How E-Cig Parts Work Together

header_img_banner_how_it_worksE-cigarette parts are very interesting. Through technology, a little bit of power and e-liquid, traditional cigarettes are simulated and the result is a feeling extraordinarily similar. So how do e-cig parts work together to make the magic happen? Here’s a look at each crucial part, and what it does to make this experience possible!

The Battery

This is the main part of the e-cigarette. It is the body, as well as the main source of power. Within the sleek aluminum shell is a powerful lithium ion battery cell. The battery can come in different sizes, with different features such as the crystal end tip, and vary in looks from one brand to another, but you simply cannot vape without one. The battery gets charged with different chargers and adapters, and the cartridges connect to it to make it work.

The Cartridge

The cartridges are disposable; when they exhaust all their liquid and no longer produce vapor, they get thrown away. Cartridges are fitted with built-in atomizers, which are known to have short life-spans. A fresh atomizer in each cartridge ensures excellent performance.

The Atomizer

The Atomizer, located within the cartridge, is responsible for heating the e-liquid and vaporizing it into vapor.

The Operating Mode Sensor

When the user takes a puff, the sensor automatically detects it, and sends a signal to the smart chip, which then signals the battery to send a charge of power to the atomizer to activate and do it’s job.

The Microcomputer Smart Chip

The Microcomputer Smart Chip is in control of the heat and the light of the e-cig.

Crystal LED Tip

More than just an attractive touch, the light at the end of the battery indicates when the e-cigarette is in use, lighting up when the user drags on the mouthpiece. It also flashes to alert you to when charging is needed.

Pretty interesting stuff, right? As you puff on yours, it’s amazing to consider the amount of technology behind all that flavor and pleasure! Just another reason electronic cigarettes are the new way to smoke!

Accessories Just Make Life Better

header_img_banner_accessoriesWant to know how our e-cigarette accessories work and what they can do for you? Keep reading!


Essentials and also accessories, batteries are the main component to e-smoking. Have a few extra so you have backup, and to extend the life of each battery. Two sizes: the High Capacity and the Mini give you options as well, get to know both of them!


Not something you can really live without, when you’re vaping your battery will need to be charged. Luckily for you, we’ve got a very nice selection of chargers to choose from. The Vehicle Charging Adapter, the USB Charger, and the Wall Charger give you a lot of choices and the ability to use them in a very wide variety of places. The USB charger is perfect for your desk at work, or to keep in your computer bag for access to anytime you are using your laptop. The Vehicle Charging Adapter enables you to charge whenever you are in your vehicle, and if you drive a lot, commute, or just happen to spend a lot of time in your car, it will really come in handy. In fact, this charger is so useful, it’s smart to just keep it in your car so it’s ready whenever you need it.


Not essentials, but definitely useful, carrying cases can really help you stay organized and ready for vaping all the time. It’s great to have a case that safely holds your e-cigarette gear under all circumstances. Another reason to love these is that they are designed with a sleek profile in mind, so that they are comfortable and small enough to fit into a pocket so you can brings them anywhere you want. Choose from the Optima Hard Pack Case and the Compact Carrying Case.

Digital products and accessories kind of go together. Electronic cigarettes are made to be user-friendly, and allow for a lot of versatility, and having the right accompanying gear makes them all the more enjoyable! Let our e-cigs and accessories make e-smoking work for you!

What to Know Before Choosing Your E-Cigarette

For beginners, the choices of different electronic cigarette brands can be really astounding. There are a lot of products out there, and a lot of different styles of e-cigs. How do you know which will be right for you? The benefits of going smoke-free with your smoking are huge, but finding the right path can be tricky. Here is what you need to know about choosing your e-cig.

Know the different products. There are plenty of things to consider, and you have to really look into them to get an idea of what you want. When it comes to batteries, opt for lithium ions, because these are the most durable, and they have the longest running life. The battery is the most important part of the e-cigarette, so make sure yours is up to par.

Some electronic cigarette styles are simpler than others, so you should have an idea of what you’re getting into when you settle on a brand. 2-piece e-cigarettes are the industry standard for quality, performance, and convenience. Other e-cigarette styles will require that you fill the e-liquid yourself, and these are really not appropriate for beginners. Sticking to simpler models will probably be wiser. E-juice can be messy, it can stain, and it’s better not to have your skin come into contact with it. A 2-piece e-cig consists of the battery and the disposable cartridge, and they are easy and enjoyable to use. Cartridges come pre-filled, and take no effort to use.

