Top 10 Reasons Your Life Will be Better for Switching to E-Cigarettes

Still deliberating on getting that e-cigarette starter kit? Still wondering if they’re worth the hype? Still not sure you’re ready to drop the cigarettes for good in favor of the more modern way to smoke? Here are the top 10 reasons you need to give e-cigs a try!

  1. Vapor is Cleaner. Cigarettes have the nasty tendency to stain anything they come into contact with, and this can mean your fingers, teeth, lips, and gums. Cigarette butts also create a trash issue, and as you smoke you will have to deal with ash. With e-cigs, you smoke them, and never have to worry about smoke, ash, or butts!
  2. Electronic cigarettes cost less. A lot less. If you were to compare the equivalent of cartridges to traditional packs of cigarettes, it would come out to less than $3 per pack, versus a minimum of $7-$10 per pack of cigarettes. The proof is in the numbers, and e-cigs are much more economical.
  3. They are way more convenient. So convenient in fact, we could do a whole post on that subject alone… There is no second hand smoke when you vape, and “second hand vapor” is not a threat to anyone.
  4. You have more options of flavor. Our e-cigs come in five different flavors, so you aren’t limited to just the boring basics of menthol and tobacco.
  5. You have the option to sign up for the Cartridge Replenishment Program, which saves you 20% on your cartridge refills, gets your e-cigs to you when you want them, and you are rewarded with the bonus of a lifetime warranty by being a member. Oh, and you set the number of cartridges you want and the recurrence of your choice. Did we mention it’s free?
  6. You may feel a lot better breathing in clean water vapor instead of all those chemicals.
  7. E-cigarettes don’t leave behind tar, or anything carcinogenic. It’s always nice knowing that when you smoke and get your nicotine you aren’t filling your lungs with tar, isn’t it?
  8. You can use them nearly anywhere. Totally different than tobacco, e-cigs are the best way to beat the smoking ban!
  9. No smoke means no second hand smoke. Vapor dissipates to nothing, and most public places have no problem with vapers.
  10. 10. You will have so much more control of your nicotine usage instead of being controlled by your habit. It’s all up to you, and not up to the length of your cigarette when you smoke e-cigarettes!

What to Know Before Choosing Your E-Cigarette

For beginners, the choices of different electronic cigarette brands can be really astounding. There are a lot of products out there, and a lot of different styles of e-cigs. How do you know which will be right for you? The benefits of going smoke-free with your smoking are huge, but finding the right path can be tricky. Here is what you need to know about choosing your e-cig.

Know the different products. There are plenty of things to consider, and you have to really look into them to get an idea of what you want. When it comes to batteries, opt for lithium ions, because these are the most durable, and they have the longest running life. The battery is the most important part of the e-cigarette, so make sure yours is up to par.

Some electronic cigarette styles are simpler than others, so you should have an idea of what you’re getting into when you settle on a brand. 2-piece e-cigarettes are the industry standard for quality, performance, and convenience. Other e-cigarette styles will require that you fill the e-liquid yourself, and these are really not appropriate for beginners. Sticking to simpler models will probably be wiser. E-juice can be messy, it can stain, and it’s better not to have your skin come into contact with it. A 2-piece e-cig consists of the battery and the disposable cartridge, and they are easy and enjoyable to use. Cartridges come pre-filled, and take no effort to use.

Accessories and Options: Make sure if you want choices in how and when you charge your batteries, the company you choose supports this. Having additional chargers and other vapor cig accessories, like cases, are wonderful additions to any smoker’s assortment of e-cig products. It’s better to let the vaping be convenient and enjoyable – not a chore!

Above all, make sure the brand you choose has decent customer service. You should be able to contact the company through more than one channel, and they should be ready and willing to help you out. You can definitely judge an e-cig brand by the customer service, so if you want to give vaping a go, give the company (Optima Cigs, haha!) a call and see what they have got to offer!

Tobacco Over the Years: How Things Are Different Today

The times have certainly changed on the subject of tobacco. What was once a cool and glamorous pastime evolved into a dangerous, deadly, disease-causing nuisance that put out youth at risk. How did traditional cigarettes go from being the epitome of fashionable to being just more disgusting trash polluting up the environment? E-cigarettes are giving smokers choices never before possible with tobacco, and the tobacco industry is surely feeling the heat!

Tobacco has been used for centuries. The Native Americans used various types of tobacco for smoking and rituals long before settlement from Europeans happened. It was introduced to the Europeans smoked in peace pipes, and they in turn, introduced it to Europe, whose fascination with it took off from then! The far-reaching demand for cigarettes and tobacco only increased, and as a trade item, tobacco literally helped develop the United States into a nation of prosperity, before being surpassed by the cotton industry. After the Civil War, things changed even further once James Bonsack invented a machine that created automatic cigarette production.

