The Most Littered Item in the World: Cigarettes

cigarette-butts-2As if you needed another reason to drop the cigarettes for good, recent news tells us that cigarettes are the world’s most polluted item. And there’s a lot of pollution in this big wide world of ours! Electronic cigarettes are the more environmental choice for tons of reasons, and when you consider that it’s the responsibility of every person to keep this planet clean, it’s one more (really good) reason to make the switch to alternative smoking options.

Perhaps the problem with cigarettes is, is that they are just too easy to drop on the ground when they’re finished being smoked. Maybe the smokers who drop them just assume because they are so small, it doesn’t really matter. Sure, they’re tiny, insignificant, finished, seemingly made of paper that may biodegrade, but in reality they are anything but!

Cigarette butts are loaded with toxins, the filters are made of additional chemicals that do not actually biodegrade, and when they hit the ground, they unleash all of these chemicals into the environment where they are tossed. Lovely, isn’t it?

When cigarette butts are left laying around, floating in bodies of water, and piled into the ground, they are a constant target of wildlife. Fish, marine mammals and birds typically mistake them for food and eat them, with often ill consequences.

While it may seem like pollution isn’t that big of a problem, it is on a global scale. Cigarettes belong trash bins when they are done; nowhere else, no exceptions. As casually acceptable as some smokers find discarding their cigarettes this way to be, it isn’t.

If you’re looking for a better way to smoke, and to avoid being a part of this massive environmental problem, consider electric cigarettes. They are very much reusable for a long period of time. The cartridges and liquids used in them usually go a long distance, much farther than a single pack of cigarettes. Because cartridges are made of plastic or metal of some sort, they are much easier to toss in a receptacle, as opposed to on the ground somewhere; most people will not be changing their cartridges in such casual settings anyway. They accumulate less waste overall, promote recycling for disposal, and they encourage users to use a single product for a longer period of time instead of constant (often irresponsible) disposal.

Looking to make the switch to electronic cigarettes now? Check out our e-cigarette starter kits; there’s no better place to start!

Live an Active Lifestyle? Choose E-Cigs!


If you’re an active person, smoking cigarettes is entirely not conducive. And we don’t just say that because we are in the business of e-cigarettes! We say it because we mean it! Traditional cigarettes can be entirely cumbersome, they can take you off your groove, and really just get in the way. If you’re busy being busy and active, e-cigs present a way better lifestyle option!

If you spend time doing outdoorsy things, like biking, hiking, communing with nature, or anything that gets you outside and moving, you know how well cigarettes fit into the equation. They don’t. They need to be lit, they need to be smoked around people who are okay with them, they need proper disposal because polluting is foul, they make you smell bad, and they are simply inconvenient. Stopping to smoke, handle your lighter, spend the time waiting through the whole cigarette, and then dealing with the trash takes time. When you are super busy, in the middle of something fun, and possibly hanging out with a group of people who may not be keen on fitting your smoke breaks into the time schedule, you just need a better, more appropriate option for nicotine!

Imagine you are on the go, and all you have to do to smoke is reach down and grab the device from the lanyard around your neck? You puff, it turns on, you vape, get your nicotine, and let it rest when you’re done. Sounds a whole lot simpler than tobacco , doesn’t it? You have the option of many different e-cigarette accessories, and this adds to the convenience and mobility in a really huge way.

For people with busy lives, traditional cigarettes are entirely passé. They don’t work well with others, they present way too many obstacles, and they are difficult to use in public places. Electronic cigarettes give you so much freedom to enjoy the things you love, no matter where you are, without having to fend off a guilty conscience. If you’re an active person, e-cigs will fit your lifestyle better!

Getting Down in Public with Your E-Cigs

Using your electronic cigarettes in public can be really fun! For some, being able to smoke again, after dealing with smoking bans, can be thrilling and almost even like breaking a taboo! Forget about shying away, trying not to get noticed, or having to smoke in a “designated” area, rock that e-cig, and enjoy it to the fullest!

Shopping: I’ve seen people vaping away in the supermarket, like it was no big deal! Take them to the mall, markets, or anyplace you may be shopping, and you will have no problems!

Dining: Smoking and eating and drinking go hand in hand. When they’re out, many smokers are even more inclined to puff, and electronic cigarettes makes this oh so nice! The freedom of using them any place you want is certainly one of the best perks that come with switching to vapor!

Sporting Events & Concerts: You know that one chain-smoking guy or gal, sitting in front of a whole bunch of nonsmokers at an event like a ballgame or a concert, who consistently gets asked to stop smoking because no one cares for their smoke? Don’t be that guy! With e-cigs, you enjoy them as much as you want without bothering anyone! It’s way more courteous to socialize without tobacco, and even in huge social settings, electronic cigs are the perfect thing to have with you… for your enjoyment and everyone else’s!

