead of one.

The Premium Plus Starter Kit is Optima’s most inclusive. How it differs from the Premium is that it includes a Vehicle Charging Adapter, and 10 cartridges instead of 5.

All three electronic cigarette starter kits start very affordably, however even greater savings can be obtained by joining the beneficial Cartridge Replenishment Program, with the Basic kit starting as low as $19.99 – it’s a pretty sensational deal!

So now that you know how to choose a starter kit, which will you choose?

What Are the Best Electronic Cigarettes?

Chances are, if you are reading this, you have an idea about what e-cigarettes are. But are you aware of all the different kinds there are? And if you are going to be purchasing, it is in your best interest to know about the different types and what your options are.

In the world of electronic cigs, there are two part models, three part models, single one piece disposables, and so many other configurations. Optima Cigs feature a highly advanced 2-piece construction. While no one brand will be the right match for every vapor cig smoker, our design is made to offer the most convenience and the highest performance at a very fair price. They are also made to never skimp on style, either.

The function of the 2-piece is to maximize the performance of the battery is that the atomizer, one of the key aspects to working, is built into each e-cigarette cartridge. This was designed to improve upon the more outdated three part models, in which the atomizer was continuously reused. The problem here was that the atomizers could never handle constant performing, and often broke, leaving customers highly dissatisfied. By combining it into the cartridge, the atomizer gets replaced with every cartridge, allowing for far better performance and running.

The batteries that Optima Cigs offers are also on the highest level of quality around. They are lithium ion. The tips are set with a crystal, not fake plastic, and when lit have a very classy glow. With two battery sizes, customers have the option between a longer, high capacity model, which can go for a minimum of 500-600 puffs. While the mini size is a petite, compact version that allows customers the convenience of a smaller design. It goes for about 300-350 puffs, and takes just an hour to reach full charging capacity.

While the battery and cartridges are the essential pieces to vaping, Optima also offers a full range of exciting and versatile e-cigarette accessories, which include different chargers, cases, and the exciting Hard Pack.

The Word is Out: E-Cigarettes Are the Smarter Choice


So much debate is out these days, on whether e-cigarettes are better than tobacco cigarettes, whether or not they should be used, which brands make the purest products, whether they are just a passing trend…

Well, every year since they hit the retail market in 2008 the sales have only increased, the technology has only gotten more and more advanced, and the prices have dropped significantly to where it is less expensive to smoke electronically than it is to use tobacco cigarettes! Even when purchasing an electronic cigarette starter kit, it costs far less. However, that is not the only plus to using them. They offer smokers a world of convenience, most importantly offering a smoke-free way to still get all the pleasure from nicotine. In the 2010 film, The Tourist, Johnny Depp’s character puffed on an e-cig, famously saying “It’s not a real cigarette – it’s electronic.” That brief clip immortalized the spreading popularity of electronic cigarettes, solidifying them especially with Hollywood.

Why are vapor cigarettes changing the way people smoke? Because they offer convenience, freedom, and benefits to the health in ways that cigarettes cannot. In asking users directly about their experiences, most have amazing stories to tell of, both how their lives have gotten better, as well as how they have been able to entirely switch from cigarettes. While e-cigarettes are not cessation devices, they most certainly are a phenomenal alternative to smoke and tobacco. Smoker’s coughs, sore throats, breathing capacity have all been improved, as reported by users. Tobacco smoke carries the harmful tar, and it accumulates on anything it gets constant exposure to. As it is infamous for doing, it builds up in the lungs. With E-cigs, this is nonexistent as there is no smoke, no tar, and the vapor they release contains nothing that will start to collect.

Perhaps one of the more ridiculous arguments is that electronic smokes, because they come in a variety of flavors, will entice children and youngsters to start using them. While this has always been the case with the tobacco industry, the e-cigarette industry does nothing to market to children, and all reputable companies in the market take this very seriously. The target market is also over the age of 40, and very much beyond the legal minimum age limit!

In terms of sales, smokeless cigarette products are expected to reach around 3.5 million users this year, even amidst claims that vapor may be harmful in the same way smoke is, and that without proper regulation you don’t really know what you are getting. So despite arguments and warnings, the success rate only climbs higher the more time passes. Electronic cigarettes are here to stay!