Optima and Valentine’s Day: A Match Made in Heaven

323766729400407437_1357669095Valentine’s Day is coming up, and surely you’ve put some thought into this international day of love! Whether you love it or hate it, February 14th means one thing, and one thing only! This year, if you are looking for the right gift to give someone who smokes cigarettes, or uses low quality e-cigarettes, go with Optima Cigs. As different as it seems, simple and unique often makes for the best gifts. And who knows, you could be changing the life of a special person forever; what could be more romantic than that?

E-cigarettes, especially e-cigarette starter kits are gifts that go a lot further than one night. After the embers fade into the wee hours of February 15th, you will probably have eaten all the chocolates and the flowers may even be wilting already. Not e-cigs; they are a gift that goes a lot further, and keep on giving. Plus, doing something original is always nice; predictable gets boring. And when it comes to love, take it from us, boring is never a good thing!

Another great benefit of giving electronic cigarettes is that they are so much more cost effective than the traditional version. In fact, they are much more cost effective than giving conventional Valentine’s Day gifts! A single kit can allow the user to make up hundreds of dollars that would have been otherwise spent burning through cigarettes; how many gifts are so thoughtful they help to save money?

Valentine’s Day seems to really exploit the pleasures of taste, and you really don’t need to give that up if you are giving e-cigs as a gift. Unlike traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes come in a multitude of incredible flavors, and can please any palate. So enhance the romance of the gift by adding extra flavor cartridges in sultry flavors like cherry or java.

If your sweetie smokes, an e-cigarette starter kit is a loving way to show how much you care about them. It says more than a typical drug store gift can, and lets them know you want the best for them, in a smoke-free, tobacco-free kind of way! Don’t do the obvious this Valentine’s Day; go with Optima!

Vapor Love is in the Air

You know what the best present you could possibly give for Valentine’s Day is? Electronic cigarettes. Starter kits, e-cig accessories, gift certificates to a favorite e-cig shop; anything to help the smoker in your life live life more fully. The usual gifts get bland after a while anyway. The gift of modern, smoke-free smoking is unique and quite possibly, life altering. If you smoke, wouldn’t you be tickled to get a package of e-cigarette on V-Day?

For any smoker in your life, not just your significant other, e-cigarettes make a great present. A parent, a relative, sibling, anyone you know who smokes would benefit from using e-cigs. And Valentine’s Day is basically a universal day of love, not restricted just to lovers!

If you are trying to woo a certain love interest and you know they smoke, giving a starter kit could be a real deal maker. A practical object with a whole lot of thought behind it can do a lot to show your feelings. Benefiting them with a healthier lifestyle, and helping them to get beyond something like smoking is a priceless gift!

If you and your partner smoke, why not get two starter kits and make this Valentine’s Day the most romantic ever? Making the decision to live better and healthier together is like making a promise to each other that you want the best for each other, and you want to make sure that person is taken care of in the long run.

Think alternative cigarettes can’t possibly be romantic? Think again! There’s nothing sexier than showing your love. This Valentine’s Day, let e-cigs enhance your day of love! E-cigs always make any good time even better, and they make the perfect gift!