In the last decade of the 20th century, the vendetta against cigarettes was going full force. The age of smoking teenagers and young people had reached its hilt, and the advocacy groups had had enough. While musicians, actors, and models were still being seen in gossip pages with lit cigarettes, the social changes were happening. Less teens began picking up the habit, and more adults started quitting. In the 1980′s, legislation changed the way cigarettes were marketed. Prior, they had been featured prominently on television, in magazines, and in billboards for all the world to see. Instead, they were replaced by anti-smoking campaigns, encouraging the youth to not pick up the habit and start smoking.

In the 20th century, more than 100 million people lost their lives due to tobacco use. This figure is a worldwide estimate from the WHO, and it is too large to ignore. Surely you know someone, perhaps someone close to you who has died because of the effects of smoking cigarettes. E-cigarettes are changing the game in drastic ways because smokers are realizing they do have options, and very good reasons to switch to e-cigs. While they can still have nicotine, they are no longer exposed to tar and smoke, as well as all the other cancer causing chemicals cigarettes are laden with. And while you can argue against nicotine, having the control to change your level whenever you wish is far more than cigarettes ever offered.

If you are in this boat, and looking for a serious alternative to tobacco cigarettes, try an electronic cigarette starter kit! You’ve got nothing to lose but the smoke!

Why Companies Are Less Likely to Hire Smokers

Smokers can be a costly population, and hiring companies have definitely taken notice. If you are looking for a new job, it may really be in your best interest to drop the cigarettes for good! Electronic cigarettes are here to stay, and here to help!

There is a long list of reasons why companies are avoiding cigarette smokers, and with more and more people quitting, if they’d prefer to hire nonsmokers the odds are in their favor. Smokers are high maintenance, and they often need more breaks, which comes out to more wasted time. They tend to miss more work due to illness, because smoking can exacerbate the symptoms of ordinary colds and flus, as well as further agitate things like allergies and asthma. Getting sick more often than nonsmokers can also mean they cost more to insure with health insurance and life insurance, and most companies are looking to cut costs, not increase them unnecessarily.

They can be a social nuisance to nonsmokers; just another area where nonsmokers get the upper hand. Smokers have a habit of smelling bad, even if they frequently use perfume, and those who don’t smoke usually want nothing to do with it. Most companies have strict hygiene policies, so it’s about courtesy.

Cigarette smoking can give a company a bad reputation. Most people and companies are going the more health-conscious route these days, and smokers do not add to that image; they do the opposite. You can make your company look bad by being an ambassador for smoking, and it may not be a risk they want to take. It is not unusual for companies to have guidelines for where and when smokers can smoke cigarettes, but many want to avoid it all together.

Don’t fret though, because e-cigs can really make a big difference with this transition, and allow you to still have some satisfaction and comfort while you switch. If you have your eyes set on a company who has a zero tolerance level for employees even having nicotine in their systems, you may want to give 0 nicotine cartridges a try! There is better time than the present to improve your life, get an e-cigarette starter kit today!

The Benefits of an Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

If you are curious about trying e-cigs, you may be wondering if a starter kit is totally necessary. For the cost of all those products, packaged neatly together, is it all worth it? Can’t you just get a battery, a charger, and some cartridges? Well, you sure can, but the benefits of a starter kit take care of everything for you. Plus, by having everything all set up together, you can often save money instead of buying each part and accessory one by one.

We offer three different e-cigarette starter kits. The Basic starter kit costs $29.99, when you sign up to the Cartridge Replenishment Program, and the amount of products you get for this low price is very, very nice. If you are a cigarette smoker who averages about a pack a day, chances are your weekly spending is way above the cost of this kit. In it you will get receive a battery, a USB charger, a Hard Pack storage case, and 5 cartridges. So, if you are concerned about price, you won’t be batting an eyelash at this one! Our next starter kit is the Premium Starter Kit. It varies from the Basic by containing one additional battery, which is something we always recommend to our customers as a very smart thing to have. It just allows for more convenience, and less of a chance of being stuck without your e-cig at any given time. The Optima Premium Plus Starter Kit offers all the upgrades you could possible want. It comes with 2 batteries, a USB charger, a vehicle charger, a wall charger, a Hard Pack case, and 10 cartridges.

Another beautiful thing about all of our starter kits is that they are quite affordable, and by joining our Cartridge Replenishment Program when you purchase you can save even more! If you aren’t in the know, this service is free to join and does not entail a contract. It saves you 20% on all of your future cartridges, and allows them to be shipped to you at the interval of your choice. It is the ultimate in savings and convenience!