Parks: Getting outdoors is so enjoyable, and being inside too much can give anyone cabin fever. When you hit a park, you won’t have to be self-conscious using your vapor cigs. If you get any questions, explaining that their electronic is sure to soothe the fears of nonsmokers who think you may be up to no good littering!

Wherever you’re at, and whatever you’re doing, don’t forget about your e-cigs! And just to make things even more convenient for you, be sure to check out all of our e-cigarette accessories, which can make vaping on the fly and vaping around town much easier!




Electronic Cigarettes are Perfect for Vacation

Electronic cigarettes are perfect for vacations. Smoking around hotel pools, in crowded city tourist hot spots, and pretty much anywhere plenty of people are going to be comingling is rather difficult these days, as more people look down on smokers, and many places actually prohibit them. Vacations are meant to be savored, enjoyed, and a time when you can totally unwind, even if you are visiting a high-paced, metropolitan area and plan to do anything but kick back and relax, so why deal with smoking bans and having to get clearance if you just want some nicotine?

When traveling, e-cigarettes can be the perfect way to smoke. They simplify the process, and make it much more convenient to use. When smoking traditional cigarettes, you always run the risk of offending others, and being restricted to certain areas where smoking is allowed; with vapor, you don’t. With no smell, and no second hand smoke, you leave little for nonsmokers to take issue with. While e-cigs can be mistaken for tobacco cigs, a gentle explanation can go a long way, and most often will end in all parties being satisfied and comfortable! Besides, the last thing you want to be is that obnoxious tourist who is hell-bent on not taking “no” for an answer!

Vapor cigarettes are not just more convenient to travel with because they are smoke-free; they’re also pretty rad because they take very little effort to use. Once charged, e-cig batteries last a very long while (depending on your usage). When vaping, there is nothing to set up unless you need to change a cartridge, which doesn’t need to be done constantly. No lighters, no continuous trash, no dropping ash. You vape to your comfort level, as many or as few puffs as you need, and then you put it away. Simple, carefree smoking that will go a really long way on travels, and allow you to spend more time enjoying your vay-cay, than dealing with cigarettes!

Traveling can be highly stressful. Schedules need to be maintained on a very strict basis, and there is no room for error. For most smokers, stress is a key trigger for wanting nicotine, and being denied only adds to the problem! With electronic cigarettes, you can avoid all that; you whip out your e-cig and vape. You don’t have to worry about where you can and where you can’t smoke; you just enjoy to your heart’s content and enjoy the journey!

Electronic Cigarettes in Restaurants: Yes You Can!

A cigarette with dinner is nice, and back in the day it was perfectly acceptable to enjoy the two together over dinner in a restaurant. Remember when most dining digs had a section for smokers and a separate one for nonsmokers? While such a thing is virtually unheard of these days, many smokers still crave that cig over dinner. On the contrary, if you’ve switched to e-cigarettes, you know it’s not a problem to enjoy the two together, even if you are in a restaurant! As electronic cigs have become widely popular, it’s quite common to see people using them everywhere in public these days, and why not in a restaurant? No one will smell it, or be affected by the second hand smoke.
Most restaurants take no issue with e-smokers vaping in their dining areas. Even if they are unfamiliar, or their other guests are unfamiliar with e-cigs, if you kindly explain it’s just vapor, chances are there will be no problem. In the past, when most restaurants had designated “smoking” and “not smoking” areas, there would still be an essence of the tobacco smoke in the air. Smoke travels, and has a way of sticking around long after the cigarettes have been put out, so one way or another, nonsmokers had to contend with it. Now that smoking inside restaurants is pretty rare, and most often illegal, nonsmokers have gotten quite used to the clean air, and most want nothing to change! How electronic cigarettes work is simple; allowing for users to get their nicotine through vaporized liquid, for the same feeling and effect, and without inflicting harm or discomfort to those in the same proximity!

Now that electronic cigarettes have become very popular, e-smokers are actually welcome to vape quite often, because most establishments are interested in pleasing their guests. Many business owners in the restaurant industry actually promote their use because they are versatile products that allow for all guests to be happy. E-smokers are paying customers too, and if they aren’t a bother to anyone else, and their products are not dangerous, there is no reason they can’t use them liberally! So for many restaurants and bars, e-cigarette acceptance has been wonderful for keeping potential business (i.e. paying customers) in the door longer, and giving them more reason to enjoy their offerings (relaxing and spending money)!

Tobacco Over the Years: How Things Are Different Today

The times have certainly changed on the subject of tobacco. What was once a cool and glamorous pastime evolved into a dangerous, deadly, disease-causing nuisance that put out youth at risk. How did traditional cigarettes go from being the epitome of fashionable to being just more disgusting trash polluting up the environment? E-cigarettes are giving smokers choices never before possible with tobacco, and the tobacco industry is surely feeling the heat!

