Vaping at Work: What you need to know

vapers-collageThere’s been a lot of buzz about electronic cigarettes in the workplace. It can be a topic as controversial as smoking itself, as some employers allow them to be used freely, and others deem them no different than traditional cigarettes; citing more research is needed before they can be allowed. As e-cigarettes gain popularity, many employers are seeing them as an ideal compromise to traditional cigarettes, which have long been an issue in the workplace. Here’s what you need to know about e-smoking at work, and how to handle the situation if your work environment is new to the whole electronic cigarette thing.

In many circumstances, employers see e-cigarettes as a great alternative to tobacco. They are fine with employees using them at their discretion, knowing they carry no smell, no second smoke, and the vapor basically dissipates into the air without a trace. In many places, it allows smokers to enjoy their e-cigs as they work, without the constant interruption of cigarette breaks, or coming back into the workplace smelling foul and creating an additional disturbance for others.

However, not all places of work are as tolerant, seeing e-cigs as too new to be allowed casually. In these cases, employees typically have to use them under the same rules that apply to traditional cigarettes: outdoors, in a designated location.

If your workplace is on the fence about e-smoking, here are some tips to provide your boss with to help them understand more about electronic cigarettes.

-Everyone involved should be educated on what e-cigarettes are, what they look like, and how to distinguish their appearance from traditional cigarettes. Awareness is key.

-Employers as well as e-smoking employees should be knowledgeable and understanding that these products require proper disposal in regards to electronic cigarette batteries, as they are considered to be electronic waste. Batteries do last a long time, so there would not be a heavy influx of batteries getting disposed of, however.

-Some areas have restrictions regarding smoking in the workplace, including some local governments, 29 states and the District of Columbia. While these laws do not apply to e-cigs, some places are stricter than others in regards to it.

Above all, if your employer is interested in allowing e-cigarettes in the workplace, just a minimal amount of research will be necessary. The most important step towards tolerance is awareness, and for employers, boosting productivity can be a very big motivator!

Live an Active Lifestyle? Choose E-Cigs!


If you’re an active person, smoking cigarettes is entirely not conducive. And we don’t just say that because we are in the business of e-cigarettes! We say it because we mean it! Traditional cigarettes can be entirely cumbersome, they can take you off your groove, and really just get in the way. If you’re busy being busy and active, e-cigs present a way better lifestyle option!

If you spend time doing outdoorsy things, like biking, hiking, communing with nature, or anything that gets you outside and moving, you know how well cigarettes fit into the equation. They don’t. They need to be lit, they need to be smoked around people who are okay with them, they need proper disposal because polluting is foul, they make you smell bad, and they are simply inconvenient. Stopping to smoke, handle your lighter, spend the time waiting through the whole cigarette, and then dealing with the trash takes time. When you are super busy, in the middle of something fun, and possibly hanging out with a group of people who may not be keen on fitting your smoke breaks into the time schedule, you just need a better, more appropriate option for nicotine!

Imagine you are on the go, and all you have to do to smoke is reach down and grab the device from the lanyard around your neck? You puff, it turns on, you vape, get your nicotine, and let it rest when you’re done. Sounds a whole lot simpler than tobacco , doesn’t it? You have the option of many different e-cigarette accessories, and this adds to the convenience and mobility in a really huge way.

For people with busy lives, traditional cigarettes are entirely passé. They don’t work well with others, they present way too many obstacles, and they are difficult to use in public places. Electronic cigarettes give you so much freedom to enjoy the things you love, no matter where you are, without having to fend off a guilty conscience. If you’re an active person, e-cigs will fit your lifestyle better!

Accessories Just Make Life Better

header_img_banner_accessoriesWant to know how our e-cigarette accessories work and what they can do for you? Keep reading!


Essentials and also accessories, batteries are the main component to e-smoking. Have a few extra so you have backup, and to extend the life of each battery. Two sizes: the High Capacity and the Mini give you options as well, get to know both of them!


