Addressing E-Cigarette Rumors

E-cigarettes have lots of things being said about them. Rumors get spoken about everything and everyone, and it’s always a sign of popularity. There are lots of myths floating around about electric cigarettes, and new users and those who are skeptical often don’t know what to believe!

So how do you know when something is true or not? Well, you have yo be able to look deeper into the situation. What isn’t being said? Was the information spoken by a truthful resource? Does it seem more than a little “off?” One way to decipher the truth from the fiction is to do some research. While the internet is filled with more than a few odd stories, you can also find a great deal of useful info too. So hopefully, by ending up on this page, this info will do you some good to be able to have the truth behind some of the most common e-cigarette myths.

1- Electronic cigarettes are bad for you.

Truth- E-cigs are not bad at all for you. While there hasn’t been the level of testing done to appease the FDA, there has been nothing that has come out to prove this. With millions of users, and nothing but positive and great experiences, it goes without saying that they are better than tobacco cigarettes. Definitely not bad for you.

2- E-Cigs are just as dangerous as traditional cigs.

Truth- No way! They are made without tobacco or any of the many chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. They give off no smoke, so you won’t be breathing that in, and those around you will not be affected by second hand smoke. No tar is left behind, and you breath in only water vapor and nicotine. Neither of which are dangerous.

3- E-cigarettes are known to explode when they are used.

Truth- Only when things are used incorrectly. Don’t mix different products from different companies and use in ways they do not suggest in the manuals. ALWAYS follow the instructions in the manuals you get from each company. Keep your e-cigarette accessories, cartridges, and related products separate brand by brand if you use more than one. Don’t mix liquids, other batteries, and parts where not recommended. It could get dangerous.

4- E-cigs are illegal in many places in the US.

Truth- No, they aren’t. As much as the FDA has tried to restrict and control their distribution, e-cigs are entirely legal for people of the legal smoking age, which is 18 in most states, and 19 in others.

5- You can’t use e-cigs in public.

Truth- Most of the time you can. While cigarettes are banned in most public places, e0cigs are not the same and do not cause the same hazards and unwanted effects.

6- E-cigarettes don’t have nicotine in them.

7- Truth- There are e-cigs available with and without nicotine. Your choice.

7- Most brands of e-cigarettes are not good.

Truth- Can’t speak for anyone else, but Optima Cigs are excellent!

8- All e-cigs taste bad.

Truth- Not all, and definitely not our’s.

9- Electronic cigs are made to be sold to teenagers and children.

Truth- Never. And totally illegal here in the States.

10- E-cigs contain anti-freeze.

Truth- Come on! Anti-freeze kills, and if any company wants to exist, prosper, sell and promote their product without a boat-load of lawsuits, they definitely will not be infusing their e-cigs with anti-freeze!

Why Electronic Cigarettes Are Putting Tobacco Out

Electronic cigarettes just keep getting more popular! Smokers are smoking them in favor of tobacco increasingly, and cigarette companies are on notice big time. For smokers, they offer the ultimate in satisfaction. Nicotine and no tobacco, same great flavor , and no smoke; that’s why so many have jumped ship on traditional cigarettes.

Half a decade back, e-cigarettes were anything but a burgeoning niche market. They were a new novelty, slowly building steam. Now, however, it’s a different story. As the market for electric tobacco alternatives heads towards $2 billion, the tobacco industry knows the hot water they are in. Even numerous celebrities are using them, unabashedly in public! The United States is the largest market for them, however other countries, especially in Europe and Australia, are catching on fast. There are rumors that the EU will be setting forth a ban on all electronic cigarettes, yet it remains to be seen. Unfortunately, some nations such as Argentina, have banned them entirely. In the US, they are considered tobacco products, and the same regulations apply to them, such as there being an age limit on persons who use them, and can purchase them. Electronic cigarette starter kits are the most convenient way to get your feet wet, and people have been buying them in droves.

While debate remains on e-cigs, and whether they are truly safe, and whether they are here for the long run, research continuously is occurring, and being released, showing the potential for electronic cigarettes as a great option for smokers in lieu of tobacco. Would millions of people continue using a product that they felt was harming them? Perhaps yes, in the case of tobacco cigarettes, but with e-cigs it’s different. They choose electronic to get away from the ills of tobacco, and countless users have reported positive effects, as well as reversal of tobacco’s side effects.

While in the beginning, electronic cigarettes were pretty much written off, by consumers and tobacco big dogs as being just a fad, they could not have been more wrong. What started as a trend has literally altered the way smokers are smoking, helping millions of people to switch to a healthier lifestyle and live more consciously.

E-Cigs and Your Health

There’s a lot to be said about e-cigarettes and health. No smoke, no tar, none of the thousands of chemicals found in cigarettes. In fact, most contain just a few ingredients, which can be pronounced. They offer the smoker nicotine, in a similar method to smoking a cig, but none of the side effects and none of the dangers. Using common sense, when you weigh the options, they are far safer for the health than traditional smokes. Here is a little e-cig FAQ towards some very common questions regarding these awesome tobacco alternatives. Hope they offer some insight, and maybe clarify any confusion you may have!

Q: How do we know they are they safer than cigarettes?

A: Testing is currently being done on electronic cigarettes, and quite often studies are reported once the results become public. Recently, studies have shown that e-cigs do not harm the lungs, the heart, and do not carry toxins or carcinogens in the vapor which can cause harm. These are enormous findings, as these are the major issues with cigarettes.

Q: Are they generally safe to use?

A: Yes! Use common sense; if they were outright unsafe, do you think they would be allowed to be sold as widely and as accessibly as they are? MIllions of people currently use e-cigs, and it is predicted millions more will be using them in the years to come. In fact, it is predicted that alternative cigarettes will eventually overtake the tobacco market altogether. While all the “testing”  and approvals that some claim should be in place before people use them, use your best judgement. Millions of people are showing success, and that they have encountered no negative effects.

Q: What about additional testing?

A: It is being done by many reputable institutes and universities across the world. The potential for electronic vapor cigarettes is huge, and researchers and scientists are well aware of this. All responsible e-cigarette companies are also doing research on their own ends, just to keep things safe. No one wants to sell dangerous products, and if you want your name to be recognizable for great quality, you have no other choice.

Q: Why would I choose electronic over conventional?

A: Well, if you have the option to smoke something just as pleasureful as cigarettes, that give you the same feeling and great flavor, with none of the negatives, what would you choose? They also save money, can be smoked anywhere you want, and won’t make you smell like a stale, dingy bar.