Super Bowl Sunday is Always Better With Electronic Cigarettes!

This Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday, everyone! America’s favorite sport culminates for another year, and we all celebrate one of our favorite holidays cheering for our favorite team and bidding farewell to another exciting and fun season of football. Super Bowl Parties are always a big deal, and there is nothing like loading up on wings, subs, and all kinds of other munchies as you watch the game go down! You know what goes perfect with all that great football grub, beer, and cocktails? E-cigarettes.

Nothing hampers a great get together like traditional cigarettes, and even if the shindig you’re hitting is being held outdoors, your smoke will most likely be unwelcome. E-cigs fix that, and you won’t be making anyone uncomfortable! If you’ll be at an indoor event, like most people in America due to it being freezing in most places, you won’t have to go outside to smoke, which is one of the biggest burdens of being a smoker. You’ll be free to enjoy the game from the comfort of your place on the couch, or at the bar or table, and you’ll be able to vape as much as you like. This is when an e-cig lanyard really comes in handy!

When you get really into the game is when you’ll probably want a cigarette the most. And even though you’ll be craving one if the game is on the wire, the last you’ll want to do is head out to smoke, risking missing any of it. And even commercial breaks are not worth missing during Super Bowl, because even the commercials are awesome and part of the whole shebang! Food, beer, football, and electronic cigarettes; it all equates to a really awesome time!

You see, regardless of the type of get together you’re attending, e-cigarettes are just more adaptable in social settings. Whatever kind of fun you’ve got going on, e-cigs make enjoying it easier and more fun. Haven’t you had enough of tobacco getting in the way of your good time? Happy Super Bowl, y’all, may the best team come out on top!



It’s Football Season, Get Your E-Cigs On!

Football this weekend? You definitely are not the only one in the US that’s for sure! If you’re tuning in to College, NFL, indoor leagues, it’s on! And you know what goes perfectly with any of your tail-gaiting, game food, beer time don’t you? Electronic cigarettes of course! With all the incredible benefits that come along with being smoke free, there is nothing like being able to puff on your e-cig when zoning into the game.

It doesn’t matter where you watch the game, if you are a smoker you know how difficult it is to get down with your nicotine. You really don’t have many options on where you can smoke, and most of the time you are not free to smoke around others. And that especially goes if you are in a stadium in seats, if you are at a sport’s bar, a friend’s place, or even your own place because it’s not really practical to smoke cigarettes indoors either. In fact, e-cigarettes at sports events are becoming so popular, that there are numerous sports arenas and stadiums across the country selling them, promoting them, and absolutely allowing them to be used. And why wouldn’t they since they are so much more personable than the original tobacco versions?

When you use e-smokes around others, no one is forced unwillingly to breathe in your second hand smoke. And no one has to even smell it, since it is pretty foul and not really welcome among nonsmokers.The vapor that is released from Optima’s e-cigs is clean, leaves no odor or lingering odor, and does not have any scent when it comes out. Also containing no toxic chemicals that can cause cancer, no one around you will be sidetracked from the game time action. You get to vape and get your nicotine, your compadres can enjoy the game and your company, and everyone gets to be happy! Besides, what goes better with a few cold ones than nicotine when you’re watching your favorite team battle it out? Nothing! Don’t let cigarettes get in your way of enjoying life, get an e-cigarette starter kit ASAP!