Accessories and Options: Make sure if you want choices in how and when you charge your batteries, the company you choose supports this. Having additional chargers and other vapor cig accessories, like cases, are wonderful additions to any smoker’s assortment of e-cig products. It’s better to let the vaping be convenient and enjoyable – not a chore!

Above all, make sure the brand you choose has decent customer service. You should be able to contact the company through more than one channel, and they should be ready and willing to help you out. You can definitely judge an e-cig brand by the customer service, so if you want to give vaping a go, give the company (Optima Cigs, haha!) a call and see what they have got to offer!

What You Need to Know About E-Cigarette Batteries

There are lots of options in the electronic cigarette market, especially when it comes to batteries. They come in all shapes and sizes, and with loads of different features. So, what makes Optima Cig’s e-cigarette batteries the best? Oh, where to begin! Between the advanced technology, the elegant design, and great performance, they offer everything an e-cigarete user could want!

Optima batteries were made for long lasting usage, and very long battery life. They were made to handle the needs of the heaviest smokers, for the ultimate in satisfaction. They are built with lithium ion technology for the best performance. Batteries charge to full power in one hour, and the High-Capacity lasta from 500-600 puffs, while the Mini lasts about 300-350 puffs. You can expect great amounts of vapor, and a smooth, smoke-like throat hit!

Optima Cigs batteries come in two sizes: High-Capacity and Mini, and when you’ve used both, you’ll see how useful having two sizes can be! The Mini is pretty comparable to what you are probably used to with traditional cigarettes, it is smaller, slimmer, and lighter in the hand. The High-Capacity battery is made with the same technology, only it lasts longer and it more powerful. Versatility is a beautiful thing!

On one end of the battery is an LED crystal that works as an indicator for the user, letting them know when they need to charge the battery by flashing. It also gives the e-cig a realistic, cigarette-like appearance by lighting up with every puff the user makes.

Using these e-cigarette batteries is extremely simple. Every detail has been made to ensure they as similar to cigarettes as possible, and they are just as satisfying. When you vape, all you have to do is puff on the mouth end, and that activates the battery to turn on. This also activates the atomizer, which then gets the vapor going. Optima’s users are always impressed by the level of our vapor, in thickness as wel as consistency! One tip for getting your battery to produce at an optimal level is to prime the e-cigarette when you use a new cartridge. It’s really simple; all you have to do is take a really long inhale on your first puff and your vapor will be set!


How Do Optima Cigs Work?

It seems a little odd when people first hear about electronic cigarettes, how this simulated aluminum device can recreate the experience of smoking, give you the nicotine you want, in a vapor format without any smoke or tobacco. Many wonder how this is possible and if it’s for real. Yes, e-cigs are definitely for real, and they are 100% satisfying. Millions upon millions of smokers would not be switching if that weren’t the case! So here is a look at how exactly Optima Cigs do their thing. How they work is rather easy, how they feel is simply amazing!

The first part of understanding how Optima’s e-cigs work is knowing that they are 2-piece e-cigs. In the world of electronic cigarettes, there are a multitude of different styles and designs, our’s consist of 2 main parts: the battery and the e-cigarette cartridge. The battery is the e-cig itself, it is the part that controls everything. It is small but powerful. Our lithium ion batteries have been engineered with the technology of SuperMax, and are known across the industry for having the best performance available. The cartridge is what contains the nicotine, as well as the atomizer, which is responsible for vaporizing the liquid nicotine solution contained within. The battery powers the atomizer by sending a “charge” of power, and a signal to the atomizer to heat the liquid, and release it. This highly technical, highly advanced battery holds a smart chip, that responds to the user’s inhale, allowing for a very realistic and very easy experience in vaping. The end of the battery is fitted with a real-looking lighted end, and when it is in use, it glows a beautiful neon blue. It works as an indicator, letting the user know it is working. Also, when the battery begins to dwindle in power, it will flash alerting that it needs to be charged.

So that pretty much sums up how our e-cigarettes work. While there is a great amount of technology behind these mighty little devices, they are quite easy and convenient to use. It’s quite amazing that just a puff will produce fantastic clouds of vapor, and a nicotine sensation exactly the same as a cigarette!

How Do E-Cigarettes Work?

Do you ever wonder how e-cigarettes work? If you don’t know the details, it can seem kind of confusing, especially if you don’t know everything about what goes on when an e-cig is smoked. The power of technology is pretty amazing, and when you learn about e-cigarette technology, and how the different parts come together to create a simulated smoking experience sans the tobacco and smoke, you will be astounded!

