Get Ready for 2014 with E-Cigs!

New-Years-Eve-Pic2014 is right around the corner, and if you plan on celebrating, don’t forget your e-cigarettes! While it may seem convenient to dabble with traditional cigarettes on big nights like New Year’s Eve, don’t bet on it. Electronic smokes go a lot further, and will help you enjoy your night all the better!

Here a few great reasons e-cigs are a better party match than smoke. Don’t let tobacco cigarettes drag your party down!

-They are much more portable. Carry them in an Optima Hard Pack Case, or safely stash your e-cig around your neck on a lanyard, and they are ready when you need them.

-E-Cigs can be used around nonsmokers, without a problem. No smell, no smoke, no tar, and no ash make them very convenient.

-Unlike traditional cigarettes, they are often permitted indoors and in many public places.

-They are more attractive. Hey, on a night like NYE, you want to look your best in every possible way, even down to your accessories!

-E-Cigarettes make excellent conversation starters. You never know who you’re going to be talking to, and who is going to be curious about your stylish e-cig.

-E-cigarettes won’t have you smelling gross, if you happen to be on date.

-If you only want a few puffs, that’s all you need to take. Unlike regular cigarettes, you don’t need to feel pressured into finishing entire cigarettes if you don’t want to.

-If you are currently an e-smoker, enjoy what you’re used to! If there is one night to really live it up, and enjoy life to the fullest, it’s New Year’s Eve. Send 2013 out with a bang, and enjoy your vapor as you do it!

Wherever you may be celebrating, whether it’s at a big city-wide event, or a wild, raucous house party, make sure you bring your e-cigarettes. Parties are always more fun when you’re relaxed and content, and being able to smoke as you please will only contribute! Happy 2014 from your friends at Optima!

E-Cigs: Use them Anywhere?

112919_most_people_smoking_electronic_cigarettes_in_one_place-300x177When it’s said that electronic cigarettes can be used anywhere, can this really be done? For the most part, yes, actually. Unless there are specific bans, and specific rules that say they are not to be used somewhere, the amount of public places where you can vape far exceeds places you are able to smoke traditional cigarettes.

Some banned places are obvious, like on airplanes, where there are tight restrictions on many types of electronic products, but otherwise you’ve got enormous freedoms that were never possible with tobacco.

At Work

Unlike cigarettes, which haven’t been allowed in the workplace in at least 30 years, many employers are totally cool with employees vaping as they work. It boosts productivity for smokers who are likely to be taking too many breaks. Vaping doesn’t have the negative consequences for those nearby like cigarette smoke, and they have no smell so they do not bother anyone. Smokers can cost employers more money than nonsmokers, so in many cases they are happy to accept electronic smoking into the picture because of their many benefits to their employees who would otherwise be a liability by smoking tobacco.

At Restaurants and Bars

Keeping customers happy usually means more sales in the hospitality industry, and e-cigarettes allow smokers to smoke and nonsmokers to be happy in restaurants and bars. Restaurant owners have found that allowing customers the ability to vape as they please keeps them in the location longer, which comes out to more sales. They also cause no drama with nonsmokers, making e-cigs perfect for social settings.

In Public Transportation

In metropolitan areas, millions of people rely on public transportation to conveniently get around, even though it comes with it’s own variety of stresses. If you lit up a cigarette on a public bus, you’d definitely raise some eyebrows, and most likely get asked to stop. Vaping with e-cigarettes on the other hand, will not be an issue most of the time because no one will smell the vapor, nor breathe in any second hand smoke, making them the better option if you want to pass time more smoothly while commuting.

Freedom to do as you please is a great thing, especially when you don’t make anyone uncomfortable. If you spend any amount of time outside of your home, e-cigarettes are the better choice for enjoying your nicotine: however you like, whenever you like, wherever you like!



Get the Most Out of Your E-Cigs When You’re On the Go

rushingLife is super hectic for most people, and in this digital age, we are all looking to multitask at the highest level possible. If you’re a smoker, electronic cigarettes take the cake over the performance of traditional cigarettes. Want to up your productivity and savor your nicotine at the same time? Vapor smoking is the answer.

Think about cigarettes and how you use them. You have to carry an assortment of items with you to be able to smoke and keep it clean. Having your cigarettes and a lighter is the bare minimum. You have to prepare for after the fact; i.e. with fragrance to cover the smell on your clothes, and with gum or mints to make sure your breath is not offensive. You also need to dispose of them properly because littering is never cool, even if it’s something so small and seemingly harmless as a highly toxic cigarette butt.

E-cig batteries get charged beforehand, so lighters are not necessary. If you’re vaping a lot, prepare ahead of time with a couple batteries that you keep charged as needed. They create no smell, so your breath and overall aroma won’t get affected. You simply take them out, turn them on, vape, and put them away. Sometimes you may even have to exert the effort of changing a cartridge.

