Summer is Approaching, Do You Know Where Your E-Cigs Are?

Summertime is an amazing excuse to simply enjoy the weather. Things tend to slow down and get busy all at once, with vacations, hanging out with friends, going to shows, and enjoying the seasonal offerings from Mother Nature can really pack a schedule full of relaxation! However, you know how it goes when you smoke; even when it is tolerated in outdoor public places, it can still feel inappropriate. And even if you are doing things of a leisurely nature, smoking cigarettes can still be a major deterrent. No one likes being an inconvenience or an annoyance to others, especially when you know they are there to enjoy the same pleasures you are. E-cigarettes allow you to be kind and still savor the enjoyment of your nicotine, wherever you go.

Hanging out with your favorite people, sipping cocktails, watching the sunset, and appreciating that the temperatures are warm are some of the best things about the year’s most fun season. Depending on where you live, events like outdoor festivals, art markets, farmers markets, concerts, and straight up hanging out under the stars are some of the finest things to do during the summer, and when you have the ability to enjoy things even further with your e-cigarettes, things go even nicer. Make sure you have extra batteries, extra e-cig cartridges, and extra chargers like a car adapter and/or USB charger to keep your batteries ready for use when you’re not at home. As a bonus, make sure you are stocked with summertime flavors like cherry, vanilla, and the extra-cool menthol!

There’s just something about the summer that makes people crave getting outdoors. Even if it’s hot and steamy, and you end up getting a little sweaty, the freedom and ease of movement are incomparable simple pleasures! Hiking, camping, biking in the park, hitting up your favorite watering hole or beach to cool off, feeling the warm air on your skin is one of summer’s greatest perks! Make sure you have a carrying case, and an e-cig lanyard to stay organized and ready at a moment’s notice! A lanyard is perfect for hands-free, pocket-free vaping!

Summertime is almost here, and for many it has arrived already! Long days, balmy nights, partying with good people, and lots of time spent outdoors make summer the ultimate season for fun! And what goes better with fun than electronic cigarettes? This summer, make it the best one yet. Live it up, have a blast, make memories to last forever, and enjoy it all with your e-cig in hand!

Oh, The Places You’ll Go… Enjoying Your E-Cigs in Public

Smokers know all about discrimination and not being able to enjoy their habit in the company of others. In the defense of nonsmokers, it is true that cigarettes are foul, they produce harmful smoke and expose others to a situation they may not be comfortable with, and at their least, they just smell bad. In recent years, cigarettes have become so taboo, and so restricted that there are not many places you really can smoker them without consequence. Almost always smokers are relegated to smoking outdoors, and often in designated areas. Smoking tobacco cigarettes is just not convenient anymore!

Having the ability to actually enjoy their smoking is one of the many reasons smokers love e-cigarettes so much. The lack of limitations, and the free range to vape at their heart’s content really accounts for so much freedom.

Imagine being able to smoke:

-At a restaurant, bar, or nightclub. Always on the go? Make sure you have an Optima Hard Pack Case to stay ready and organized.

-In your home, in your bed, on your couch, at the dinner table.

-When shopping.

-Using public transit; trains, buses, taxis are all fair game when smoking vapor.

-In the car. Can you imagine long drives, commutes, or rod trips without being able to smoke while you are bored and/ or stressed? Using smokeless e-cigs in the car is awesome because you won’t be making the car a disgusting smoke-filled vessel. Your upholstery won’t reek of smoke, and you won’t run the risk of burning anything. cigarette holes in your seats are never attractive!

-At your desk at work.

-In the break-room at your job.

-At family get togethers.

-At your smoke-free college campus.

-At the beach, park, or anywhere outdoors in nature where smoking would be unacceptable. Especially considering that littering outdoors is very much frowned upon.

-At the airport, as you wait for your flight to board. Especially nice when you have layovers, and delays. Heading outside to smoke is never enjoyable!

-Just about anywhere you feel like it! Very few places have rules on not allowing you to use e-cigarettes, but they are few and far in between. You can’t vape on an airplane due to strict government regulations, but otherwise vapor is not harmful, not offensive, and able to be used as you like!