Not something you can really live without, when you’re vaping your battery will need to be charged. Luckily for you, we’ve got a very nice selection of chargers to choose from. The Vehicle Charging Adapter, the USB Charger, and the Wall Charger give you a lot of choices and the ability to use them in a very wide variety of places. The USB charger is perfect for your desk at work, or to keep in your computer bag for access to anytime you are using your laptop. The Vehicle Charging Adapter enables you to charge whenever you are in your vehicle, and if you drive a lot, commute, or just happen to spend a lot of time in your car, it will really come in handy. In fact, this charger is so useful, it’s smart to just keep it in your car so it’s ready whenever you need it.


Not essentials, but definitely useful, carrying cases can really help you stay organized and ready for vaping all the time. It’s great to have a case that safely holds your e-cigarette gear under all circumstances. Another reason to love these is that they are designed with a sleek profile in mind, so that they are comfortable and small enough to fit into a pocket so you can brings them anywhere you want. Choose from the Optima Hard Pack Case and the Compact Carrying Case.

Digital products and accessories kind of go together. Electronic cigarettes are made to be user-friendly, and allow for a lot of versatility, and having the right accompanying gear makes them all the more enjoyable! Let our e-cigs and accessories make e-smoking work for you!

Cigarettes Are All the Same; E-Cigs Are Totally Different

Cigarettes and electronic cigarettes share only a handful of similarities. E-cigarettes are after all, alternatives to the conventional. They offer nicotine, a feeling of smoking, similar flavors as well as starkly different ones, and the ability to breathe in something that feels and looks like smoke (vapor). That’s about where the similarities end, though. Cigarettes are cut and dry; they contain chemical-laden filters and dried tobacco, also chemical-enriched, rolled into papers, and across all brands you get a similar format despite differences in strengths and taste. They are always the same, with no variation.

With e-cigs, you have the option of choosing so many different varieties, all to achieve that same smoke-like experience. You have the option to choose disposables, 2-piece models like our own that simulate the traditional cigarette in looks, you can purchase the sort that require you to fill liquids yourself, and you can even purchase styles you build yourself if you’re into that kind of thing. E-cigarette batteries come in so many shapes and sizes, you have the ability to use so many different chargers and accessories. The thing with e-cigs is that you have so much more ability to choose, rather than just settling for what a single company, or industry for that matter, hands you.

Optima Cigs e-cigarettes are known as 2-piece e-cigarettes, comprised of two basic parts. The reusable battery is the main component, and the cartridges are used and then disposed of. You are able to choose your nicotine strength, flavor, and which accessories you want to use to enhance your convenience.

If variety is the spice of life, e-cigarettes really let you live adventurously! They sure keep the smoking experience interesting, and they let you do it without tobacco. With e-cigs, “one size fits all” is completely, utterly irrelevant, because when you vape, it’s all about getting what you want!

Summer is Approaching, Do You Know Where Your E-Cigs Are?

Summertime is an amazing excuse to simply enjoy the weather. Things tend to slow down and get busy all at once, with vacations, hanging out with friends, going to shows, and enjoying the seasonal offerings from Mother Nature can really pack a schedule full of relaxation! However, you know how it goes when you smoke; even when it is tolerated in outdoor public places, it can still feel inappropriate. And even if you are doing things of a leisurely nature, smoking cigarettes can still be a major deterrent. No one likes being an inconvenience or an annoyance to others, especially when you know they are there to enjoy the same pleasures you are. E-cigarettes allow you to be kind and still savor the enjoyment of your nicotine, wherever you go.

Hanging out with your favorite people, sipping cocktails, watching the sunset, and appreciating that the temperatures are warm are some of the best things about the year’s most fun season. Depending on where you live, events like outdoor festivals, art markets, farmers markets, concerts, and straight up hanging out under the stars are some of the finest things to do during the summer, and when you have the ability to enjoy things even further with your e-cigarettes, things go even nicer. Make sure you have extra batteries, extra e-cig cartridges, and extra chargers like a car adapter and/or USB charger to keep your batteries ready for use when you’re not at home. As a bonus, make sure you are stocked with summertime flavors like cherry, vanilla, and the extra-cool menthol!

There’s just something about the summer that makes people crave getting outdoors. Even if it’s hot and steamy, and you end up getting a little sweaty, the freedom and ease of movement are incomparable simple pleasures! Hiking, camping, biking in the park, hitting up your favorite watering hole or beach to cool off, feeling the warm air on your skin is one of summer’s greatest perks! Make sure you have a carrying case, and an e-cig lanyard to stay organized and ready at a moment’s notice! A lanyard is perfect for hands-free, pocket-free vaping!