Smoking also requires you to maneuver a bit. You have to smoke at designated times, in designated areas, and quite possibly not as often as you’d like if you’re busy and all over the place. Most people who do not smoke don’t want to come into contact with your tobacco fumes, and most rules generally rule in their favor.

E-cigarettes are simple; no maneuvering involved most of the time. No smoke and no smell give them the ability to be used as covertly or openly as you like. You won’t be offending anyone, and you won’t have to stick to “designated only” places to enjoy.

And then there are the additional benefits of accessories. These up the options you have, and enable you to keep your vaping as convenient as you want. They are leaps beyond traditional cigarettes, which offer little in the way of flexibility. Got a busy life and still want to have nicotine enjoyable? Electronic cigarettes are the answer.

Mobile Vaping

E-cigs make the perfect travel partners. Whether it’s daily travel; to and from work, or travel of longer distances, they just work better when you need something versatile to get the job done.

There are lots of problems with smoke, and one of them is that it’s not a very people-friendly activity. Nonsmokers usually hate it, and there aren’t that many public places you are able to freely smoke in and feel totally welcome at the same time. When you’ve got a lot going on, electronic cigarettes make things so much easier!

Traveling with e-cigarettes can be really enjoyable and it takes off one level of stress. And even if that travel just involves a daily, one-hour commute to your work locale, and you get there via mass transit, being able to vape at your discretion amongst the masses is pretty darn wonderful.

With e-cigarette accessories, the availability of different chargers, and being able to use a single battery and cartridge for long stretches keeps it all simple. Accessories will help you keep it all together, and you can have your nicotine practically anytime you’d like.

In any instance of high mobility, here are some reasons why e-cigarettes are just better:

1 cartridge is equal to 1.5-2 cigarette packs; they go way farther, and don’t involve much waste. It’s more convenient than going through a single cigarette every time you smoke.

Batteries are sleek, slim, and fit practically everywhere; they take no effort to carry around and use.

Charging batteries is more convenient and more modern than working with fire, ash, and cigarette butts. Plus they eliminate the mess involved with burning things!

Accessories give you updated options; there’s nothing like wearing your e-cig around your neck on the lanyard for easy access!

If your travels have you going longer, farther distances, even still e-cigarettes are the better choice. One of the biggest factors to traveling with as few hang-ups as possible includes being able to swiftly move and go where you need to go; stopping to smoke and getting outdoors to a designated spot can just interrupt your flow in the worst way! E-cigarettes give you options than traditional cigarettes can’t. Why smoke when you can vape?


Best Places to Vape!

Vaping is fun, and sometimes it can transform any dull, mundane activity to a much more enjoyable one. Here are some of the best places to vape, and why!

The Park

Hanging with the kids, looking for a reason to have some fun while you burn some energy, or just strolling for the pure pleasure of taking a walk, bring your e-cig! You’d do the same with your regular cigs, only now you won’t be littering, or exhaling second hand smoke in a place where it’s totally unwanted!

The Mall

You know you’ve always wanted to smoke as you amble down the walkways of your favorite indoor shopping arena, and now you can! Smoking conveniently, as you get your shopping fix has never been so nice!

In the Car

Road tripping, running errands, commuting, all the places you go in your car are much more enjoyable now that you can smoke without creating a biohazard with fumes, annoying those traveling with you, dropping ash everywhere, or possibly burning your lux leather seats or snazzy interior. Best bonus for road trips, because stopping the car every time you want to smoke gets really annoying and time consuming for everyone, smokers or nonsmokers. These are times when a car charger really comes in handy! Vapor, please!


Big groups of people are much better when smokers are vaping. It’s much more courteous, and just better all around because you never know what kind of action you’ll miss when you’re smoking outside, and things are getting fun inside.


8-hour work days can get really mundane, seem really long (at times endless), and can offer more boredom than you’re wanting to ingest. Let yours go better with e-cigarettes. Sitting at your desk, doing the same thing over and over again as an ode to productivity can be so much more tolerable if you’re vaping. Chances are, your boss or company policy doesn’t permit nonstop smoke breaks, so vaping really lets you get it done pleasantly. Just make sure there isn’t a no-vapor policy!


Electronic Cigarettes are Perfect for Vacation

Electronic cigarettes are perfect for vacations. Smoking around hotel pools, in crowded city tourist hot spots, and pretty much anywhere plenty of people are going to be comingling is rather difficult these days, as more people look down on smokers, and many places actually prohibit them. Vacations are meant to be savored, enjoyed, and a time when you can totally unwind, even if you are visiting a high-paced, metropolitan area and plan to do anything but kick back and relax, so why deal with smoking bans and having to get clearance if you just want some nicotine?