Tobacco has been used for centuries. The Native Americans used various types of tobacco for smoking and rituals long before settlement from Europeans happened. It was introduced to the Europeans smoked in peace pipes, and they in turn, introduced it to Europe, whose fascination with it took off from then! The far-reaching demand for cigarettes and tobacco only increased, and as a trade item, tobacco literally helped develop the United States into a nation of prosperity, before being surpassed by the cotton industry. After the Civil War, things changed even further once James Bonsack invented a machine that created automatic cigarette production.

In the last decade of the 20th century, the vendetta against cigarettes was going full force. The age of smoking teenagers and young people had reached its hilt, and the advocacy groups had had enough. While musicians, actors, and models were still being seen in gossip pages with lit cigarettes, the social changes were happening. Less teens began picking up the habit, and more adults started quitting. In the 1980′s, legislation changed the way cigarettes were marketed. Prior, they had been featured prominently on television, in magazines, and in billboards for all the world to see. Instead, they were replaced by anti-smoking campaigns, encouraging the youth to not pick up the habit and start smoking.

In the 20th century, more than 100 million people lost their lives due to tobacco use. This figure is a worldwide estimate from the WHO, and it is too large to ignore. Surely you know someone, perhaps someone close to you who has died because of the effects of smoking cigarettes. E-cigarettes are changing the game in drastic ways because smokers are realizing they do have options, and very good reasons to switch to e-cigs. While they can still have nicotine, they are no longer exposed to tar and smoke, as well as all the other cancer causing chemicals cigarettes are laden with. And while you can argue against nicotine, having the control to change your level whenever you wish is far more than cigarettes ever offered.

If you are in this boat, and looking for a serious alternative to tobacco cigarettes, try an electronic cigarette starter kit! You’ve got nothing to lose but the smoke!

Looking to Be a Little Greener? Choose E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes are the smarter choice when smoking, and they are the greener choice. Everyone is getting a little more conscious of their impact on the environment these days, and even when choosing your cigarettes the choice comes in to play. Why are e-cigs the healthier choice? Well, here is a list of reasons they are better on the environment than going for their tobacco counterparts!

-They are reusable. Cigarettes get used and tossed, used and tossed, used and tossed. It’s an endless cycle, and it is not good for the earth.

_E-cigs produce minimal waste, and they have a much longer life than cigarettes. For instance, a single e-cig cartridge goes for about the length of 2 packs of cigarettes.

-They do not encourage littering. Are you aware of just how much pollution cigarettes cause? They are one of the planet’s leading littler problems!

-They do not pollute the air. This means you aren’t adding to the smog, and you are not polluting the air for the people around you. Smoke is not good for the body, and tobacco smoke is especially awful to breath in. Tar is sticky, and it sticks around for a long, long time. It’s also carcinogenic, and full of toxins that will rest in your body, in your lungs, wherever it can settle.

-They are made of healthier, more natural ingredients. Better for your body, and better for the planet.

-Cigarette butts are not just a pollution problem in cities and the natural environment, they are a major threat to native animals, birds, and fish especially.

-Electronic cigarettes are much more sustainable, and they have no involvement in the mess that is tobacco farming.

E-Cig Cartridges VS Cigarettes

Electric cigarette cartridges come out on top every time, and in every way you can compare them to tobacco cigarettes. Why pay more for something that doesn’t last nearly as long, costs much more, and can potentially leave you with a chronic disease, lead to a fatal one, and shorten your lifespan? It’s amazing what a little cartridge can do!

1 e-cigarette cartridge comes out to 30 cigarettes, with average use. For some customers, that number can be more or less depending on their particular style of vaping. But either way, cartridges go much farther, reducing the carbon footprint, saving time, and saving you money.

Options: you have way more with Optima Cigs than possible with tobacco. You get to choose your flavor and nicotine strength, which is not the way cigarettes are sold. The majority of brands offer very limited choices when it comes to flavors and nicotine strengths, and even still, you are not getting pure nicotine. The tobacco in cigarettes obviously contains nicotine, but it also comes with thousands of other unwanted, unnecessary chemicals. Formaldehyde, arsenic, and cyanide a just a few of the common toxins found in cigarettes, among many others!

The savings are enormously evident, and worthy of even further discussion! Each cartridge individually comes out to less than a pack of cigarettes, and purchasing in bulk drops the prices even further. Sign up for the Cartridge Replenishment Program and your savings can include an additional 20%. For example, a 10-pack of cartridges costs $39.99, and is equal to 15 packs of cigarettes, and that comes out to spending $2.66 per pack. Far cheaper than you will spend for cigarettes anywhere!