E-cigs come in all shapes, sizes, and different working configurations. Optima Cigs are exclusively 2-piece electronic cigarettes, meaning that they consist of the main part, the actual e-cigarette which is the battery, and the cartridge. The battery is the most important factor in e-smoking, and it is the device’s brain. The cartridges are designed to be used and replaced, and within them is an atomizer. Atomizers have a tendency to have short life spans, and replacing them with every cartridge ensures satisfactory performance, and ensures the user less trouble when dealing with having to deal with parts breaking.

So how electronic cigarettes work is simple but very high-tech. Cartridges get screwed on to the battery, for starters. The battery holds the lithium ion cell, a computerized smart chip, and indicator/ ash light. The batteries charge up easily using any of Optima’s great chargers, and never take very long to do so. To use them, the user simply inhales on the mouth end of the battery, and the e-cig will sense the inhalation action and automatically turn on. The smart chip activates the battery, which then sends a charge to the atomizer, which in turn then heats up the liquid nicotine and vaporizes it, as the user inhales. The vapor will then get inhaled, and exhaled, mimicking the experience of smoking, as they enjoy the same feeling of nicotine they are accustomed to with smoke. As all of this occurs, the exterior LED light on the end of the e-cig will light up, and show the device is being smoked. When the cartridge comes to an end, it simple gets replaced the same way it was put on.

How To Use Your Optima Cigs

Not all electronic cigarettes are created equal, I’m sure you’ve noticed that by now! We can’t vouch for what other brands are promising, but we know for sure that we are pretty big fans of 2-part e-cigarette models; hence our e-cigs!

The 2-piece construction allows users a very simple yet highly technological device that will satisfy all of their nicotine needs and desires. This is as close to a regular cigarette as it gets! Using them is also quite simple, so here is a brief little how-to, just to give you a little more info. Simplicity and performance are key, and we are very pleased to have mastered both!

When your very first e-cigarette starter kit arrives, the first thing you want to do is get out the handy little manual, and get really familiar with everything. You don’t want to just jump right in before knowing all the little specifics. Its not rocket science, and it definitely won’t take more than a few minutes, so it’s really worth it! Even if you have used other brands, every company has it’s own way of doing things, so just prepare yourself.

You probably already know that the battery is the most essential part of your e-cig. Ours are made for great performance, and to ensure the best possible performance, it’s really important to charge your battery fully before using it, especially the first time, even if it arrives with some power in it.

Once it’s charged, it’s time for the cartridge. You’ll have to take it out of the packaging it comes in, and then you screw it on to the end of the battery, but make sure not to screw it on too tightly. So that’s the basic set up, complicated huh?

Now it’s time for actually using it. You bring it to your mouth and inhale, the same way you would with a cigarette. The other end of the electronic cigarette begins to light up to a bright blue (it’s equipped with an LED), ensuring that it is indeed working. And then, later on, when the light begins to blink, you’ll know it’s time to recharge the battery. So, you inhale, feel the vapor, and when you’re ready you exhale. Now you get to enjoy the flavor, the vapor, and the sensation!


All You Need to Know About Flavor Cartridges

For people new to electronic cigarettes, the whole cartridge thing might be a tad bit overwhelming. Different nicotine strengths to choose, different flavors, how do you connect them, how do you know when they’re finished? All these questions are usually asked in the beginning, and while it’s a whole different set up than using traditional smokes, once you get the hang of it, and see how it’s done, it’s really no big deal at all. Using e-cigarette cartridges is simple, and can really make vaping much easier than tobacco cigs.

Our exceptional technology has created a design that produces a very large amount of vapor, which is what you see coming out, and what gets inhaled when the e-cigarette is used. The vapor carries the nicotine, and the mechanism behind this function is the atomizer. Less advanced models of electronic cigarettes have a separate atomizer, making them 3-piece models. These are known to have a very poor vapor production, and the atomizers are notorious for breaking very quickly. With a 2-piece model, such as ours, with atomizers built into the cartridge, you get a new atomizer in every cartridge. The draw is smoother, the vapor is bigger, and the all around performance is much better. Cartridges are screwed onto the e-cig battery, very simply, and you know a cartridge is finished when it no longer is producing a vapor. A single cartridge is equivalent to about 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes.

When it comes to choosing strengths of your nicotine, think about what satisfies you and what you’re used to with cigarettes. We offer four different strengths: 18mg: Full, 12mg: Light, 6mg: Ultra Light, and Omg: Nicotine-Free, and they are made to be equivalent to what smokers are accustomed to with cigarettes.