How Different Are E-Cigs From Traditional Cigarettes?

Plenty of smokers are curious about e-cigarettes, but for many, the thought that it may be too different from what they are used to hinders their decision to try them. Change is a really hard thing for many people, but like so many things in life, you may find that once you jump in, the water isn’t so cold after all.

There are obvious differences between analog and electronic cigarettes, but when it comes down to the bare basics, you have a device you smoke, puff on, inhale and exhale, taste, and get nicotine from. All the most important aspects. How those results and sensations are received are where the differences come in. Yes, the after effects are the same, but e-cigs get you there without any of the nasty things you have to deal with from smoke. Sure, they do take the extra effort involved in charging batteries, and remembering to keep up with it, but charging batteries is very much simpler and easier than using lighters and cleaning up after yourself!

E-cigarettes are extremely simple to use, and they are able to be used nearly anywhere. They are sleek and very portable. You can use them in practically any public space very discreetly. You never have to be concerned about making the air smoky, and you never have to think about whether you or your breath smells like smoke. You never have to drop ash, discard butts, or think about the waste that happens if you only want one or two drags.

Traditional tobacco cigarettes are loaded with burdens, health risks, social stigma, and tons of inconveniences. Electronic cigarettes cut out all of the negatives and replace them with modern innovation, removing the smoke, the tobacco, the combustion, the cancer-causing chemicals. They simplify the whole endeavor, and provide a method that is so similar to the real experience that it’s entirely foolish for any smoker to continue smoking when they could be vaping! Is it time for you to give vaping a try with an e-cigarette starter kit?

Vapor Love is in the Air

You know what the best present you could possibly give for Valentine’s Day is? Electronic cigarettes. Starter kits, e-cig accessories, gift certificates to a favorite e-cig shop; anything to help the smoker in your life live life more fully. The usual gifts get bland after a while anyway. The gift of modern, smoke-free smoking is unique and quite possibly, life altering. If you smoke, wouldn’t you be tickled to get a package of e-cigarette on V-Day?

For any smoker in your life, not just your significant other, e-cigarettes make a great present. A parent, a relative, sibling, anyone you know who smokes would benefit from using e-cigs. And Valentine’s Day is basically a universal day of love, not restricted just to lovers!

If you are trying to woo a certain love interest and you know they smoke, giving a starter kit could be a real deal maker. A practical object with a whole lot of thought behind it can do a lot to show your feelings. Benefiting them with a healthier lifestyle, and helping them to get beyond something like smoking is a priceless gift!

If you and your partner smoke, why not get two starter kits and make this Valentine’s Day the most romantic ever? Making the decision to live better and healthier together is like making a promise to each other that you want the best for each other, and you want to make sure that person is taken care of in the long run.

Think alternative cigarettes can’t possibly be romantic? Think again! There’s nothing sexier than showing your love. This Valentine’s Day, let e-cigs enhance your day of love! E-cigs always make any good time even better, and they make the perfect gift!

Addressing E-Cigarette Rumors

E-cigarettes have lots of things being said about them. Rumors get spoken about everything and everyone, and it’s always a sign of popularity. There are lots of myths floating around about electric cigarettes, and new users and those who are skeptical often don’t know what to believe!

So how do you know when something is true or not? Well, you have yo be able to look deeper into the situation. What isn’t being said? Was the information spoken by a truthful resource? Does it seem more than a little “off?” One way to decipher the truth from the fiction is to do some research. While the internet is filled with more than a few odd stories, you can also find a great deal of useful info too. So hopefully, by ending up on this page, this info will do you some good to be able to have the truth behind some of the most common e-cigarette myths.

1- Electronic cigarettes are bad for you.

Truth- E-cigs are not bad at all for you. While there hasn’t been the level of testing done to appease the FDA, there has been nothing that has come out to prove this. With millions of users, and nothing but positive and great experiences, it goes without saying that they are better than tobacco cigarettes. Definitely not bad for you.

2- E-Cigs are just as dangerous as traditional cigs.

Truth- No way! They are made without tobacco or any of the many chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. They give off no smoke, so you won’t be breathing that in, and those around you will not be affected by second hand smoke. No tar is left behind, and you breath in only water vapor and nicotine. Neither of which are dangerous.

3- E-cigarettes are known to explode when they are used.

Truth- Only when things are used incorrectly. Don’t mix different products from different companies and use in ways they do not suggest in the manuals. ALWAYS follow the instructions in the manuals you get from each company. Keep your e-cigarette accessories, cartridges, and related products separate brand by brand if you use more than one. Don’t mix liquids, other batteries, and parts where not recommended. It could get dangerous.

4- E-cigs are illegal in many places in the US.

