E-Cigs and Your Health

There’s a lot to be said about e-cigarettes and health. No smoke, no tar, none of the thousands of chemicals found in cigarettes. In fact, most contain just a few ingredients, which can be pronounced. They offer the smoker nicotine, in a similar method to smoking a cig, but none of the side effects and none of the dangers. Using common sense, when you weigh the options, they are far safer for the health than traditional smokes. Here is a little e-cig FAQ towards some very common questions regarding these awesome tobacco alternatives. Hope they offer some insight, and maybe clarify any confusion you may have!

Q: How do we know they are they safer than cigarettes?

A: Testing is currently being done on electronic cigarettes, and quite often studies are reported once the results become public. Recently, studies have shown that e-cigs do not harm the lungs, the heart, and do not carry toxins or carcinogens in the vapor which can cause harm. These are enormous findings, as these are the major issues with cigarettes.

Q: Are they generally safe to use?

A: Yes! Use common sense; if they were outright unsafe, do you think they would be allowed to be sold as widely and as accessibly as they are? MIllions of people currently use e-cigs, and it is predicted millions more will be using them in the years to come. In fact, it is predicted that alternative cigarettes will eventually overtake the tobacco market altogether. While all the “testing”  and approvals that some claim should be in place before people use them, use your best judgement. Millions of people are showing success, and that they have encountered no negative effects.

Q: What about additional testing?

A: It is being done by many reputable institutes and universities across the world. The potential for electronic vapor cigarettes is huge, and researchers and scientists are well aware of this. All responsible e-cigarette companies are also doing research on their own ends, just to keep things safe. No one wants to sell dangerous products, and if you want your name to be recognizable for great quality, you have no other choice.

Q: Why would I choose electronic over conventional?

A: Well, if you have the option to smoke something just as pleasureful as cigarettes, that give you the same feeling and great flavor, with none of the negatives, what would you choose? They also save money, can be smoked anywhere you want, and won’t make you smell like a stale, dingy bar.



Safety & Exploding E-cigs

A short while ago, big news was made internationally when an electronic cigarette device exploding while in use. Even though all the facts were not initially laid out, and investigation had to be done, the incident left a lingering fear that e-cigarettes are potentially dangerous. However, this does not account for the millions of users who have had great success using e-cigs, with no explosive side effects. Here is a look at the situation in which the electronic smoking device exploded, and why this is a really unlikely turn of events for the vast majority of users. If e-smokes have got you wondering “…but aren’t they safe?” the answer is yes, they most certainly are, but as is the case with any electrical device, proper usage and attention to to warnings as well as the owner’s manual are paramount to optimal use, and most of all, safety.

When Tom Holloway of Niceville, Fl experienced his e-cigarette explode, in the process knocking out teeth, damaging his tongue, and causing severe burns, it was definitely not what he expected with tobacco’s “safer alternative.” And while it may seem easy to write off the product as faulty, it cannot be avoided that he was literally playing with fire, and unfortunately suffered the consequences. We are, however, immensely relieved and happy that he did not suffer any life threatening conditions as a result, and made it out alive.

The type of e-cig products he was using were not the standard, ready-made battery-and-cartridge styles, and entirely different in every way than the design structure of Optima Cigs’ products. He was using what is known as a “mod” and these products are basically sold in parts on the internet, with very little quality control, and then assembled by the consumer. Unfortunately Mr. Holloway chose to use a store-bought battery, larger and more powerful than the types sold with the pieces he initially purchased, and sadly suffered the horrendous consequences.

This wasn’t the first case of a modified e-cigarette product exploding either, and astoundingly more and more consumers need to be aware of the dangers of altering these devices. Reputable, responsible companies such as Optima Cigs take every precaution possible to ensure customer safety, and that products are used accordingly to manufacturer instructions. Optima’s batteries and e-cig accessories are of the highest standards, and are designed for supreme usage and safety. Quality is a very big deal in this industry, and with millions and millions of products sold, if used correctly electronic cigarettes, including our own, are ultimately very safe.

The Word is Out: E-Cigarettes Are the Smarter Choice


So much debate is out these days, on whether e-cigarettes are better than tobacco cigarettes, whether or not they should be used, which brands make the purest products, whether they are just a passing trend…

Well, every year since they hit the retail market in 2008 the sales have only increased, the technology has only gotten more and more advanced, and the prices have dropped significantly to where it is less expensive to smoke electronically than it is to use tobacco cigarettes! Even when purchasing an electronic cigarette starter kit, it costs far less. However, that is not the only plus to using them. They offer smokers a world of convenience, most importantly offering a smoke-free way to still get all the pleasure from nicotine. In the 2010 film, The Tourist, Johnny Depp’s character puffed on an e-cig, famously saying “It’s not a real cigarette – it’s electronic.” That brief clip immortalized the spreading popularity of electronic cigarettes, solidifying them especially with Hollywood.

Why are vapor cigarettes changing the way people smoke? Because they offer convenience, freedom, and benefits to the health in ways that cigarettes cannot. In asking users directly about their experiences, most have amazing stories to tell of, both how their lives have gotten better, as well as how they have been able to entirely switch from cigarettes. While e-cigarettes are not cessation devices, they most certainly are a phenomenal alternative to smoke and tobacco. Smoker’s coughs, sore throats, breathing capacity have all been improved, as reported by users. Tobacco smoke carries the harmful tar, and it accumulates on anything it gets constant exposure to. As it is infamous for doing, it builds up in the lungs. With E-cigs, this is nonexistent as there is no smoke, no tar, and the vapor they release contains nothing that will start to collect.

Perhaps one of the more ridiculous arguments is that electronic smokes, because they come in a variety of flavors, will entice children and youngsters to start using them. While this has always been the case with the tobacco industry, the e-cigarette industry does nothing to market to children, and all reputable companies in the market take this very seriously. The target market is also over the age of 40, and very much beyond the legal minimum age limit!

In terms of sales, smokeless cigarette products are expected to reach around 3.5 million users this year, even amidst claims that vapor may be harmful in the same way smoke is, and that without proper regulation you don’t really know what you are getting. So despite arguments and warnings, the success rate only climbs higher the more time passes. Electronic cigarettes are here to stay!