Get Ready for 2014 with E-Cigs!

New-Years-Eve-Pic2014 is right around the corner, and if you plan on celebrating, don’t forget your e-cigarettes! While it may seem convenient to dabble with traditional cigarettes on big nights like New Year’s Eve, don’t bet on it. Electronic smokes go a lot further, and will help you enjoy your night all the better!

Here a few great reasons e-cigs are a better party match than smoke. Don’t let tobacco cigarettes drag your party down!

-They are much more portable. Carry them in an Optima Hard Pack Case, or safely stash your e-cig around your neck on a lanyard, and they are ready when you need them.

-E-Cigs can be used around nonsmokers, without a problem. No smell, no smoke, no tar, and no ash make them very convenient.

-Unlike traditional cigarettes, they are often permitted indoors and in many public places.

-They are more attractive. Hey, on a night like NYE, you want to look your best in every possible way, even down to your accessories!

-E-Cigarettes make excellent conversation starters. You never know who you’re going to be talking to, and who is going to be curious about your stylish e-cig.

-E-cigarettes won’t have you smelling gross, if you happen to be on date.

-If you only want a few puffs, that’s all you need to take. Unlike regular cigarettes, you don’t need to feel pressured into finishing entire cigarettes if you don’t want to.

-If you are currently an e-smoker, enjoy what you’re used to! If there is one night to really live it up, and enjoy life to the fullest, it’s New Year’s Eve. Send 2013 out with a bang, and enjoy your vapor as you do it!

Wherever you may be celebrating, whether it’s at a big city-wide event, or a wild, raucous house party, make sure you bring your e-cigarettes. Parties are always more fun when you’re relaxed and content, and being able to smoke as you please will only contribute! Happy 2014 from your friends at Optima!

New Year’s Eve and E-Cigs: Make the Party Last Longer!

With Christmas out of the way now, we are pushing straight on to the New Year! The biggest night of the year for many is pretty often the last night of the year, and it sure calls for a celebration. Wherever you may be celebrating, and no matter who you are celebrating with, you know that it will be done right with e-cigarettes! New Years in one of those holidays that nearly everyone on earth honors, regardless of belief. While most people have a different reason for it to be symbolic personally, it’s a common thread through all of humanity. A new year lets us wipe the slate clean and set new goals, but New Year’s Eve is all about living it up before we get soberingly serious with our intentions. Living it up responsibly and courteously lets us have our cake and eat it too!

Sipping the bubbly, taking down the cocktails, whatever you may be imbibing on should be complemented with an electronic cigarette. New Years Eve parties come in every shape and size imaginable, be in small crowds on a patio or in the open air of a major world city, as you revel with millions of others. One way to bring down a good mood is by creating discord; as most smokers are well aware, not everyone appreciates the scent of smoke. Even less are those who approve of breathing in smoke whatsoever; as it’s not exactly safe. Smoking e-cigs lets you look out for those around you, even if you don’t know them! Big bonus if you have great e-cigarettes accessories  like our Hard Pack Case or Compact Carry Case, because these things are the ideal thing to have when you are partying!

As cigarettes become less and less acceptable publicly, it’s pretty common to find that “no smoking” is very much the norm in many places, including those not necessarily indoors.  Thank goodness when you smoke electronically, no one will be bothered by your vapor, and at least if you are within the confines of a great get together where smoking isn’t permitted, you’ll  be free to vape. If you so happen to be at a lame party, (hey, it happens to the best of us!) at least your e-cig will give you something enjoyable to do, whiling away the minutes till midnight, and you know, if all else fails, electronic cigarettes make pretty good conversation starters!