When traveling, e-cigarettes can be the perfect way to smoke. They simplify the process, and make it much more convenient to use. When smoking traditional cigarettes, you always run the risk of offending others, and being restricted to certain areas where smoking is allowed; with vapor, you don’t. With no smell, and no second hand smoke, you leave little for nonsmokers to take issue with. While e-cigs can be mistaken for tobacco cigs, a gentle explanation can go a long way, and most often will end in all parties being satisfied and comfortable! Besides, the last thing you want to be is that obnoxious tourist who is hell-bent on not taking “no” for an answer!

Vapor cigarettes are not just more convenient to travel with because they are smoke-free; they’re also pretty rad because they take very little effort to use. Once charged, e-cig batteries last a very long while (depending on your usage). When vaping, there is nothing to set up unless you need to change a cartridge, which doesn’t need to be done constantly. No lighters, no continuous trash, no dropping ash. You vape to your comfort level, as many or as few puffs as you need, and then you put it away. Simple, carefree smoking that will go a really long way on travels, and allow you to spend more time enjoying your vay-cay, than dealing with cigarettes!

Traveling can be highly stressful. Schedules need to be maintained on a very strict basis, and there is no room for error. For most smokers, stress is a key trigger for wanting nicotine, and being denied only adds to the problem! With electronic cigarettes, you can avoid all that; you whip out your e-cig and vape. You don’t have to worry about where you can and where you can’t smoke; you just enjoy to your heart’s content and enjoy the journey!

Electronic Cigarettes in Restaurants: Yes You Can!

A cigarette with dinner is nice, and back in the day it was perfectly acceptable to enjoy the two together over dinner in a restaurant. Remember when most dining digs had a section for smokers and a separate one for nonsmokers? While such a thing is virtually unheard of these days, many smokers still crave that cig over dinner. On the contrary, if you’ve switched to e-cigarettes, you know it’s not a problem to enjoy the two together, even if you are in a restaurant! As electronic cigs have become widely popular, it’s quite common to see people using them everywhere in public these days, and why not in a restaurant? No one will smell it, or be affected by the second hand smoke.
Most restaurants take no issue with e-smokers vaping in their dining areas. Even if they are unfamiliar, or their other guests are unfamiliar with e-cigs, if you kindly explain it’s just vapor, chances are there will be no problem. In the past, when most restaurants had designated “smoking” and “not smoking” areas, there would still be an essence of the tobacco smoke in the air. Smoke travels, and has a way of sticking around long after the cigarettes have been put out, so one way or another, nonsmokers had to contend with it. Now that smoking inside restaurants is pretty rare, and most often illegal, nonsmokers have gotten quite used to the clean air, and most want nothing to change! How electronic cigarettes work is simple; allowing for users to get their nicotine through vaporized liquid, for the same feeling and effect, and without inflicting harm or discomfort to those in the same proximity!

Now that electronic cigarettes have become very popular, e-smokers are actually welcome to vape quite often, because most establishments are interested in pleasing their guests. Many business owners in the restaurant industry actually promote their use because they are versatile products that allow for all guests to be happy. E-smokers are paying customers too, and if they aren’t a bother to anyone else, and their products are not dangerous, there is no reason they can’t use them liberally! So for many restaurants and bars, e-cigarette acceptance has been wonderful for keeping potential business (i.e. paying customers) in the door longer, and giving them more reason to enjoy their offerings (relaxing and spending money)!

10 Ways Your Life Will Change When You Switch to E-Cigs

E-cigarettes are amazing. When users switch, the amount of beneficial occurrences that happen always astonish and delight them. We’ve heard so many positive stories, and have seen it first hand how e-cigs are seriously changing people’s lives. Here are 10 of the most common positive side effects of switching to vapor, in case you are wondering what you can expect if you take the plunge and try them out! All you have to lose is the smoke!

1. You’ll feel cleaner. In fact, everything will be cleaner because you will never have to deal with cigarette ash or cigarette smoke getting on everything, stinking it all up. You won’t smell like smoke, and you won’t have to be conscious of it.

2. You’ll look better. Seriously, though! Cigarettes wreak havoc on the appearance, dulling the skin and hair, staining teeth unattractively, and darkening the lips and gums. Tobacco stains big time, and your body will totally appreciate its absence!

3. You’ll save much more time. Who doesn’t need more time in the day? Cigarette breaks are much easier with vapor, plus you don’t have to smoke whole cigarettes anymore. Vape, inhale, exhale, put it away.

4. Your life will be more convenient, in so many ways! You can smoke practically anywhere now, with no mess to clean up after, and no smoke to limit your smoking location.