Truth- No, they aren’t. As much as the FDA has tried to restrict and control their distribution, e-cigs are entirely legal for people of the legal smoking age, which is 18 in most states, and 19 in others.

5- You can’t use e-cigs in public.

Truth- Most of the time you can. While cigarettes are banned in most public places, e0cigs are not the same and do not cause the same hazards and unwanted effects.

6- E-cigarettes don’t have nicotine in them.

7- Truth- There are e-cigs available with and without nicotine. Your choice.

7- Most brands of e-cigarettes are not good.

Truth- Can’t speak for anyone else, but Optima Cigs are excellent!

8- All e-cigs taste bad.

Truth- Not all, and definitely not our’s.

9- Electronic cigs are made to be sold to teenagers and children.

Truth- Never. And totally illegal here in the States.

10- E-cigs contain anti-freeze.

Truth- Come on! Anti-freeze kills, and if any company wants to exist, prosper, sell and promote their product without a boat-load of lawsuits, they definitely will not be infusing their e-cigs with anti-freeze!

E-Cigarette Sales Are Soaring

E-cig sales are soaring. Those e-cigarette starter kits  are working their magic on the masses! They have been for years, but they just keep on getting bigger. Why? Because, simply, they are everything most smokers have wanted for years. They’ve been an outlet for many looking for a way out of their tobacco habits but are not ready to quit the nicotine outright. They have been great for smokers who want more control of their nicotine usage, and want to be able to decrease their intake slowly, without sending their systems into shock like suddenly quitting cigarettes is known to do. And, simply, they offer freedom, convenience, and tremendous savings, where tobacco cigarettes are expensive, unhealthy, inconvenient, and generally just a pain to use in public.

Tobacco companies have surely taken notice, as they have seen considerable sales declines as e-cigs continue to draw in those who want more from their cigarettes, as well as those who just want something that is healthier and safer to use. Cigarette sales have been on the decline for the past decade regardless, dropping 27% from 2000 to 2011, due to a change in health trends and the widespread limitations that plague smokers who want to enjoy cigarettes in public.

Electronic cigarette sales, on the contrary, are way up. 2012 saw sales of $300 million, and are on course to hit $1 billion in the coming years, according to estimates from Goldman Sachs. So great are the sales of e-cigs, Wells Fargo’s tobacco analyst has projected them to surpass the sales of tobacco cigarettes in only a small matter of time. The rapid growth and having been so embraced by the masses, the sales category is being likend to those such as Greek yogurt and energy drinks.

Electronic cigs are the future of smoking, to be blunt. Tobacco has no place any more with smokers who know they have the option to have the same feeling, with the same nicotine, at a lesser cost with e-cigarettes. Tobacco companies would not be acquiring electronic cigarette companies and getting on the movement themselves if they couldn’t see it just as well. The allure of smokeless cigarettes is simple: all the positives, none of the negatives, and overall just a simpler way to smoke.

Get Healthier With Vapor Cigs

The reasons to choose electronic cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes are many. All smokers know that tobacco and it’s smoke are unhealthy and quite frankly, dangerous. So much so, in fact, that many countries will only sell cigarette packs bearing graphic images of the destruction they cause. Photos of actual cancer-encrusted organs, photographic depictions of oral cancers, rotting gums and teeth, and images of hospitalized patients connected to numerous medical machines are the mainstay for many cigarette boxes in countries like the UK, Brazil, and Chile. Sometimes they get so explicit in depicting the harm tobacco smoke causes that they use images of babies born with defects because of mothers who smoked during pregnancy. Pretty crazy, right? Obviously this is done to really get into the heads of the smokers buying the cigarettes, who will maybe think twice about buying them, knowing full well the damage they can cause. Does it work? Most likely, but after a while it makes you wonder if it becomes kind of normal. I personally do not know if I could handle staring at such dramatic pictures every time I want some nicotine relief!

So how do you avoid getting spooked every time you stop into your local corner store for a pack of cigs? Don’t buy them! Use vapor cigarettes instead! We know for smokers it seems like it isn’t the same, and all of that, but really you don’t know what you’re missing… well besides staring at scary images of what your cigarettes can do to you! Isn’t going with a healthier choice a better idea?

The ways electronic cigarettes are the healthier choice all amount to the fact that they contain no tobacco, burn no plant matter, and therefore produce no smoke when you use them. There are no carcinogens because nothing is burning; in simple terms. Without smoke, there is no leftover residual tar to build up in the body, most notably the lungs, and there is no continuous exposure to harmful chemicals and carcinogens that can cause cancer, breathing issues, heart issues, and rot your teeth. I don’t know about you, but e-cigarette starter kits are the way to go. It’s like having your cake and eating it too, only without the calories or carcinogens!