Summertime is almost here, and for many it has arrived already! Long days, balmy nights, partying with good people, and lots of time spent outdoors make summer the ultimate season for fun! And what goes better with fun than electronic cigarettes? This summer, make it the best one yet. Live it up, have a blast, make memories to last forever, and enjoy it all with your e-cig in hand!

Electronic Cigarettes are Perfect for Vacation

Electronic cigarettes are perfect for vacations. Smoking around hotel pools, in crowded city tourist hot spots, and pretty much anywhere plenty of people are going to be comingling is rather difficult these days, as more people look down on smokers, and many places actually prohibit them. Vacations are meant to be savored, enjoyed, and a time when you can totally unwind, even if you are visiting a high-paced, metropolitan area and plan to do anything but kick back and relax, so why deal with smoking bans and having to get clearance if you just want some nicotine?

When traveling, e-cigarettes can be the perfect way to smoke. They simplify the process, and make it much more convenient to use. When smoking traditional cigarettes, you always run the risk of offending others, and being restricted to certain areas where smoking is allowed; with vapor, you don’t. With no smell, and no second hand smoke, you leave little for nonsmokers to take issue with. While e-cigs can be mistaken for tobacco cigs, a gentle explanation can go a long way, and most often will end in all parties being satisfied and comfortable! Besides, the last thing you want to be is that obnoxious tourist who is hell-bent on not taking “no” for an answer!

Vapor cigarettes are not just more convenient to travel with because they are smoke-free; they’re also pretty rad because they take very little effort to use. Once charged, e-cig batteries last a very long while (depending on your usage). When vaping, there is nothing to set up unless you need to change a cartridge, which doesn’t need to be done constantly. No lighters, no continuous trash, no dropping ash. You vape to your comfort level, as many or as few puffs as you need, and then you put it away. Simple, carefree smoking that will go a really long way on travels, and allow you to spend more time enjoying your vay-cay, than dealing with cigarettes!

Traveling can be highly stressful. Schedules need to be maintained on a very strict basis, and there is no room for error. For most smokers, stress is a key trigger for wanting nicotine, and being denied only adds to the problem! With electronic cigarettes, you can avoid all that; you whip out your e-cig and vape. You don’t have to worry about where you can and where you can’t smoke; you just enjoy to your heart’s content and enjoy the journey!

What You Need to Know About E-Cigarette Batteries

There are lots of options in the electronic cigarette market, especially when it comes to batteries. They come in all shapes and sizes, and with loads of different features. So, what makes Optima Cig’s e-cigarette batteries the best? Oh, where to begin! Between the advanced technology, the elegant design, and great performance, they offer everything an e-cigarete user could want!

Optima batteries were made for long lasting usage, and very long battery life. They were made to handle the needs of the heaviest smokers, for the ultimate in satisfaction. They are built with lithium ion technology for the best performance. Batteries charge to full power in one hour, and the High-Capacity lasta from 500-600 puffs, while the Mini lasts about 300-350 puffs. You can expect great amounts of vapor, and a smooth, smoke-like throat hit!

Optima Cigs batteries come in two sizes: High-Capacity and Mini, and when you’ve used both, you’ll see how useful having two sizes can be! The Mini is pretty comparable to what you are probably used to with traditional cigarettes, it is smaller, slimmer, and lighter in the hand. The High-Capacity battery is made with the same technology, only it lasts longer and it more powerful. Versatility is a beautiful thing!

On one end of the battery is an LED crystal that works as an indicator for the user, letting them know when they need to charge the battery by flashing. It also gives the e-cig a realistic, cigarette-like appearance by lighting up with every puff the user makes.

Using these e-cigarette batteries is extremely simple. Every detail has been made to ensure they as similar to cigarettes as possible, and they are just as satisfying. When you vape, all you have to do is puff on the mouth end, and that activates the battery to turn on. This also activates the atomizer, which then gets the vapor going. Optima’s users are always impressed by the level of our vapor, in thickness as wel as consistency! One tip for getting your battery to produce at an optimal level is to prime the e-cigarette when you use a new cartridge. It’s really simple; all you have to do is take a really long inhale on your first puff and your vapor will be set!