5. You’ll enjoy how much easier they are to smoke. Charging and changing out your e-cigarette cartridges is way easier and simpler than dealing with lighters and burning material!

6. You’ll be doing a little more for the planet by being greener. No pollution, no chemicals, and they’re reusable.

7. You’ll make those around you happy by not smoking. Family members, friends, neighbors; anyone in your daily life who is not a smoker will be very happy to not smell your smoke! Plus, those who love you will be thrilled you aren’t smoking any longer!

8. Traveling as an e-smoker will be way more enjoyable. Traveling when you’re a smoker can really be annoying, and sometimes make you an unwelcome tourist!

9. Running our of cigarettes at the least opportune time will be a thing of the past. The Cartridge Replenishment Program takes care of all that, making life even more convenient by keeping you stocked up properly.

10. Most importantly, you’ll be doing something amazingly positive for your health, and you’ll feel it! Many people, after switching to electronic cigarettes report feeling better overall, with more energy and better breathing after a while.

Can You Travel with Electronic Cigarettes?

Smokers may be wondering if e-cigarettes are worth the hype, and if they are especially worth it if they can be used when traveling. Cigarettes just seem so easy, you whip out your pack, light them up, and smoke till it’s through. Simple in thought and maybe experience, but e-cigs are even easier and more convenient, here’s how.

The answer to the question “can you travel with electronic cigarettes?” is yes. While they are not (yet) permitted for use on airplanes, we’re holding out for them being allowed at some point in the future, as they are no combustible, involve no fire, and should be treated like any other electronic devices. You can smoke them inside the airport, at the gate, right up till you board. Layovers, extended wait times, getting to the airport early before your flight can give you plenty of wait time, in which you can pass the boring time by with your e-cigarettes.

Other modes of traveling also won’t keep you limited to tobacco-only. If you are considering a cruise in the near future; be it a quick weekend jaunt to some nearby islands, or a luxurious 2 week sail through the Mediterranean, e-cigs can be your best friend. As the numbers of smokers continues to drop, so do the liberties allotted to them. Did you know that a number of cruise lines now only permit smoking in certain, designated areas to protect nonsmokers?

Even traveling by car is better with electronic cigarettes. Getting the car all foggy with smoke can be pretty gross. And then there are the butts and the ashes to deal with, during those long distances. You wouldn’t want to be littering all over the place, would you? If you are traveling with a nonsmoker, you may be waiting on the next rest-stop for a cigarette break, and who knows when that will be! Easy fix: e-cigs. In the car, during commutes and long distance travel they can be a life saver. No waste, no smell, no smoke, and no inconveniences to the people you are with.

As the future becomes increasingly smoke-free, when traveling it really makes more sense to be vaping. Are you thinking about an e-cigarette starter kit now? Where in the world would you travel with it, if you could take it anywhere?

Traveling Far and Wide with Electronic Cigarettes

One of the many benefits to using e-cigs are all of the many conveniences. They range from the everyday little extras that make life a little easier, and to the other extreme of making extraordinary experiences even better. They aren’t just a quick fix; they are part of a lifestyle, that puts you at the center. No matter what it is that you are doing, if you are a smoker you are probably used to the burdens and restrictions. If you are traveling, these inconveniences get multiplied and being out of your element can really put a hindering on your smoking.

Smoking isn’t acceptable everywhere, and some places may be even less tolerant than where you’re from. In major American cities like San Francisco and New York, smoking is totally looked down upon. You can’t smoke indoors nearly anywhere, and even doing it outdoors will conjure some funny looks from passersby nowadays. Internationally may be a difference scenario altogether, but there are hundreds of hotels all over the world that do not allow guests to smoke indoors.

So what’s a smoker to do? Well, for a little “compare and contrast,” if you are a smoker, you may want to consider using e-cigs next time you are going to be traveling because they are a no-stress way to still get your nicotine fix. For those who are already vapor smokers, don’t even dream about ditching the e-smokes when you jet out of town, thinking disposables may be a better choice. While cigarettes seem easy enough; you pop into a shop, buy a pack, stuff it in your pocket and get on with your day, smoking when you want, e-cigarettes don’t require you to light them, deal with ash and remaining butts in terms of litter, they can be used nearly anywhere, except on airplanes, (but you can use them in terminals and at airports), they can be smoked indoors without setting off smoke alarms or alarming hotel staff that you are breaking rules, in taxis, on tours, in bars, in restaurants, in public places, on beaches… practically anywhere in the world you want! Plus, with the many convenient electronic cigarette accessories we offer, there are no limits to how versatile they can be. If you are hopping on a plane, a train, a bus, a cruise ship, yacht, or will be road-tripping the highways, let electronic cigarettes be your source of nicotine! They are much better travelers than tobacco cigarettes have ever been!