Why 5 flavor choices? Don’t most cigarette smokers go for either classic tobacco flavors or menthol? Well yeah, but you’d be surprised how adventurous e-smokers are! Tobacco and menthol are not your only options, and ours are sensational if I do say so myself! Cherry, vanilla, coffee are really amazing, and just wait till you try them in your e-cig. We don’t all like the same things, and we don’t always want the same things. What flavor I like in the morning with my coffee may be very different from what I want at 3pm, in my mid-day-slump, you know? And my flavor preferences may be totally different than yours across the board. And if variety is the spice of life, you see why Optima Cigs offers so many different options!

Don’t know which to start with on your first Optima order? Go with the Sampler Pack. Try them all, give them all a go, and see what works for you!

How To: Choosing a Starter Kit

When you are first starting out with vapor cigarettes, or are switching to a new brand, or just want to maximize your collection of e-cigarette accessories, the best way to do it is always with a starter kit. An e-cig starter kit is, as you would expect,  everything you need to get started with. These convenient packages are very much appreciated by beginners and experienced users because they offer great savings and do not leave you guessing as to what you will need to do.

When choosing a starter kit, you have to keep several factors in mind. Kits usually vary in terms of e-cigarette accessories, cartridges, and batteries. The very simple ones will carry the most basic pieces, and the most decked out will have nearly everything for the users who want all the accessories and add ons. There is definitely a kit for everyone, and it is a really good idea to learn about them before you choose.

Optima Cigs offers three different starter kit options at the best prices you will see in the market. How to choose? Well think about how you will use your new e-cigs. Do you want to start off with more than one battery? It’s highly suggested that you do, but really not a requirement. Do you want the ability to keep your batteries charged in multiple places? Will you be wanting more than one battery size? Do you want a starter kit with more or less cartridges?

The Basic Starter Kit comes with 1 High-Capacity battery, 1 USB charger, 1 hard pack case; a very useful case to hold all your gear, and 5 nicotine cartridges in your choice of flavor and strength.

The Premium Starter Kit is built upon everything in the basic kit, but also includes a wall charger, and 2 batteries instead of one.

The Premium Plus Starter Kit is Optima’s most inclusive. How it differs from the Premium is that it includes a Vehicle Charging Adapter, and 10 cartridges instead of 5.

All three electronic cigarette starter kits start very affordably, however even greater savings can be obtained by joining the beneficial Cartridge Replenishment Program, with the Basic kit starting as low as $19.99 – it’s a pretty sensational deal!

So now that you know how to choose a starter kit, which will you choose?

Safety & Exploding E-cigs

A short while ago, big news was made internationally when an electronic cigarette device exploding while in use. Even though all the facts were not initially laid out, and investigation had to be done, the incident left a lingering fear that e-cigarettes are potentially dangerous. However, this does not account for the millions of users who have had great success using e-cigs, with no explosive side effects. Here is a look at the situation in which the electronic smoking device exploded, and why this is a really unlikely turn of events for the vast majority of users. If e-smokes have got you wondering “…but aren’t they safe?” the answer is yes, they most certainly are, but as is the case with any electrical device, proper usage and attention to to warnings as well as the owner’s manual are paramount to optimal use, and most of all, safety.

When Tom Holloway of Niceville, Fl experienced his e-cigarette explode, in the process knocking out teeth, damaging his tongue, and causing severe burns, it was definitely not what he expected with tobacco’s “safer alternative.” And while it may seem easy to write off the product as faulty, it cannot be avoided that he was literally playing with fire, and unfortunately suffered the consequences. We are, however, immensely relieved and happy that he did not suffer any life threatening conditions as a result, and made it out alive.

The type of e-cig products he was using were not the standard, ready-made battery-and-cartridge styles, and entirely different in every way than the design structure of Optima Cigs’ products. He was using what is known as a “mod” and these products are basically sold in parts on the internet, with very little quality control, and then assembled by the consumer. Unfortunately Mr. Holloway chose to use a store-bought battery, larger and more powerful than the types sold with the pieces he initially purchased, and sadly suffered the horrendous consequences.

This wasn’t the first case of a modified e-cigarette product exploding either, and astoundingly more and more consumers need to be aware of the dangers of altering these devices. Reputable, responsible companies such as Optima Cigs take every precaution possible to ensure customer safety, and that products are used accordingly to manufacturer instructions. Optima’s batteries and e-cig accessories are of the highest standards, and are designed for supreme usage and safety. Quality is a very big deal in this industry, and with millions and millions of products sold, if used correctly electronic cigarettes, including our own, are ultimately very safe.