E-Cigarette Myths and Rumors: How to Tell the Truth from Fiction

You may hear a wide variety of things about electronic cigarettes, and they can run the gamut from realistic, to odd, to straight-up wacked, and those that are just plain untrue. How do you tell the difference? Research. And knowledge. And knowing how to distinguish whether someone knows what they are talking about, isn’t sure, or actually knows a thing or two! I guess the same rules could apply to life in general, however when it comes to electronic cigarettes, it really pays to read between the lines!

Some of the most common myths and rumors about e-cigs include the following:

Electronic cigarettes are just as bad as regular cigarettes.

Research is still in its infancy stages when it comes to electronic cigarettes, however there is no proof that they are just as bad, or better, for that matter than tobacco cigarettes.

They taste bad.

It depends on your personal taste really, but it’s not wise to assume all electronic cigarettes taste bad, or will taste bad. Many companies, ours included, offer many flavors options, and it’s a good idea to try them all. Who knows, you may find tobacco to be quite boring compared to vanilla or coffee!

They smell bad.

Generally, they have no smell! Nothing is being burned, and there is nothing but vapor that comes out of them.

Electronic cigarettes are not allowed in public.

While it isn’t true that you are free to use your e-cig anywhere you like in public and that no limitations exist, they are much easier to use in public because of the lack of smoke. People vape just about everywhere in public, so if you are unsure if you will able to, just check out the scene beforehand, ask questions, and be on the look out for other people vaping.

E-Cigs are more expensive.

Generally not true! It all depends on the company, but one of the most appealing aspects to e-cigs is that they are much more cost effective.

Most e-cigarette companies are bad.

Things vary by company. We pride ourselves in great customer service, excellent policies, innovative products that perform beautifully, and having a great selection.

E-Cigarettes don’t contain nicotine.

Not entirely accurate. You can purchase nicotine-free e-cigs, but most do contain some level of nicotine, which is what makes them legitimate alternatives.

E-Cigarettes do contain tobacco.

Electronic cigarettes are made to be alternatives, meaning they are alternatives to tobacco, so they don’t contain tobacco.

They break easily.

Low quality models, most likely, but not those designed and made with attention to detail such as ours can last a long time with plenty of use! And if yours breaks, contact us!

Doing your research about smokeless alternatives can go a really long way. Learn about them as much as possible, so you can make the best decisions. Know when statements are flat out wrong, and be able to discern when someone is blatantly saying misinformed things. And, if you have used electronic cigarettes, from Optima Cigs at least, you know where we stand when it comes to product quality… our name speaks for itself!



E-Cigarettes and Sporting Events

The NBA Post Season has gotten off to a pumping start, and the action is on! Between the Miami Heat and the San Antonia Spurs, we don’t know who is going to be bringing home the ring, but we sure are keeping up with the action. And while we do, you know we’ve got our Optima Cigs out and ready! Did you know that electronic cigarettes are so much more fun to use while enjoying a game? Here are all the ways they make sports more fun, and just another reason why you should be switching to vapor if you’re still lighting up with tobacco!

Getting together with others, and enjoying sporting events is awesome, but if you’re a smoker, you’re probably all too familiar with the limitations presented by your habit. If you’re open to vaping, it can make enjoying sports events, and being around others a pleasure, instead of a burden. Plus, with smoking bans happening left and right, using e-cigs can make it much more pleasurable. Add in the convenience of e-cigarette accessories, your enjoyment is pretty much guaranteed.

Factor in how pleasurable alternative cigarettes are to use, there is no reason to bother yourself, or your love of sports over nicotine again! When vaping, you never have to deal with lighters or ash trays; there is nothing to get rid of as you use them, and there is no smoke you need to be self conscious about.

Sports are really popular, and they tend to draw large crowds. Whether you enjoy the game at the arena, or gather with people at a bar or restaurant, or perhaps a viewing party in a friend’s place, people love getting together to cheer on their team. That’s one of the beautiful things about sports; they really bring people together. People may not have anything in common whatsoever in their daily lives, but gathered at a bar to celebrate their team being in the finals can be a meeting of the minds!  May the best team win during the 2013 NBA Post Season!