So as you can see, e-cigs are the sensible choice in this competition! Traditional cigarettes can’t hang at all, and cartridges win in every category. More flavors, more options, more savings, and more convenience!

10 Reasons Switching to E-Cigarettes Will Do You Good!

Millions of people wouldn’t be switching to e-cigarettes if they were only moderately good. There are tons of reasons why they are the better smoking choice, and why all smokers should at least give them a try. You can’t really say something doesn’t work if you don’t try it!

1. Better for your health. This is the first on the list because it’s the most important. When you’re healthy, the world is your oyster. Your body is the only one you get, take care of it!

2. Better night’s rest. Not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of e-cig benefits, but all that coughing can keep a smoker up at night! Many smokers have to deal with getting really nasal, and really congested every time they lay down. This is not fun when you need some sleep. E-cigs will not cause tar, or anything for that matter, to build up in your lungs and constrict your air passage. Many e-smokers report that they sleep much better after switching.

3. Say goodbye to too much perfume or cologne. Who wants to smell like a stale, musty bar? No one. So smokers have been known to go overboard with the fragrances. Unfortunately, most people who get into your personal space do not want to smell smoke or a gallon of perfume. Vapor has no smell at all, thank goodness!

4. Better for your social life (dating life)! If you’re in the market for love, being a smoker can be tricky. Especially with less and less people smoking these days. Smokers can be treated like lepers, and there are a good many nonsmokers who would never consider dating a smoker. Leave your options open!

5. Cleaner home and car. Ash, butts, smoke and tar residue sure do add up. If you smoke a pack a day, that comes out to 140 cigarettes a week… and a lot of smoke! You’ll breathe a lot easier, and keep your life a lot tidier without the cigarettes.

6. They are more modern and fits today’s lifestyle way better than cigarettes. Let’s face it, the new age is digital, and analog can be annoying whatever the item is.

7. Your loved ones love you, and want to see you live a long, healthy, prosperous life. Don’t shortchange yourself or them- you are awesome!

8. More convenient in every single way, compared to cigarettes. Vape where you want, when you want, in any scenario. No bumming lighters off strangers, ever again! Electronic cigarette accessories are one of the best things about them; they are so incredibly easy to use!

9. Better for the planet. E-cigs are reusable, and do not cause a wide spread trash problem. A single cartridge does what 20 cigarettes can do. And most likely will not be so easy to be tossed onto the ground.

10. They’ll make you look cool! Yeah, this may or may not be what you’re going for, but style points count for something!



Looking for Fun; Bring Those E-Cigs

Cigarettes are pretty often discriminated against, nonsmokers want nothing to do with tobacco smoke creeping into their clean air space. As proponents of vapor, can’t say we blame them! However, one wonderful thing that can be pretty tough for smokers to get used to when they start smoking e-cigarettes is just how versatile they are. While it may be common to not smoke wherever you want, welcome to the freedom that comes with electronic smoking. Here are some of the many beautiful ways you can let the fun times go on without having to excuse yourself for a smoke.

-Socializing. This is a big one because it’s a major part of most people’s lives. Hanging with others usually means people of different lifestyles, and there are far less cigarette smokers nowadays. Be courteou; use e-cigs.

-Concerts. While many venues still permit smoking, a good many of them are cracking down on indoor availability. Have you ever noticed how much smoke can accumulate in an  indoor arena? It can be pretty crazy, and quite difficult for people who are not fond of smoke. Having an e-cig lanyard can come in pretty handy in these kinds of situations; guaranteed it won’t get lost if it’s around your neck!

-Eating out at restaurants. Do “non-smoking” sections even exist anymore? If you want to enjoy your meal without having to exit to get your nicotine on, vapor makes that possible. How many great conversations have you had to pause for a cigarette break over a great meal at a restaurant?

-Visiting family. No one wants to offend the fam… picky grandparents, in-laws, parents, let them breathe easy knowing you’ve switched to electronic cigarettes! Show them your electronic cigarette starter kit for bonus points, “see Ma, it’s for real! Works great!”

-Hitting the beach. Do you really want to get chastised by the lifeguard or other beach goers who are not impressed with the dropping of butts on the sand? It’s a a danger to wildlife and the environment, and it also happens to be pretty inconsiderate.

-Shopping. Holidays are approaching and those malls and outdoor shopping centers are going to be pretty packed with shoppers. Cigarettes are never smoked in malls, but you sure can vape to your heart’s content with your e-cigarette.

-And of course, at parties. Big social gatherings, where smoking will definitely not be allowed and you know are usually tons of fun. Why stop the fun, or with temperatures dropping head outside to smoke nasty cigarettes when you don’t have to? If you’re a smoker, vapor is about to become your best friend!