Oh, The Places You’ll Go… Enjoying Your E-Cigs in Public

Smokers know all about discrimination and not being able to enjoy their habit in the company of others. In the defense of nonsmokers, it is true that cigarettes are foul, they produce harmful smoke and expose others to a situation they may not be comfortable with, and at their least, they just smell bad. In recent years, cigarettes have become so taboo, and so restricted that there are not many places you really can smoker them without consequence. Almost always smokers are relegated to smoking outdoors, and often in designated areas. Smoking tobacco cigarettes is just not convenient anymore!

Having the ability to actually enjoy their smoking is one of the many reasons smokers love e-cigarettes so much. The lack of limitations, and the free range to vape at their heart’s content really accounts for so much freedom.

Imagine being able to smoke:

-At a restaurant, bar, or nightclub. Always on the go? Make sure you have an Optima Hard Pack Case to stay ready and organized.

-In your home, in your bed, on your couch, at the dinner table.

-When shopping.

-Using public transit; trains, buses, taxis are all fair game when smoking vapor.

-In the car. Can you imagine long drives, commutes, or rod trips without being able to smoke while you are bored and/ or stressed? Using smokeless e-cigs in the car is awesome because you won’t be making the car a disgusting smoke-filled vessel. Your upholstery won’t reek of smoke, and you won’t run the risk of burning anything. cigarette holes in your seats are never attractive!

-At your desk at work.

-In the break-room at your job.

-At family get togethers.

-At your smoke-free college campus.

-At the beach, park, or anywhere outdoors in nature where smoking would be unacceptable. Especially considering that littering outdoors is very much frowned upon.

-At the airport, as you wait for your flight to board. Especially nice when you have layovers, and delays. Heading outside to smoke is never enjoyable!

-Just about anywhere you feel like it! Very few places have rules on not allowing you to use e-cigarettes, but they are few and far in between. You can’t vape on an airplane due to strict government regulations, but otherwise vapor is not harmful, not offensive, and able to be used as you like!


Tobacco Over the Years: How Things Are Different Today

The times have certainly changed on the subject of tobacco. What was once a cool and glamorous pastime evolved into a dangerous, deadly, disease-causing nuisance that put out youth at risk. How did traditional cigarettes go from being the epitome of fashionable to being just more disgusting trash polluting up the environment? E-cigarettes are giving smokers choices never before possible with tobacco, and the tobacco industry is surely feeling the heat!

Tobacco has been used for centuries. The Native Americans used various types of tobacco for smoking and rituals long before settlement from Europeans happened. It was introduced to the Europeans smoked in peace pipes, and they in turn, introduced it to Europe, whose fascination with it took off from then! The far-reaching demand for cigarettes and tobacco only increased, and as a trade item, tobacco literally helped develop the United States into a nation of prosperity, before being surpassed by the cotton industry. After the Civil War, things changed even further once James Bonsack invented a machine that created automatic cigarette production.

In the last decade of the 20th century, the vendetta against cigarettes was going full force. The age of smoking teenagers and young people had reached its hilt, and the advocacy groups had had enough. While musicians, actors, and models were still being seen in gossip pages with lit cigarettes, the social changes were happening. Less teens began picking up the habit, and more adults started quitting. In the 1980′s, legislation changed the way cigarettes were marketed. Prior, they had been featured prominently on television, in magazines, and in billboards for all the world to see. Instead, they were replaced by anti-smoking campaigns, encouraging the youth to not pick up the habit and start smoking.

In the 20th century, more than 100 million people lost their lives due to tobacco use. This figure is a worldwide estimate from the WHO, and it is too large to ignore. Surely you know someone, perhaps someone close to you who has died because of the effects of smoking cigarettes. E-cigarettes are changing the game in drastic ways because smokers are realizing they do have options, and very good reasons to switch to e-cigs. While they can still have nicotine, they are no longer exposed to tar and smoke, as well as all the other cancer causing chemicals cigarettes are laden with. And while you can argue against nicotine, having the control to change your level whenever you wish is far more than cigarettes ever offered.

If you are in this boat, and looking for a serious alternative to tobacco cigarettes, try an electronic cigarette starter kit! You’ve got nothing to lose but the smoke!

New Year’s Eve and E-Cigs: Make the Party Last Longer!

With Christmas out of the way now, we are pushing straight on to the New Year! The biggest night of the year for many is pretty often the last night of the year, and it sure calls for a celebration. Wherever you may be celebrating, and no matter who you are celebrating with, you know that it will be done right with e-cigarettes! New Years in one of those holidays that nearly everyone on earth honors, regardless of belief. While most people have a different reason for it to be symbolic personally, it’s a common thread through all of humanity. A new year lets us wipe the slate clean and set new goals, but New Year’s Eve is all about living it up before we get soberingly serious with our intentions. Living it up responsibly and courteously lets us have our cake and eat it too!

Sipping the bubbly, taking down the cocktails, whatever you may be imbibing on should be complemented with an electronic cigarette. New Years Eve parties come in every shape and size imaginable, be in small crowds on a patio or in the open air of a major world city, as you revel with millions of others. One way to bring down a good mood is by creating discord; as most smokers are well aware, not everyone appreciates the scent of smoke. Even less are those who approve of breathing in smoke whatsoever; as it’s not exactly safe. Smoking e-cigs lets you look out for those around you, even if you don’t know them! Big bonus if you have great e-cigarettes accessories  like our Hard Pack Case or Compact Carry Case, because these things are the ideal thing to have when you are partying!

As cigarettes become less and less acceptable publicly, it’s pretty common to find that “no smoking” is very much the norm in many places, including those not necessarily indoors.  Thank goodness when you smoke electronically, no one will be bothered by your vapor, and at least if you are within the confines of a great get together where smoking isn’t permitted, you’ll  be free to vape. If you so happen to be at a lame party, (hey, it happens to the best of us!) at least your e-cig will give you something enjoyable to do, whiling away the minutes till midnight, and you know, if all else fails, electronic cigarettes make pretty good conversation starters!

Bad Economy? Choose E-Cigs

Electronic cigarettes are really beloved among users because of how cost effective they are. Everyone is highly aware of how expensive cigarettes are, and this makes Optima e-cigs extremely appealing knowing how many other health benefits are also included. It’s a pretty awesome concept; save a lot of money and avoid carcinogens and health dangers at the same time. It’s makes absolute sense why millions of smokers are choosing vapor instead.

While we may not technically be in a “recession” any longer, most people have learned the hard way how important it is to watch our pennies, and to save for rainy days that can come unexpectedly. The majority of people have also reassessed their spending habits and really take into consideration all the different ways they can cut corners and go with alternate routes for saving a little extra cash. When you stack e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes, the savings with electronics is really dramatic. It makes you think, why would any smoker continue to spend the kind of money they do on cigarettes when they have so much more convenience and options to look forward to with vapor cigs? I can’t answer that myself, but with more and more smokers going for the modern way to smoke, I can say it is the smarter way to go.

With cigarettes averaging around $6 per pack, and as high as $11 a pack in certain US cities, the cost is often as much as a single meal. This comes out to nearly $200 monthly for most people smoking one pack a day, but of course, differs depending on actual usage. Either way, the savings are obvious. Our e-cigarette cartridge refills in the 30 pack, equivalent to 45 packs of regular cigarettes costs $79.99. If you were to purchase 45 packs of tobacco cigs at $6 each, the cost would come out to $270, so you save nearly $200. Way more effective spending, and that’s not even including the discount you would receive if you are a member of our Cartridge Replenishment Program, which entails even greater savings.

Another aspect to consider, is that while it has not been proven, e-cigarettes are much more gentle on the body than tobacco. While you can’t put a cost on health, it’s definitely a nice notion to know that while you save money when using e-smokes, you are also not smoking chemicals known to cause cancer and death. The economy may not be where most people want it; as in prospering, growing, and benefiting everyone, however it’s important that everyone do their part to be self sufficient and save where they can. Doing it with electronic cigarettes is smart, economically sound, and full of benefits!

All You Need to Know About Flavor Cartridges

For people new to electronic cigarettes, the whole cartridge thing might be a tad bit overwhelming. Different nicotine strengths to choose, different flavors, how do you connect them, how do you know when they’re finished? All these questions are usually asked in the beginning, and while it’s a whole different set up than using traditional smokes, once you get the hang of it, and see how it’s done, it’s really no big deal at all. Using e-cigarette cartridges is simple, and can really make vaping much easier than tobacco cigs.

Our exceptional technology has created a design that produces a very large amount of vapor, which is what you see coming out, and what gets inhaled when the e-cigarette is used. The vapor carries the nicotine, and the mechanism behind this function is the atomizer. Less advanced models of electronic cigarettes have a separate atomizer, making them 3-piece models. These are known to have a very poor vapor production, and the atomizers are notorious for breaking very quickly. With a 2-piece model, such as ours, with atomizers built into the cartridge, you get a new atomizer in every cartridge. The draw is smoother, the vapor is bigger, and the all around performance is much better. Cartridges are screwed onto the e-cig battery, very simply, and you know a cartridge is finished when it no longer is producing a vapor. A single cartridge is equivalent to about 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes.

When it comes to choosing strengths of your nicotine, think about what satisfies you and what you’re used to with cigarettes. We offer four different strengths: 18mg: Full, 12mg: Light, 6mg: Ultra Light, and Omg: Nicotine-Free, and they are made to be equivalent to what smokers are accustomed to with cigarettes.

Why 5 flavor choices? Don’t most cigarette smokers go for either classic tobacco flavors or menthol? Well yeah, but you’d be surprised how adventurous e-smokers are! Tobacco and menthol are not your only options, and ours are sensational if I do say so myself! Cherry, vanilla, coffee are really amazing, and just wait till you try them in your e-cig. We don’t all like the same things, and we don’t always want the same things. What flavor I like in the morning with my coffee may be very different from what I want at 3pm, in my mid-day-slump, you know? And my flavor preferences may be totally different than yours across the board. And if variety is the spice of life, you see why Optima Cigs offers so many different options!

Don’t know which to start with on your first Optima order? Go with the Sampler Pack. Try them all, give them all a go, and see what works for you!

E-Cigs and Your Health

There’s a lot to be said about e-cigarettes and health. No smoke, no tar, none of the thousands of chemicals found in cigarettes. In fact, most contain just a few ingredients, which can be pronounced. They offer the smoker nicotine, in a similar method to smoking a cig, but none of the side effects and none of the dangers. Using common sense, when you weigh the options, they are far safer for the health than traditional smokes. Here is a little e-cig FAQ towards some very common questions regarding these awesome tobacco alternatives. Hope they offer some insight, and maybe clarify any confusion you may have!

Q: How do we know they are they safer than cigarettes?

A: Testing is currently being done on electronic cigarettes, and quite often studies are reported once the results become public. Recently, studies have shown that e-cigs do not harm the lungs, the heart, and do not carry toxins or carcinogens in the vapor which can cause harm. These are enormous findings, as these are the major issues with cigarettes.

Q: Are they generally safe to use?

A: Yes! Use common sense; if they were outright unsafe, do you think they would be allowed to be sold as widely and as accessibly as they are? MIllions of people currently use e-cigs, and it is predicted millions more will be using them in the years to come. In fact, it is predicted that alternative cigarettes will eventually overtake the tobacco market altogether. While all the “testing”  and approvals that some claim should be in place before people use them, use your best judgement. Millions of people are showing success, and that they have encountered no negative effects.

Q: What about additional testing?

A: It is being done by many reputable institutes and universities across the world. The potential for electronic vapor cigarettes is huge, and researchers and scientists are well aware of this. All responsible e-cigarette companies are also doing research on their own ends, just to keep things safe. No one wants to sell dangerous products, and if you want your name to be recognizable for great quality, you have no other choice.

Q: Why would I choose electronic over conventional?

A: Well, if you have the option to smoke something just as pleasureful as cigarettes, that give you the same feeling and great flavor, with none of the negatives, what would you choose? They also save money, can be smoked anywhere you want, and won’t make you smell like a stale, dingy bar.